Heroic Overview

Forgiveness is perhaps the hardest thing anyone can do, because the things that truly need forgiving are usually those that hurt the deepest. This event can also usually happen some time, or sometimes instantly, after the Obstacles and Arguments/Negativity turned Positivity event, where the hero/heroine has been forgiven or otherwise apologises to others for whatever reasons.

There are few things why the heroes should forgave the other or redeemed villains:

  • Some time, or instantly after an argument.
  • For lying and tricking them since the first movie, etc.
  • For betraying them.
  • For killing their family, friends or love ones.
  • For selfishly disowning a friend or a family member.
  • For trying to take over the world.
  • For what they have done, their actions, all the troubles that they have caused, or their bad behaviors.


  • Squidward apologizes to SpongeBob for playing a nasty prank on him at the Krusty Krab.
  • Max apologizes to Goofy for disowning him as a father.
  • Megamind apologizes to Minion, who disguised himself as the Warden for their argument after they got seperated.
  • Darkwing Duck and Gosalyn reconcile after defeating Negaduck.
  • Dustin Brooks and Tori Hanson forgive Shane Clarke for what he did in order to work together as a team.
  • Darkwing Duck apologizing to Gosalyn for lying to about being grounded in a desperate attempt to protect her from Taurus Bulba, who was resurrected by F.O.W.L.
  • Grant Matthews apologizes to the entire country about being a corrupt presidential candidate and withdraws from the campaign to be with his wife Mary and children Butch and Joyce.
  • Joe Carey forgives B'Elanna Torres and working together on a fresh start.
  • Timmy Turner reconciles with his parents after defeating Vicky in Maho Mushi.
  • Hiro apologizes to his team and Baymax for being so bitter over the loss of his brother Tadashi and for being obsessed with killing.
  • Dracula apologizes to his friends for lying to them about humans being bad, because he lost his wife Martha.
  • Jabez Stone apologizes to Daniel Webster, his wife Mary and friends about being greedy and having an affair with Belle (Scratch's assistant).
  • Stephen Douglas apologizes to Abraham Lincoln after he becomes President.
  • Tokomon forgives T.K. Tadashi for believing Demidevimon's lies about Matt and the other kids and selfishly disowning him as a Digimon partner.
  • Alan Parrish reconciles with his dad after finishing Jumanji.
  • Anastasia reconciles with Dimitri after discovering the truth and defeating Rasputin.
  • Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and forgiving them.
  • Judah Ben-Hur reconciles with Messala after the chariot race.
  • Simba reconciling with Kiara for his overprotectiveness and later apologizing to Kovu for selfishly exiling him from before, thus fulfilling Mufasa's goals and restoring the broken Circle of Life.
  • Tom Tucker forgives Peter Griffin after he abandoned him for James Woods.
  • Princess Anna reconciling with her sister, Elsa.
  • Amethyst reconciles with Pearl from their fight.
  • Robin and Cyborg reconcile after defeating the muck monster.
  • Shrek apologizing to Donkey for his actions before he, Donkey and Dragon go to Lord Farquaad's castle in order to stop the wedding.
  • Corrin forgives the Princes and Princesses of Hoshido and Nohr for calling him/her a traitor after he/she couldn't side with either (Revelations only)
  • Emma apologizing to Noah for dumping him and they reconcile, continuing their relationship because she can't focus on romance during the competition.
  • Lisa Simpson apologizes to her father Homer for wrecking his barbecue.
  • Drake Parker and Josh Nichols reconcile after their foam finger argument. Also, they reconcile from Josh being late for his Chemistry exam and Josh being done with him.
  • Ernst and Robyn Lorenz apologize to Nicholas Lorenz and his brother Fritz for their insensitiveness to their feelings, and Nicholas reconciles with Ernst for disowning him as a father after his film project is finished and after his film won the Best Picture award.
  • Lightning McQueen chases Mater tries to apologize for hurting his feelings in last night losing the race and when he leaves Japan then after in London to stop the bad guys to find out the bomb do this.
    • Lightning McQueen apologizes to Cruz Ramirez for yelled at her got almost killed at Thunder Hollow Speedway to see Smokey at Thomasville.
  • Elmo apologizes to Zoe for not sharing his blanket and hurting her feelings.
  • Nemo apologizes to his father Marlin for saying he hated him.
  • Woody apologizes to his friends for leaving them behind and has them join him so they can bust out of Sunnyside and get back to Andy before it's too late.
  • Sunest Shimmer apologizes to Twilight Sparkle and the other main 6 and the students at Canterlot High School of bullying everyone and becoming a demon and trying to take over the world.
  • Mr. Starling apologizes to his daughter Robyn for getting left behind, after their cabin was accidentally destroyed by Pristine Figg and Lickboot.
  • Bart Simpson apologizes to Lisa for ruining the centrepiece.
  • Yogi Bear tries to apologizes to Ranger Smith after ruining the 100th Anniversary of Jellystone Park what he mess things up to has to saving Jellystone from Mayor Brown.
  • Don Lino apologizes to Lenny for his behavior, saying that he accepts him for who he is, whether he eats meat or not.
  • Seamus Finnigan apologizes Harry Potter for his behavior, finally believing him that Voldermort is back and becomes a member of the Dumbledore's army.
  • Connie Maheswaran forgives Steven Universe for his behavior and giving up while facing Aquamarine and Topaz.
  • Jasmine forgives Aladdin for lying to her about being a prince and showing that she really loves him.
  • Twilight assures Spike that she only spent her time with Owlowiscious because he was awake during the night-time and because Spike is still too young to stay up late. Spike apologizes to the two for being so jealous, and Twilight apologizes in return for not being sensitive enough to Spike's feelings.
  • Lincoln's sisters reconciling with Lincoln after he makes up for humiliating them by embarrassing himself, thus they also apologize for selfishly disowning him.
  • Cid Highwind apologizes to his mechanic Shera for his rude treatment to her, upon realizing the oxygen tank 8 was malfunctioning.
  • Dio the manager of the Gold Saucer apologizes to Cloud Strife and his members for blaming them for the massacre at the Battle Arena commited by Barret's friend Dyne and gives them a buggy to help them in their pursuit of Sephiroth.
  • Thrasher reconciles with Blastus after Blastus saves Thrasher from being overthrow by Maimy in the Robotomy episode El Presidente. They also reconcile in Mean Green after defeating the Green Spirit of Insanus.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog apologizes to Miles "Tails" Prower for trusting Dr. Eggman and doubting him after defeating the Deadly Six.
  • Tommy Pickles apologizes to his friends and his little brother Dil for acting like Angelica.
  • Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres reconcile their relationship by relaxing on the holodeck.
  • Hyp and his dad reconcile after freeing the Thundering falls from the rockslide caused by the flying rocks and defeat a pack of sharpteeth.
  • Kane apologizes to his brother The Undertaker for putting him in a vegetative state two years ago.
  • Karen Sympathy apologizing to Rocky and Bullwinkle for yelling at them during their fight, and she explains her mission, but can't do it without Rocky and Bullwinkle's help.
  • Princess Merida apologizing to her mother Queen Elinor for their argument and breaking the spell.
  • Phone Guy Tells his younger brother Bite Victim accept his  apologize.
  • Darth Vader thanks Luke Skywalker for saving him
  • Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible apologizing to Violet for letting Rick Dicker erase her from Tony's memories and admits that he was trying to be a good father by fixing the situation. Violet then reconciles with her father by giving him a hug and tells him that he's not a good father, but he's a super father.


