177th Branch Office

The 177th Branch Office

Judgment 177th Branch Office or the 177th Branch Office, is a branch office located somewhere in Academy City and is a division of Judgment. It's the most prominate Judgment branch in the entire A Certain Magical Index and especially in A Certain Scientific Railgun as many of the more major characters work at the office.


The 177th Branch Office is a tall building five floor building where the main office can be found on the fifth floor of the building. It looks small at first, containing many boxes full of documents and papers making it look crowded however, it can fit many people. It can hold several people at a time and contains tables with laptops and computers along with a kitchen, couches, a wating room for guests to stay at during visits, and a conference room for branch members to meet at.

Notable ResidentsEdit

  • Mii Konori - Chief
  • Aomi Yanagisako - Member (rarely seen working)
  • Kuroko Shirai - Field Agent
  • Kazari Uiharu - Desk Analyist
  • Mikoto Misaka - Freguent Visitor
  • Ruiko Saten - Frequent Visitor

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