Almost There

"Almost There" is a musical nunber featured in the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog. The song was sung by Anika Noni Rose as Tiana. During the song sequence, the animation shifts to the same art deco style used in Tiana's picture of her dream restaurant and shows her doing different tasks such as signing a menu, adding whipped cream to desserts and wiping a small boy's mouth.

Lyrics Edit

Mama, I don't have time for dancin'

That's just gonna have to wait a while

Ain't got time for messing around

And it's not my style

This old town can slow you down

People taking the easy way

But I know exactly where I'm going

Getting closer and closer every day

And I'm almost there

I'm almost there

People down here think I'm crazy

But I don't care

Trials and tribulations

I've had my share

There ain't nothing gonna stop me now

'Cause I'm almost there

I remember Daddy told me

Fairytales can come true

You gotta make 'em happen

It all depends on you

So I work real hard each and every day

Now things for sure are going my way

Just doing what I do

Look out boys, I'm coming through

And I'm almost there

I'm almost there

People gonna come here from everywhere

And I'm almost there

I'm almost there

There's been trials and tribulations

You know I've had my share

But I've climbed the mountain, I've crossed the river

And I'm almost there

I'm almost there

I'm almost there

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