Don't be fooled with people whom seemingly possesses mild temper, as certain insult turned out causing them releasing an apocalyptic and fiery temper no matter how good they able to maintain the composures!

Berserk Button is the term about the part of an individual's personality where they would lashed out (usually violently) should proper insult inflicted on them. It doesn't matter how good they maintain their temper, as there would be some limitations in the situation where they need to maintain their patience or composure over the situation that potentially provoke them to release their anger. The trigger for them to release their wrath could be anything, from weight issues, family, or even something that looked trivial in your point of view.

Once triggered, they would instantly goes ballistic, flying into a screaming, frothing, sometimes apocalyptic wrath where should his ballistic rage was on extreme level, it would be wise to stay out of his/her way until his/her mood swings surpass where it's safe to apologizing.

Sometimes, the hero or someone the hero loves can hit his or her berserk button to break down a door, fight the villain, or give that person courage. Or, when the antagonist hurts the hero, usually by insulting or tormenting him, that can lead to hitting it.


  • Don't call Alvin and Simon's little brother Theodore the fatty ratty, or they'll go all beat you into pulp.
  • Marty McFly insists, "Nobody... calls me... chicken!" - a behavior he only starts to exhibit in the second film when standing up to Griff Tannen.
  • In Space Jam, Lola Bunny goes into a basket-busting frenzy whenever anyone calls her "Doll."
  • In 2002's Spider-Man film, during his Villainous Breakdown, Green Goblin recklessly hits Peter/Spidey's Berserk Button as he lashed out on the hero when he says exactly what he's gonna do to Mary-Jane after he kills Peter in retaliation of failed to have him forced to watch either MJ or a trolley of children died in front of him, which turned out to be his undoing.
  • Never, ever, ever insult Harry Potter's deceased parents or it won't end well for you.
  • Luke's Berserk Button is turned out to be his revealed sister Leia, who is the only family he has left: When he is trying to keep his anger in check to avoid falling to The Dark Side in the fight against his fallen father Vader, Vader threatens to convince her to the Dark Side should he never embrace The Dark Side. As result, Luke ended up retaliate by cutting the fallen Jedi's arm and left him on his mercy.
  • Francis is a male ladybug who doesn't take kindly to people assuming all ladybugs are female. The fact that his name is gender-neutral doesn't help.
  • Iago really didn't like playing the part of the dumb animal for one particular reason. "Polly want a cracker?"
  • Disgust hits Anger's berserk button so he can burn a hole in the window so Joy and Sadness can climb inside and save Riley.
  • Don't ever call Edward Eric shorty or else.
  • In An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Tiger goes into a blind fury after Chula threatens to drop Miss Kitty from the balcony of the saloon
  • Don't take advantage of SpongeBob's hospitality, Squidward had to learn this the hard way, and so does Mr. Krabs.
  • Whatever you do, don't insult or make fun of Texas within Sandy's hearing range, SpongeBob and Patrick ended up having to learn the hard way.
  • Never call Patrick "tubby", or "Rick". It will not end well for you.
  • Indiana Jones does NOT like being call "Junior".
  • Lori Loud threatens to turn her brother Lincoln Loud into a human pretzel when he accidentally enters her room while playing a VR game.
  • King Kong will not approve of anyone threatening Ann Darrow. The Vastatosaurus Rexes learned this the hard way.
  • If there's anything the Indominus Rex should've learned, it's to not intrude on Rexy's territory and threaten her rule over Isla Nublar.
  • Angry Video Game Nerd has plenty, such as...
    • Bats appearing in the game he reviews.
    • Games without pause features, or continues, especially if the game combines that with one-hit kills or only having one life in the whole game.
    • Laying eyes on the LJN logo.
    • Game cartridges without end labels.
    • Loading times.
    • AC adapters with built-in prongs.
    • Overly cryptic puzzles.
    • Any games that has annoying design element.
    • Long passwords.
    • Games with inconsistent or unfair rules.
    • When ROB the robot threatens to replace all the bad games he reviewed in the past with Gyromite and Stack-Up, he flew into a determined fury and defeated the evil robot into a titanic battle.
    • Games with bad and/or awkward control schemes.
    • How lacking in depth a game is.
    • Having the music continue when the game is paused, although this is a minor one.
  • Whatever you do, keep your hands OFF of Yang Xiao Long's hair.
  • Nostalgia Critic is driven to borderline psychopathic rage when he sees the Bat Credit Card in Batman & Robin.
  • Don't even think of mentioning or making fun Achilles' heel around Phil.

