Every heroes do Losing Hope or Giving Up, their friends or family give them some encouragement by saying that you shouldn't give up if it wasn't for us who believe in you. Now everybody need you as their heroes and they never give up in a fight before.

After the heroes realize that they're right, their powers or strengths was back and started to fight some villains because they got friends and family who believe in them no matter how tough is it.

Reason Why They Should Believe In ThemselvesEdit

  • Because they got friends and family who care about them, knowing that they do and always will believe in them.
  • Because their love interest admit that they always love them and knowing that they're still heroes with or without their powers
  • Because once heroes decide to give up or losing hope, everybody (the citizen of the city or different world) decide to save him or her by protecting their heroes from the villains by saying nice things about them and why they love their heroes which it make the main protagonist really happy and have the strength to beat the villains.


(Dean: Try to hold your heading, sir. They'll be rejoining from the south in about 25 minutes.) All right. (Dean: You know, it's risky.) Understood. (Dean: But we are out of options.) (Alice: Dad?) (Marshall takes off the headset and sees his daughter.) Yeah, baby? (Alice: It'll be okay. Everything's gonna work.) (Marshall smiles and kisses Alice, before she goes back to her seat.)
~ President James Marshall encouraged and comforted by his daughter, Alice.

It doesn't end like this. (Nagata: What do you want us to do, Hopper? We have no ships left.) We have one. (looks in the direction of Pearl Harbour, where the USS Missouri is.) We've got a battleship. (Nagata: Are you crazy? That's a museum!) Not today.
~ Alex Hopper coming up with a last, desperate plan against the aliens.

(The Green Goblin was about to kill Spider-Man until he got hit by a can and lost control his glider) Citizen: Hey, you leave Spider-Man alone! You're making him to save some bunch of kids! Citizen 2: [throw him a wretch] I got something for you! You mess with him, you mess with New York. Citizen: You mess one of us, you mess with all of us!
~ The people of New York protect Spider-Man after he's trying to save Mary Jane and their children from The Green Goblin


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