(Joseph has just accused Benjamin of stealing his cup and is about to take him away) (Benjamin: I didn't take it! Someone put it in there!) (Judah [stepping up for Benjamin]: Stop! Take me instead.) (Simeon: No, take me!) (Reuben: No, me!) (All brothers beg Joseph to take them instead of Benjamin) (Judah: Take any of us, Your Grace, but please, let the boy go.) You'd sacrifice yourselves for a half brother who's spoiled by your father?(Judah: Yes.) Why? Why should you care if I take him, beat him, make him a slave? (Judah: Because I will not make my father suffer...again.) Again? What do you mean "again?" (Judah: Our brother was not killed by wolves. We were blinded by jealousy and sold him into slavery. For 20 years, we've lived with that guilt.) (Joseph drops his dagger to the ground.) (Judah: We can't go back without the boy. My father could not bear it a second time. And neither could we. If any of us should be punished, it should be us.) (Judah grabs Joseph's robe begging; Joseph sees how genuinely remorseful his brothers are. He can't take it anymore.) I will not harm any of you. Or or father. I am your brother Joseph. (Judah (looks up, shocked): Joseph?) (Reuben: I can't believe you're here.) (Simeon: H-How can it be?) (Benjamin: Joseph?) I have so much to tell you, so many questions to ask. (Judah (hugging Joseph, close to tears): Oh, Joseph. Can you ever forgive us?) I already have. Can you forgive me for thinking I was some miracle from God? (Judah: But you ARE a miracle. God sent you to save our family and all of Egypt. And you did.) Asenath? Please. I'd like you to meet my brothers. (Joseph's brothers and Asenath happily greet each other) You will join me here! All of you! With your families!
~ Joseph revealing himself to his brothers and forgiving them

(Outside the Loud House, a depressed Lincoln comes back.) Lincoln: I sure hope that worked. (opens the door only to find out that his sisters are STILL furious) It didn't work. Lori (sternly): Lincoln... Lincoln: (apologetically) I know I embarrassed you and I can't undo it, and I'm sorry, but the least I could do was embarrass myself right along with you, that way we'd all be even! Lynn: Even? You think this makes us even? Lincoln: Well, I was trying to- Lynn: Yours was way worse! Lori (cheerfully): Yeah! That video was hysterical! (The girls surround Lincoln and ensure him that they forgive him.) (Lincoln: So, we're good?) Lucy: We're Luan: Sorry you didn't win the trophy. Lori: But we really appreciate what you did and thought you deserved something. (hands him a tiny trophy.) Lincoln: Wow. Thanks, guys. (Lola and Lynn hug him and Luna pats him on the head; he runs to the case and puts the trophy in his spot.)
~ Lincoln's sisters reconciling with Lincoln after he makes up for humiliating them by embarrassing himself, thus they also apologize for selfishly disowning him.

(Boo Boo: Looks like Evergreen Park is about two miles away from here.) Two miles? I'll have to tap into my emergency rations. Snack break. (Boo Boo: Come on, Yogi. We need to keep moving. It's not that far and it's all downhill.) Downhill? Excuse me, Mr. Dirty Shopper. Any chance my friend and I might borrow your wheely-basket? (Dirty Shopper: Is that chocolate?) Okay, Boo Boo, keep it steady. (Ranger Smith: I'm okay, Ma. Just... Yeah, no, it's not Jellystone, but at least there's nothing here to drive me crazy.) Hey, Mr. Ranger. (Ranger Smith: Hey, Yogi. All right, Ma, I gotta call you back. What are you guys doing here?) We need your help, Mr. Ranger, sir. But don't worry, my days of goofing things up for you are over. (Man on a skateboots: Hey, move that shopping cart! I'm okay!) I'm just gonna put this over here. (Ranger Smith: What do you want? for me Yogi, I don't have a life left for you to ruin anymore.) Sir, I know I messed things up and I'm sorry. I never meant to. You and Boo Boo are the best friends I ever had. And I've never done anything but think of myself. And now Jellystone is just gonna be a big field of stumps. (Ranger Smith: What?) (Boo Boo: They've started cutting down the trees.) (Ranger Smith: "Agricultural interest" is logging. Oh, no, not our Jellystone.) We have to save it, sir. (Ranger Smith: I don't think we can save it, Yogi. I'm no smarter than you. I lost Jellystone. I lost Rachel. It's over.) Mr. Ranger, I've learned two things from stealing pic-a-nic baskets. Light mayonnaise is not nearly as good as regular mayonnaise. You can't fail if you never stop trying. You have to fight for the things you love... ...whether it's a park, a girl or a roast beef sandwich. Don't give up now. We're all Jellystone's got. (Ranger Smith: You're right, Yogi. Jellystone's too important to give up on. We gotta try. Come on.) Shotgun. (Boo Boo: Aw.)
~ Yogi Bear tries apologizes to Ranger Smith what he mess things up together to saving Jellystone Park from Mayor Brown

Hey Samantha, I'm sorry about gettin' you thrown in the penguin house. (Samantha:That's all right, Bart. I love Saint Sebastian's. It's run by a group of French Canadian nuns. They're very nice, except they never let me out. Dominique - nique - nique, etc.) (Nun: Samantha, ne pas de boys!) (Samantha: I have to go, Milhouse. I'd better not. It's 50 rosaries a kiss. Oh, okay. What the heck.) (Samantha and Milhouse kiss one last time)
~ Bart Simpson apologizing to Samantha Stanky for ratting her and Milhouse's forbidden romance to Samantha's overprotective father, who in turn, put her in an all-girls' Catholic school.

