There are times in a story where the hero or heroine (usually a kid or teenage hero) can express his or her playful side. This is basically the positive alternative to having a breakdown. The hero, or someone the hero loves, can do something playful to another, usually to let out his stress, cheer someone up, ensure they feel comfortable, flirt with a love interest, simply do it for fun, or give someone encouragement and propel him on his journey. This can also be used to help cope with stressful, overwhelming, or in some instances, traumatic events. Even a very serious hero or anti-hero, in some cases, can be playful with another person.


  • Mufasa plays around with Simba to give him encouragement.
  • Riley Anderson constantly plays around with her parents, which has created Goofball Island in her mind.
  • The Cat in the Hat balances on a ball while he sings to teach Conrad and Sally how to have fun.
  • Nani tickles Lilo as she cheers her up after their argument, then blows a raspberry on her cheek when she leaves for work.
  • Andrew Waltrip sits on Mrs. Leary's buttocks while she was laying on the floor. Later she crawls on all fours with Andrew riding on her back like a horse.
  • Kenai wiggles Koda while he was riding on his back at the mountain, talking about having a fat head.
  • Baloo teaches Mowgli the playful art of fighting like a bear, later Mowgli climbs on Baloo's buttocks and then tickles him.
  • Fievel Mousekewitz tickles Tiger, while he was on his back.
  • Jason Johnston and Gunther Gibson talk about their fight and wonder how funny fighting while in their 80s will be.


Come back here, you little monkey!
~ Bill Anderson chasing baby Riley with a towel.

Come here, you!
~ Mufasa playfully giving Simba a noogie after lecturing his son.

Hey kid, you need help. And Ol' Baloo's gonna learn you to fight like a bear. Now come on, I'm gonna show ya.
~ Baloo teaching Mowgli his playful art of fighting like a bear.

(Kenai was walking down the mountain with Koda riding on his back.) So, you recognize anything yet? Or maybe you can't see past my fathead. (He and Koda laugh.) So, do you really think I have a fathead? (Koda: Well, if you hunched your shoulders a little, it wouldn't seem so big.) Oh, you mean like this? (wiggles Koda, and Koda laughs) Or like this? Ha-ha! How about this? (starts wiggling Koda up and down on his back like a horse, and they both laugh.)
~ Kenai wiggling Koda while he was riding on his back down the mountain.

(Andrew, sitting on Mrs. Leary's buttocks, yawns and stretches his arms.) I guess I'm ready for bed. (Mrs. Leary: Well then, let me give you a ride to your room.) (She got up on her hands and knees, while Andrew holds on.) Giddy up. (Mrs. Leary laughs softly and crawls all the way downstairs carrying Andrew on her back like a horse. Once they got there, Andrew climbed into bed, and Mrs. Leary got up and tucked him in.) (Mrs. Leary: Goodnight, my little cowboy.) (She plants a kiss on Andrew's forehead, and leaves.)
~ Andrew Waltrip playing horsey with his adoptive mother Mrs. Georgina Leary.

Well, serves you right spoiling people's best dreams.
~ Cinderella after playfully catching one the birds for trying to wake her up.

(Tiger, singing: Any time you're feeling glum/count on me to be a chum.) (Fievel sings while climbing behind Tiger.) If you got an itch attack/I'll be there to scratch your back! (Tiger, singing: Now, who could have ever ask for more? Ore-ore-ore...(Fievel tickles Tiger, then he laughs.) No, stop! Stop! No, don't stop. More, more!
~ Fievel Mousekewitz playfully tickling Tiger during their musical number "A Duo".

Can you believe us? I mean, we've been fighting all this week. Not since you were nine and I was six. (Jason: Yeah, I wonder what fighting's going to be like when we're in our 80's.) (Gunther chuckles) Yeah. I wonder too. (The scene changes to older versions of the boys with gray hair and they are starving and week in their same room.) (Old Jason: Man, I'm starving.) (He breathes into his asthma inhaler.) (So starving!) (Old Gunther: Yeah, where's Christopher with our dinner?) (Both, as the old Christopher comes in with old man food: CHRISTOPHER!!!) (Old Christopher: I'm coming, I'm coming! Jason, here, oatmeal. Gunther, your cream of wheat.) (The old boys take the food and slowly start eating and Christopher has one last rude thing to say to them.) (Old Christopher: Boobs!) (Old Gunther: Wait. Hang on, I wanted oatmeal.) (Old Jason: No you didn't. You asked for cream of wheat.) (Old Gunther: Just give me a bite of oatmeal.) (Old Jason: Over my dead body.) (He gets up to move to another part of the room) (Old Gunther: Fine by me. I can wait five minutes.) (He gets up to stretch, but the old Christopher throws a cookie at him, hitting him in the buttocks, old Gunther nearly falls. Old Christopher slowly runs away laughing.) (Old Gunther: You hit me with a cookie!) (Old Jason: That's a lie!) (Old Gunther: It is ON!!!) (Old Jason, putting down the oatmeal: Oh, it's so on!) (Old Gunther: It's go time!) (Old Jason: I'll show YOU go time!) (The old versions of the boys start fighting like old man, slowly until they fall on the couch and snore loudly. The scene changes back to the present boys, laughing about their vision.) (Jason, laughing: And Christopher throwing a cookie at your butt? What fun!) I know! What a stretch! (Stacey and Richard enter their room.) (Stacey: Hello, boys.) (Richard: What's so funny?) Oh, um, we were just talking about how fighting is going to be like when we're old and crippled. Like the blob on Main Street. (Stacey: It's nice to see you having fun again, boys.) (Richard: We'll see you guys later.) (Jason: Okay.) Catch you later. (Jason and Gunther hug it out after their fight and reconciliation) (Jason: Come on, Gunther. We have a marriage ahead.) All right. Let's go. (They get out of their rooms to get ready for Jason's marriage.)
~ Jason Johnston and Gunther Gibson playfully envision how funny fighting will be like when they are old and crippled.


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