Admiring The Gift

Aww, having a gift from a friend or an family members to show them how much they care about them or remember the gift that they have long time ago before they're born. Sometimes, the love interest decide to give the main protagonist for something in return for saving their life or being a good friend.

Here's some reason why they admiring their gifts:

  • Because they care about them
  • Because the love interest want the main protagonist always remember that they love them in their heart (The Power of Love)
  • Because the family love their children so much by giving them a gift
  • Because the friendship is more important than everything in the world (The Power of Friendship)



(Christine hears her doorbell ringing, and walks downstairs to answer it.) (Zach: Mom, I can't sleep!) Well, keep trying. (reaches her door and pulls back the curtain to find a delivery courier wearing a Santa hat, then opens the door.) (Courier: Are you Christine Eisley?) Yeah. (Courier: (holds out an invoice) Sign here.) Oh, I didn't order anything. Where's all this from? (Courier: (holds up a bag) It's a delivery from Wilson's. And it's an anonymous sender. (gives Christine the bag, while she signs the invoice and gives it back.) Merry Christmas.) Thank you. Merry Christmas. (suddenly, she sees several boxes outside. Later, having brought all the boxes into her living room, she opens one of them, with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on the outside. Inside, she finds a girl doll in a Santa suit. It's the doll Hayley had earlier asked for, with a label reading "Sweet Tuesday" tied to it. Christine finds an envelope, opens it, takes out a note, and reads it.) "Thanks for your courage and kindness"? (finds some banknotes in the envelope. Flicking through them, she finds that they come to more than $1,500. In her confusion, she sobs, and grabs another sheet of paper.)
~ Christine Eisley admiring a massive delivery of gifts from the Wilson family, not knowing that it was for saving Judy.


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