(The channel changes to a video of Mr. and Mrs. Turner recording the message.) (Mrs. Turner: Uh, hello.) Huh? Mom, Dad? (Timmy turns around and hears the message in the TV Universe.) (Mr. Turner: We're desperately trying to reach our only son Timmy.) (Mrs. Turner: Timmy, we're sorry we didn't believe you, we were wrong.) (Mr. Turner: You had every right to be angry with your mother, but please (all the channels change into the message Mr. and Mrs. Turner are recording.) we just want you to come home because...) (Both: We love you!) (Mr. Turner pushes Mrs. Turner.) (Mr. Turner: But I love you more.) (Timmy decides that it is time to return to the real world.) (Doug Dimmadome: But he did ruin my chances of moving the ball hogs to Alaska, and I'd already bought them blubber nuggets, but they were chewy.) (Mr. and Mrs. Turner leave the recording room.) (Mr. Turner (to Mrs. Turner): Do you think he heard the message?) (Timmy magically appears out of the TV and sees his parents.) You bet, I did. (Both: Timmy!) (Mr. and Mrs. Turner hug Timmy as they reconcile with Timmy regaining his parents' trust.) (Mr. Turner, happily: Neat! Our son has forgiven you, and our family is back together.) (Mrs. Turner (To Doug Dimmadome): Oh, how can we ever thank you?) (Doug Dimmadome: By getting the heck of my office. That kid is nothing but trouble, (Security guards take The Turners out of the Cable Station.) but then again, he did teach me the greatest love of all is inside of me.)
~ Timmy Turner reconciling with his parents after defeating Vicky in Maho Mushi.

(Blastus desperately tries to stop the Scrap Metal Spirit of Insanus and the Green Spirit of Insanus from fighting: Now hold on, I've learn a lot ever since I broke into Thrasher's house, had him beaten, brainwashed and posted videos of it. You only truly hurt the ones you love.) Thrasher: Blastus is right. I think you two just need to admit you belong together(open up his stomach which contains a half of a heart shape necklace) just like me and my buddy.(Thrasher and Blastus put the necklace back together, meaning that they reconciled their friendship)
~ Thrasher reconciles with Blastus after defeating the Green Spirit of Insanus.

(Alan and Sarah have finished playing Jumanji and found themselves back in 1969 and Alan sees his dad) Sam Parrish (about to leave): I forgot my speech notes. (Alan runs up to Sam and hugs him) Alan Parrish: I'm so glad you're back. Sam Parrish: I've only been gone five minutes. Alan Parrish (looks up at Sam): It seems like a lot longer to me. Sam Parrish (sternly): I thought you told me you were never gonna talk to me again. Alan Parrish (becomes sad): Whatever I said, Dad, I'm sorry. (Alan and Sam hug again) Sam Parrish: Look, Alan, I was angry and I'm sorry too. I'm sorry. (Sam looks at Alan) Look, you don't have to go to Cliffside if you don't want to. (Sarah Whittle sees Alan reuniting with his dad) Let's talk it over tommorrow, man to man. Alan Parrish (stops being sad): How about father to son? Sam Parrish: All right. Hey, I gotta get going. I'm the guest of honor. (Sam begins to leave and Alan tells him one more thing) Alan Parrish: Dad? Back in- I mean, today in the factory, it wasn't Carl Bentley's fault. I put the shoe on the conveyor belt. Sam Parrish: I'm glad you told me, son. Thanks. Alan Parrish: Bye, Dad. Sam Parrish: Goodbye. (Sam Parrish closes the door)
~ Alan Parrish reconciling with his dad after finishing Jumanji.

(Squidward has failed several times to say "I'm sorry" to SpongeBob. Eventually...) SpongeBob, all I am trying to say is that I am... ([waves tentacles in the air and bubbles form. Puts a big bubble on his head] (muted) sorry. (pops the bubble) There ya go! (SpongeBob: But I couldn't hear--) (Squidward slams the door in his face) I don't care! I said it! My conscience is clear! (starts to walk away, when an image of Patrick appears in the air) (Patrick: It must've been pretty good to make him CRY like that...) (Squidward nervously continues walking, and a hallucination image of a guy at the Krusty Krab appears.) (Tom: April Fools...jerk!) (Squidward frantically starts running again, but this time his mother appears) (Mama Tentacles [manly voice]: YOU STINK!') Mother? (runs back to SpongeBob's house to apologize) Alright, alright! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I admit it, I'M SORRY! I didn't mean to hurt you! In fact, SpongeBob, I LIKE you! I like living next door, I like hearing your foghorn alarm in the morning and your high-pitched giggling at night! I also like Gary, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and all the other people I'm forced to be in contact with! And, and, and... (SpongeBob opens the door slightly) (SpongeBob: Squidward! Is all that true?) Yes, SpongeBob! Yes, it's all true! (SpongeBob: Even the part about the lima beans and the car chase?) What the...? Yes, whatever! But you have to promise not to tell anybody! (SpongeBob: I promise.) Really? (SpongeBob opens the door all the way, revealing the citizens of Bikini Bottom inside) (Crowd: APRIL FOOLS!) (Squidward's eye twitches) April Fools! You're right, APRIL FOOLS! I JUST FOOLED YOU ALL! (laughs hysterically as he sprints back into his house) (SpongeBob: What would we do without Squidward?)
~ Squidward apologizing to SpongeBob for pulling an extremely nasty prank on him at the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob opens the door to reveal that all the citizens of Bikini Bottom were at his house witnessing Squidward's apology, and Squidward, laughing hysterically, sprints back to his house.

