Quasimodo 104
A Guy Like You, is a song performed by Hugo, Victor & Laverne from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".


Hugo: Paris, the city of lovers Is glowing this evening

True, that's because it's on fire

But still, there's "l'amour"

Somewhere out there in the night

Her Heart is also alight

And I know the guy she just might be burning for

A guy like you

She's never known, kid

A guy like you

A girl does not meet ev'ry day

You've got a look

That's all your own, kid

Could there be two?

Victor and Laverne: Like you?

All Three: No way!

Hugo: Those other guys

That she could dangle

All look the same

From ev'ry boring point of view

You're a surprise

From ev'ry angle

Mon Dieu above

She's gotta love

A guy like you

Victor: A guy like you

Gets extra credit

Because it's true

You've got a certain some thing more

Hugo: You're aces, kid

Laverne: You see that face

You don't forget it

Victor and Laverne: Want something new?

Hugo: That's you

All Three: For sure!

Laverne: We all have gaped

At some Adonis

Victor: But then we crave a meal M

ore nourishing to chew

Hugo: And since you've shaped

Like a croissant is

All Three: No question of

She's gotta love A guy like you!

Laverne: Call me a hopeless romatic

But Quasi, I feel it

Victor: She wants you so

Any moment she'll walk through that door

All Three: For

Hugo: A guy so swell

Victor and Laverne: A guy like you

Hugo: With all you bring her

Victor and Laverne: I tell you Quasi

Hugo: A fool could tell

Victor and Laverne: There never was

Hugo: It's why she fell

Victor and Laverne: Another, was he?

Hugo: For you-know-who

Victor and Laverne: From king to serf

To the bourgeoisie

Hugo: You ring the bell

Victor and Laverne: They're all a second-stringer

All Three: You're the bell ringer!

When she wants oo-la-la

Then she wants you la-la

She will discover, guy

You're one heckuva guy

Who wouldn't love a guy Like you?

Hugo: You got a lot

The rest have not

So she's gotta love

A guy like you!

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