(Kerchak is dying) Tarzan... (Tarzan: Kerchak, forgive me.) No. Forgive me for not understanding that you have always been one of us. Our family will look to you now. (Tarzan: No, Kerchak.) Take care of them... my son. (Kerchak with his dying breath places his hand on Tarzan's shoulder.) Take care of them. (He dies in Tarzan's arms. Tarzan and the gorilla clan mourn Kerchak's death and Tarzan decides to fulfill Kerchak's wish as he proclaims himself as the new leader of the family.)
~ Kerchak's apology to Tarzan for his harsh attitude and disownment of Tarzan not being part of the gorilla family and finally accepts him as his adopted son before dying.

(Josh is feigning and interview with Oprah Winfrey and Drake comes in with his stuff) (Drake: Hey, Josh.) (Josh notices this and puts the cardboard Oprah cutout down.) (Josh: What up, Drake?) (Drake: Is it cool if I move back in?) (Pause, Josh gets this statement and smiles.) (Josh: Ah, get in here.) (Drake: Look, I'm really sorry, I-) (Josh cuts him off.) (Josh: No, don't even say it. We both acted pretty stupid.) (Drake: Yeah, I know. Hey, I got you something.) (He reaches into the bag and pulls out the Foam Finger, all in one piece again!) (Josh: The foam finger? How'd you fix it?) (Drake: Oh, you know, hot glue gun.) (Josh: Drake Parker, you know what you are?) (Drake: What's that?) (Josh puts the foam finger on his hand and does a movement.) (Josh: Number One.) (Drake: Cool.) (Josh: Yeah. And look.) (He puts down the foam finger, picks up the Padres bobblehead and gives it to Drake.) (Josh: I want you to have the bobblehead.) (Drake: Ah, thanks, man.)
~ Drake and Josh reconcile after their foam finger argument.

(Anastasia finds Dimitri lying on the ground discovering that he is presumed dead and strokes his hair) Ooh, oh no, Dimitri. (Dimitri regains consciousness and Anastasia gasps) (Dimitri: Ouch!) Dimitri! Oh! (Dimitri: Ow, ow, ow, ow, Oh, no, let go, easy.) (Anastasia lets go of Dimitri's hair and Anastasia is glad that Dimitri is alive) Sorry! (Dimitri: Yeah, I know. I know. All men are babies.) (Anastasia becomes confused with Dimitri) I thought you were going to St. Peter. (Dimitri: I was.) Why? (Dimitri: Because I...) (Pooka holds Anastasia's crown and Anastasia and Dimitri see Pooka holding Anastasia's crown and Anastasia discovers the truth and Dimitri gives her crown to Anastasia) (Dimitri: Oh... they're waiting for you) (Anastasia looks at him and her crown as she finally discovers the truth about herself)
~ Anastasia reuniting with Dimitri after discovering the truth and defeating Rasputin.

(Lisa is writing in her diary) Dear Log: My brother is still missing, and maybe it's all my fault because I failed to take his abuse with good humor. I miss him so much already that I don't... know... (Lisa starts crying, but Bart goes on top of the roof to check on Lisa) Bart Simpson: Hey, Lis. Lisa. It's me, Bart. (Lisa stops crying) Lisa Simpson: Bart? Where are you? Bart Simpson: Shh, I'm on the roof. (Lisa climbs on the roof and sees Bart) Lisa Simpson (upset): Bart, what are you doing up here? Everybody's worried! Bart Simpson (confused): Really? Did they cry? Lisa Simpson: Yes. Bart Simpson: Whoa! Bull's-eye! Lisa Simpson (sad): Bart, why did you burn my centerpiece? Bart Simpson (upset): Aw, come on. Lisa Simpson: Was it because you hate me or because you're bad? Bart Simpson: I don't know! I don't know why I did it! I don't know why I enjoyed it! And I don't know why I'll do it again! Lisa Simpson: Just tell me you're sorry! Bart Simpson: Why should I? Lisa Simpson: The only reason to apologize is if you look deep down inside yourself, and you find a spot, something you wasn't there because you feel bad. You hurt your sister's feelings. Bart Simpson: Leave me alone. Lisa Simpson: Just Look. Bart Simpson: Okay, okay. Looking for the spot. Still checking. This is so stupid. I'm not going to find anything. Just because I wrecked something she worked really hard on, and I made her cry. (Bart becomes sad too) Uh-oh. I'm sorry, Lisa. Lisa Simpson (becomes happy): Apology accepted (She and Bart hug)
~ Bart Simpson apologizing to Lisa for destroying her centerpiece and reuniting with her.

(Robin and Cyborg and the other titans see Plasmus being loaded onto a truck to be returned to prison in a new tank) Robin: Look, uh... sorry about... Cyborg: Yeah. Robin: So... are we cool? Cyborg (smiles): Frosty. (Robin and Cyborg tap their fists) Starfire: You made up! Glorious! I wish to initiate a group hug. Raven: Pass. Beast Boy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, warm fuzzies all around. But we still gotta stop Cinderblock. Cyborg: No, we don't. Thought I'd bring a present, 'case you were still mad. (Cyborg shows Robin and the other Titans Cinderblock hoisted up on on a which-with the equipment he had been carrying in Slade's lair strapped around the body and Cinderblock grumbles angrily) Robin: Thanks, but there is one thing that's still bothering me. (Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy become surprised) Breaking into jail? Using Plasmus to distract us? The whole plan seems to be a little too smart for Cinderblock. Cyborg: I've been thinking the same thing. (Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy become relived and sigh visibly) Robin: Someone must have been pulling the strings. But who? Cyborg: Well, whoever they are- (pauses) they're no match for the Teen Titans. (Cyborg gives Robin a high-five) Robin: I heard that.
~ Robin and Cyborg making up for what they did and bonding together after defeating Plasmus and working together.

I'm sorry... (Lilac: You weren't yourself. It's okay.) (Lilac comforts Milla as she cries.) (Lilac: It's OK.)
~ Milla Basset's apology to Sash Lilac for being unable to stop Lord Brevon from turning her into a monster and setting her loose upon both her and Carol Tea.

(Judy finds Nick sulking under a bridge.) Night howlers aren't wolves. They're toxic flowers. I think someone is targeting predators on purpose and making them go savage. (Nick Wilde, sarcastically, with his back turned on her: Wow. Isn't that interesting.) Wait, listen! I know you'll never forgive me. And I don't blame you. I wouldn't forgive me either. I was ignorant and irresponsible and small-minded. But predators shouldn't suffer because of my mistakes. I have to fix this. But I can't do it without you. (Nick still refuses to take a glimpse at Judy, and Judy begins to cry.) And after we're done, you can hate me, and that'll be fine, because I was a horrible friend, and I hurt you. And you can walk away knowing you were right all along. I really AM just a dumb bunny. (Everything becomes silent, until Nick replays Judy's words with her carrot pen) Judy Hopps [through carrot pen] "I really AM just a dumb bunny!--I really AM just a dumb bunny!" (Judy's eyes widen.) (Nick Wilde: Don't worry, Carrots. I'll let you erase it... in 48 hours.) (Judy grins widely then runs and embraces Nick) (Nick Wilde: All right, get in here. You bunnies are so emotional.)
~ Judy Hopps admitting to Nick Wilde that she was wrong about predators, condemning herself as "just a dumb bunny". Knowing her words are genuine, Nick forgives Judy, teasingly recording her confession on her carrot recorder, which he held onto.

(Stu Pickles: It's so nice to-) (the conversation is interrupted by Angelica, who runs into the kitchen and trying to apologize to her father) Daddy! Daddy! (Drew Pickles (confused): Angelica? What are you doing here?) (Angelica hugs Drew's legs): Daddy, I heard you! I heard it all! I'm sorry I was bad and runned away from home! I'm sorry I cut up your papers and broke your fax machine! I'm sorry and I promise I'll never be bad again! Only please! TAKE ME BACK!!! (Angelica continues to cry and Drew becomes confused as he picks up Angelica) (Drew Pickles: Take you back? Honey, I didn't even know you were gone!) (Angelica stops crying): You didn't? (Drew Pickles: No, I thought you were still in your room, safe and sound.) You mean you didn't know I even runned away? (Drew Pickles: I had no idea. Oh, but sweetheart, you'll know always be my princess, no matter what you do. You're my baby, and I love you.) (Angelica calms down and she and Drew hug each other) Well, I guess I better get in touch with Charlotte. She might be worried. Can I use your fax? (Didi Pickles: Of course.) (Drew, Stu and Didi leave the kitchen)
~ Angelica Pickles apologizing to her father, Drew for wrecking his home office and running away.

(Shrek: Donkey? What are you doing?) (Donkey: I would think, of all people, you would recognize a wall when you see one.) (Shrek: Well, yeah. But the wall's supposed to go around my swamp, not through it.) (Donkey: It is around your half. See, that's your half, and this is my half.) (Shrek: Oh! Your half. Hmm.) (Donkey: Yes, my half. I helped rescue the princess. I did half the work, I get half the booty. Now hand me that big old rock, the one that looks like your head.) (Shrek: Back off!) (Donkey: No, YOU back off.) (Shrek: This is MY swamp!) (Donkey: OUR swamp.) (Shrek: Let go, Donkey!) (Donkey: YOU let go.) (Shrek: Stubborn jackass!) (Donkey: Smelly ogre.) (Shrek: Fine!) (Donkey: Hey, hey, hey, come back here. I'm not through with you yet.) (Shrek: Well, I'm through with you.) (Donkey: Uh-uh. You know, with you it's always, "Me, me, me!" Well, guess what! Now it's my turn! So you just shut up and pay attention! You are mean to me. You insult me and you don't appreciate anything that I do! You're always pushing me around or pushing me away.) (Shrek: Oh, yeah? Well, if I treated you so bad, how come you came back?) (Donkey: Because that's what friends do! They FORGIVE EACH OTHER!) (Shrek: Oh, yeah. You're right, Donkey. I forgive you... for stabbin' me in the back!) (Donkey: Ohh! You're so wrapped up in layers, onion boy, you're afraid of your own feelings.) (Shrek: Go away!) (Donkey: See? There you are, doing it again just like you did to Fiona. And all she ever do was like you, maybe even love you.) (Shrek: Love me? She said I was ugly, a hideous creature. I heard the two of you talking.) (Donkey: She wasn't talkin' about you. She was talkin' about, uh, somebody else.) (Shrek: She wasn't talking about me? Well, then who was she talking about?) (Donkey: Uh-uh, no way. I ain't saying anything. You don't wanna listen to me. Right? Right?) (Shrek: Donkey!) (Donkey: No!) (Shrek: Okay, look. I'm sorry, alright?) (Donkey: Hmph.) (Shrek: [sighs] I'm sorry. I guess I am just a big, stupid, ugly ogre. Can you forgive me?) (Donkey: Hey, that's what friends are for, right?) (Shrek: Right. Friends?) (Donkey: Friends.)
~ Shrek's apology to Donkey before heading to Lord Farquaad's castle and stop the wedding.

(Fiona: That was a really brave thing you did, Shrek. Thank you.) (Shrek: No. You were right. I wasn't there for you. And not just at the dragon's keep, but everyday since.) (Fiona: Well, you're here now.)
~ Shrek and Fiona reconciling with each other while being imprisoned by Rumpelstiltskin.

(Fiona: Dad! [crying]) (Pinocchio: Is he...) (Gingy: Yep.) [frog croaks] (Gingy: He croaked.) [Harold reveals his true form: a frog] (Lillian: Harold?) (Fiona: Dad?) (Harold: [sighs] I'd hoped you never see me like this.) (Donkey: Man, and they gave you a hard time!) (Shrek: Donkey!) (Harold: No, no, he's right. I'm sorry. To both of you. I only wanted what was best for Fiona. But I can see now she already has it. Shrek, Fiona, will you accept an old frog's apologies and my blessing?) (Lillian: Harold.) (Harold: I'm sorry, Lillian. I just wish I could be the man you deserve.) [Harold tries to hop away but Lillian grabs him] (Lillian: You're more that man today than you ever were. Warts and all.) [Harold croaks]'
~ King Harold's apology to Shrek and Fiona for his judgmental behavior towards their marriage.

(Kiara: Kovu.) (Kovu: Oh, Kiara!) [Kovu and Kiara nuzzle each other] (Simba: Kovu... I was wrong. You belong here.)
~ Simba's reconciliation with Kiara for his overprotectiveness and apology to Kovu for his judgmental behavior towards him.

(Taran: Hello.) (Eilonwy: Hello. Fflewddur is right, you know. We are going to have to work together. And we'll find your pig. I'm sure it's important.) (Taran: Thank you for getting me out of the dungeon.) (Eilonwy: Oh, but we couldn't have done it without you.) (Taran: Well, at least we're all safe.)
~ Taran and Eilonwy reconciling with each other after a brief argument.

(Santa: Rudolph, I promise. As soon as the storm lets up, I'll find homes for all those misfit toys.) (Boss Elf: Alright, you can open up a dentist office. Next week after Christmas.) (Hermey: Come here. Open your mouth.) (Boss Elf: [opens his mouth] Ahh.) (Hermey: Oh, dear. I'd better set up an appointment for you a week from Tuesday, 4:30 sharp!) (Donner: And I'm sorry too, Rudolph, for the way I acted.)
~ Boss Elf and Donner's reconciliation with Hermey and Rudolph for their past behavior as well as Santa promising Rudolph to find homes for the misfit toys.

(Chespie wakes up from its coma) (Mairin: Chespie, you're awake! You're awake! Alain, look at Chespie!) (Alain: (pets Chespie) I'm so happy for you. Mairin. Please forgive me, for everything I did.) (Mairin: Stop. I'm just happy that you're alright.)
~ Alain apologizing to Mairin for the wrongful things he did while under the influence of Lysandre and Team Flare.

(A despondent Kuzco walks up to a field with a herd of llamas. He sighs and makes his way down. He waves to the llamas, but they turn their backs and walk away from him. Kuzco sniffs the grass and takes a bite and swallows hard. He gags.) (Pacha: So, there we were standing on the cliff and the ground started to rumble.) (Kuzco perks up in surprise and sees Pacha talking to two llamas) (Pacha: And just as it started to go, he grabbed me before I fell. Do you believe that? You know, call me crazy for following this guy all the way out here, but as much as he tries to deny it, I know there's some good in him. Besides, I couldn't just leave him out here all alone. He's a lousy llama. I mean, a really lousy llama.) (Pacha smiles at Kuzco who smiles back as they face each other.) Hey, listen, Pacha, you know, what I said to you back at the diner, that -- that -- I -- I didn't really... (Pacha raises his hand, waving the apology off, as he already forgives Kuzco.) (Pacha: So, you tired of being a llama?) (Kuzco's eyes fill up with tears and he bawls hysterically) YEH-HEH-HEH-HESS!!" (sniff)
~ Kuzco reconciling with Pacha at the llama meadow.

(British Officer Car: [Mater breaks through the security gate] Come back here, STOP! [Mater rushes down towards McQueen's pit crew as the others watch him, barely] (Luigi: Mater!) (Mater: Everybody get out! Get out now! Y'all gotta get out the pits! [sees that Sally, Ramone, Flo and Red are in the pits] Hey, what're you guys doin' here?) (Sally: We're here because of you, Mater!) (Flo: Is everything okay?) (Mater: No! Everything's not okay. There's a bomb in here. Y'all gotta get out! Now!) (Everyone: [shocked] A bomb? Huh? Woah.) (Finn McMissile: [over radio] Mater.) (Mater: Finn, you're okay!) (Finn McMissile: Kid, Listen to me. The bomb is on you! They knew you'd try to help McQueen! When we were knocked out, they planted it your air filter!) (Mater pops off his hood and sees the bomb in his air filter!) (Mater: Uh-oh.) (Lightning McQueen: Mater, there you are!) (Mater: Stop right thereǃ) (Lightning McQueen: Oh, man, I've been so worried about youǃ) (Mater: Don't come any closerǃ) (Lightning McQueen: Are you okay?) (Mater: No, I'm not okayǃ Stay away from meǃ) (Mater drives off away from him) (Lightning McQueen: No, wait, waitǃ) (Brent Mustangburger: Hold everything. A tow truck has just raced onto the track, and he's driving backwards!) (Lightning McQueen: Mater, wait!) (McQueen drives off to chase after him) (David Hobbscap: Normally, an emergency vehicle on the track means there's been an accident.) (Brent Mustangburger: Wait, waitǃ Lightning McQueen is chasing himǃ) (Lightning McQueen: Mater, waitǃ) (Mater: Stay back! If you get close to me, you're gonna get hurt real bad!) (Lightning McQueen: I know I made you feel that way before, but none of that matters! Because we're best friends!) (Brent Mustangburger: And McQueen seems to be having a conversation with the tow truck!) (Darrell Cartrip: I don't know who that truck is, Brent, but I'll tell you what, he's gotta be the world's best backwards driver!) [Zündapp snickers and puts his tire near the detonation button] (Mater: McQueen, you don't get it! I'm the bomb!) (Lightning McQueen: Yes, Mater, you are the bomb! That's what I'm trying to say here! You've always been the bomb. And you will always be the bomb.) (Mater: Stay away!) (McQueen: No, never!) (Zündapp: [his tire is almost at the detonation button] Almost there.) (Lightning McQueen: [to Mater] I'm not letting you get away again! [grabs Maters tow cable]) (Mater: Gotta keep away from McQueen!) (Computer: Request acknowledged.) (Lightning McQueen: [sees rockets; frightened] Oh, my gosh!) (Mater rockets off at a tremendous speed, dragging McQueen with him)
~ Lightning McQueen chases Mater tries to apologies for hurting his feelings.

Zoe, Elmo's sorry for hurting your feelings. Can we still be friends? (Zoe: Well.....yes! Friends forever!) Yeah! (Elmo gives Zoe his blanket.) (Zoe (surprised): Wow! I can hold it?) Sure. What could happen!
~ Elmo apologizes to Zoe for not sharing his blanket and hurting her feelings.

(After the film festival is done and Nicholas won the Best Picture award and has agreed with Principal Strathairn to reinstate, Ernst, Robyn and Fritz see Nicholas sitting in an audience chair by himself.) Nicholas? (Nicholas: Hi, Dad.) I saw your movie. (Nicholas: You did?) Yes. Not only did I see it, I liked it. (Nicholas: Really?) Everyone loved your film and you and your friends won the Best Picture award. I'm proud of you. (Nicholas, sighs: Don't be.) Why not? (Nicholas: I overreacted that night because of the party. I'm very sorry.) I know. Your mother and I are sorry too. About the arguments and that... I have come to admit this, you have potential for many great things in this world. (Nicholas: Do I?) Yes. Also, I got you these, and I hope they will make up for that night. (Ernst gives his son an envelope with something inside. Nicholas' eyes widen upon seeing the contents of the envelope after it is opened.) (Nicholas: Dad. These are tickets to Halliburton! But... How did you get these?) I sold one of my watches. (Nicholas is surprised to hear this, but he still has hold of the tickets and the envelope.) (Nicholas: You did what? You sold that three hundred dollar watch?) I thought it was priceless, but I realized my relationship with you and the family is more priceless than anything. (Nicholas' eyes shine with tears. He is speechless and he looks as if he's about to cry, but he doesn't.) (Nicholas: I'm speechless. I didn't expect this to happen, and I'm like, at the point where I'm about to cry right now, but I would like to ask.) Go ahead. Ask me. (Nicholas: All right. Would you like to go to the concert with me?) Yeah. (Nicholas: Yeah?) (Robyn: Yes.) (Fritz: Yeah!) (Nicholas: Yeah!) (The once broken, now happy family get together in a hug for regrouping at last.) (Nicholas: We're not broken anymore! That's a relief!) Yeah, that's great. Now we're going to go in my car, and we're going to enjoy our time with Halliburton, okay? (All: Yeah.) All right, let's go! (They leave to see the Halliburton concert, the singer seen at the ending credits.)
~ Ernst and Robyn Lorenz apologize to Nicholas Lorenz and his brother Fritz for their ignorance of their sensitiveness, and Nicholas reconciles with Ernst for disowning him as a father after his film project is finished and his film won the Best Picture award.

(Lucy leads Margo, Edith, Agnes and Lucky into the plane.) (Lucy Wilde: Change of plans, girls. [struggles to remove her face] Instead of going home... eyebrows... ow..) (Lucy pulls off her face, revealing to actually be Balthazar Bratt in disguise!) (Balthazar Bratt: WE'RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD! [Laughs evilly, the girls gasp in horror] Now, that's what I call acting! [Bratt turns to his robot sidekick Clive at the wheel] Let's go, Clive! We've got a giant robot waiting!) (At the mansion, Gru is preparing to leave, when he hears banging from the closet.) Huh? (Gru opens the closet door and gasps.) Lucy? (Gru finds the real Lucy bound and gagged in the closet! He removes her gag.) But-- (Lucy Wilde: Bratt! He took the girls!) What?! NO! (Gru watches in horror as the jet with Bratt and the girls inside flies into the distance; Gru and Lucy rush into Dru's room where Dru is drowning his misery in ice cream after he and Gru just had a terrible argument.) Dru! Dru! (Dru turns his back on Gru.) (Dru: Go away! I don't wanna talk to you.) Bratt has the girls! (Dru gasps in shock. Cut to Gru, Dru and Lucy flying on their hovercraft) Listen, brother, about--about what I said, I-- (Dru: No, I'm the one.) I shouldn't have... I'm... I'm sorry. (Dru: I'm so sorry, Gru.) (Lucy smiles as the two have finally worked out their differences.)
~ Gru and Dru putting their differences aside and apologizing for their earlier argument so they can focus on rescuing the girls from Balthazar Bratt.

Robyn, I promise, I'll never leave you again.
~ Robyn Starling's father apologizing to his daughter after their cabin is been destroyed by the evil guardian Pristine Figg and her lawyer Lickboot.

I love you son, no matter what you eat or how you dress
~ Don Lino apologizing to Lenny for his behavior, saying that he accepts him for who he is, whether he eats meat or not.

Harry! I... uh... I wanted to apologize. I know with everything me mam is saying in the Prophet is all very druddle. So, what I'm really trying to say is that... I believe you.
~ Seamus Finnigan apologizing to Harry Potter for his behavior, now believing that Lord Voldemort is back and becoming a member of the Dumbledore's army.

(Steven realizes what he has done to Connie and runs up to her to tell her about his feelings.) Connie! Wait, wait, Connie. Don't go. (Connie Mahewaran: Steven, I wasn't trying to ignore you. I was going to text you back. I-I wrote, "I can't talk to you right now," but then I realized if I sent it, that would be talking to you. And it didn't make any sense. I wasn't making any sense. If we were going to talk, I thought it's got to be in person. So I rode Lion to your house, but there was a note that said, "Gone vacationing," and then I ran into Kevin and he said you'd be here, but, uh, maybe this is still too soon. I-I don't even know what to say to you. I'm angry. I miss you. I feel like I'm out of my mind.) No, you're not. I surrendered myself to Homeworld. I let them take me away, maybe forever, and then I came back and I tried to act like it was no big deal. But it was a big deal. I couldn't stand the thought of you being taken away on that spaceship, but then I did that to you. I promised you we'd always be a team, and I let you down. I'm sorry. Jam buds? (Connie Maheswaran: Jam buds.) (Steven and Connie tear up and hug each other as their relationship is finally repaired.) (Connie Maheswaran: It's so good to talk to you. I've been wanting to see you so bad I accepted a party invitation from Kevin.) I know. I took his advice. [Chuckles] I think he got his heart broken. I-It's actually really sad. (Steven removes the coat that Kevin gave him.) (Connie Maheswaran: [Chuckles] Of course he did. [Chuckles] Hey, nice shirt.) Nice hair. (Connie Maheswaran: Thank you.)
~ Steven Universe and Connie Maheswaran reconciling their relationship at Kevin's Party.

(Captain Quark: This is it! The end of President Captain Quark! I can feel death's icy grip! Nefarious, I'm sorry I pushed you around in high school. You were smart and I was such a-) (Dr. Nefarious: Moron?) (Captain Quark: I was gonna say "Adonis", [becomes annoyed] but if you want to be a jerk about...) (Dr. Nefarious: I'm sorry, too. You should that even as I was [becoming angry] wishing the Blaarg would tear you apart limb from limb so I can riverdance around your smoldering, squishy carcass [calms down] I still considered you a friend. [hands Quark a wrench]) (Captain Quark, excited: An Intergalactic Tool of Justice Award?) (The Plumber, interrupting the moment: If you fellas are done, I'm gonna need that wrench back.) [Nefarious comically drops Quark.]
~ Captain Quark and Dr. Nefarious reconciling for their harsh treatment of each other in the past.

(Cloud Strife wins the Chocobo race and his freedom,recieves Dio's letter) Boy, if you're reading this letter, then you must've won. And won a victory that I am sure you earned. I heard about Dyne from Ester. Now that you are victorious, I promise that you and all your friends will get a full pardon, and you all will be set free. And also, by way of apology, I prepared a little gift for you to use on your journey. Sorry I couldn't be there to tell you this in person, but I'm a very busy man. Sincerely, Dio
~ Dio the manager of the Gold Saucer apologizes to Cloud Strife and his friends for blaming them for the massacre at the Battle Arena committed by Barret Wallace's friend Dyne and gives them a buggy to help in their pursuit of Sephiroth.

(Fox and Vixen find Bold lying under a bush) Vixen: Bold! Oh my Bold... Bold: Mother? Is it... you? Vixen: Yes... and your father, he's here too. Bold: Dad... Fox: Hello son. Your mate told us where to find you. I gather we've got your cubs to look forward to soon! You son of a gun! Bold: That's alright then... thanks Dad... Fox: Yes, they'll be fine. Son... I'm sorry I was hard on you. Can you forgive me? You're the bravest fox I've ever met... I'm proud of you... Bold: (last lines) Ah... (he sighs contentedly and expires)
~ Fox apologizing to Bold for dismissing him as his son, right before the latter dies.

Jasmine, I'm sorry I lied to you about being a prince. (Jasmine: I know why you did.) (Genie pokes his head after hearing what Aladdin has said to Jasmine and Aladdin begins to depart.) Well, I guess...this is goodbye? (Jasmine doesn't want Aladdin to leave, because she loves him.) (Jasmine: Oh, that stupid law. This isn't fair. I love you.)
~ Aladdin apologizing to Jasmine for lying to her about being a prince.

Hugh Neutron: I've got that for you, dear. (Jimmy sees his parents) Jimmy Neutron: Mom, Dad, I should have listened to you when you said don't talk to strangers. See, I guess I thought I was smart enough to do everything on my own that I didn't need you. But I was wrong. I love you guys. Judy Neutron: We love you too, Jimmy. Having a genius for a son may not always be easy, but it's always interesting. You make us so proud. Hugh Neutron: You sure do, son. You know, not every family gets to ride in an alien spaceship, hurtling through the universe at warp speeds, millions of miles from home. We thank you for that. Judy Neutron: You gotta admit, that is pretty neat.
~ Jimmy Neutron reuniting with his parents after defeating King Goobot.

Alright, I'm sorry I yelled. But you don't understand. I can't mess up this time. (Rocky: This time? Was there a last time?) (Bullwinkle: Tell us about yourself, Karen.) Let's just say I've made...mistakes. (Rocky and Bullwinkle stare blankly at Karen.) Look, I can't blow this one. The whole world depends on it, and I can't do it without your help. (Rocky: Agent Sympathy, you can count on Bullwinkle and me.) (As Rocky speaks, he pats on Bullwinkle's lap, and Bullwinkle nods.) (Rocky: We won't let you down.) (Bullwinkle, shooking his head: No.) Thanks, you guys. You know, I'm glad Cappy picked me for this mission. I think we're gonna make a great team.
~ Karen Sympathy apologizing to Rocky and Bullwinkle for yelling at them during their fight, and explains about her mission.

Oh Mom, I'm sorry, It's all my fault for everything for what happen. You never stopped loving me, I need you.
~ Princess Merida apologizing to her mother for their argument and breaking the spell.

I am sorry.
~ Megamind apologizing to Minion who disguised himself as the Warden for their argument after they got seperated.

(Linda sees Candace and Candace sees Stacy heading to the bus.) (Linda Flynn-Flecther: Hey, Candace, isn't that Stacy over there? Hi, Stacy.) (Stacy sees Candace again.) (Linda Flynn-Fletcher: You okay, honey?) (Bus driver: Come on, kid. I'm on a schedule.) (Candace looks at the lemonade stand.) (Bus driver: Come on, kid. In, or out?) (Linda Flynn-Fletcher: Candace?) Mom, there's something I got to tell you. (Linda Flynn-Fletcher: What is it, honey?) (Candace decides to be with Stacy.) That if you want me, I'll be at the mall with Stacy. (Linda Flynn-Fletcher: Um...okay.) (Candace runs up to Stacy.) (Stacy Hirano, happily: Welcome back, best friend.) Thanks, best friend. (Stacy Hirano: I have had my eye on the cutest pink dress for you.) (the bus leaves.) (Linda Flynn-Fletcher: Aww. It's nice to see Candace enjoying herself for a change. Now, where are those lemonade stands I keep hearing about?)
~ Candace and Stacy reconciling their relationship after Candace decides to ignore her brothers for a while.

(Steven Universe: I was so happy when Garnet said she was gonna come on this trip with me and Dad! Home's been awful! Here's been awful! I thought you wanted to have a fun time but, everyone's been acting awful too! It-It just came with us! I don't understand! Is it- is it me?) No! Steven, it's all us! (Sapphire: But we made him feel... like it was his fault. I keep looking into the future, when all of this has already been solved... As if it doesn't matter how you feel in the present... No wonder you think I don't care!) Sapphire... -- No, no no no no no no no! This is all my fault! I-I didn't want to look for a solution, I-I just wanted to be mad! Y-You're right! You're always right! I was being stupid! (Sapphire: I don't think you're stupid!) I'm... sorry... (Ruby brushes Sapphire's hair to her face, revealing her one eye.) (Sapphire: You honestly think I'm not upset about what happened? I was just...trying to do the right thing...) I know... (Sapphire sighs as she holds Ruby's hand against one cheek.) You know what's nice about being split up? (Sapphire: What?) I get to look at you. (Ruby smiles Sapphire begins to laugh, pushing her away.) (Sapphire: Be serious!) (Ruby hugs Sapphire.) There's my Laughy Sapphy! (Sapphire: Shh! You're embarrassing me in front of Steven!) (Ruby and Sapphire make up for what they did as their relationship is finally repaired.)
~ Ruby and Sapphire reconciling their relationship after Ruby apologizes to Sapphire for releasing her rage.