Quotes Edit

(Aunt Petunia, to Harry: An then, if you please, she went and got herself blown up, and we got landed with you.) (Harry Potter: Blown up? You told me my parents died in a car crash.) A car crash?! A CAR CRASH killed Lily and James Potter?! (Aunt Petunia: We had to say something.) It's an outrage! It's a SCANDAL! (Uncle Vernon: He'll NOT be going.) Oh-ho-ho. And I suppose a great muggle like yourself's gonna stop him, are you? (Harry Potter: "Muggle?") Non-magic folk. This boy's had his name down ever since you were born! (Dudley munches on Harry's cake.) He's going to the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world AND he'll be under the FINEST headmaster that Hogwarts has ever seen, Albus Dumbledore. (Uncle Vernon: I will NOT pay to have some crackpot old fool teach him magic tricks!) (Hagrid glares at Vernon and pulls out his umbrella. He breathes fire.) Never. Insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me. (Hagrid notices Dudley eating the cake and levels his umbrella at his bottom, firing a bolt. Suddenly, a curly pig's tail pops out of Dudley's pants! Dudley hops around, yowling with pain. His parents scream in fright. Harry laughs with delight, and the Dursleys drag their son away, running out the door terrified.)
~ Hagrid's berserk button when Uncle Vernon insults Hogwart's headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

(SpongeBob SquarePants: You're going down, tubby!) (Patrick starts to tear) Tubby? (Patrick's sadness is quickly replaced by fury and he growls with rage.) NOBODY CALLS ME TUBBY!
~ Patrick Star after SpongeBob SquarePants hits his berserk button as he practices his tough guy attitude to get into the Salty Spitoon.

(When Gaston and the mob sneak into the castle, LeFou notices Mrs. Potts and Chip.) (LeFou: Well, hello there. You must be the talking teacup.) (He turns to Mrs. Potts.) (LeFou: And YOU must be his grandmother.) (As soon as she hears this, Mrs. Potts wakes up with a gasp.) GRANDMOTHER?! ATTACK! (That is when the objects spring to life and attack the villagers.)
~ Mrs. Potts in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast leading the charge against the mob after LeFou hits her berserk button by insulting her.

(Lola Bunny is about to reach the hoop when the Monstars block her path.) (Monstar Pound: Try and get by me, doll.) "Doll?" (With that, Lola scurries up the brute's face and dunks her ball into the hoop, then walks off.) (curtly) Don't ever call me "doll."
~ Lola Bunny shooting a basket after the Monstars make fun of her.

If you'll excuse me, I need to get off this drunken tub. (Captain Haddock, fuming: Tu-TUB?!) (With that, Haddock lunges and punches a thug in the face, knocking him out cold.)
~ Tintin hitting Captain Haddock's berserk button to get him to help him escape Sakharine's boat.

~ Harry Potter's berserk button when Aunt Marge insults his dead parents

(Fly #1: Hey, cutie! Wanna pollinate with a real bug?) (Francis flutters up as the flies keep flirting. Then...) So, bein' a ladybug automatically makes me a GIRL! Is that it, flyboy, huh?! (Fly #1: YIKES!) (Fly #2: She's a GUY!) (Heimlich: Francis, leave them alone! They are poo-poo heads!) (P.T. Flea: Not again!) Judgin' by your breath, you must've been buzzin' around a dung heap all day! (Slim: C'mon, Francis, you're making the maggots cry.) (Cut to another fly trying to shush her wailing maggots) Anytime, pal! I'm gonna pick the hairs out of your head, one by one! (Fly #1: Take your best shot!) You name the play! (Fly #2: Oh, YEAH?!) Yeah, 'cause when you get there, YOU ARE DEAD!) (Francis raises his fist to punch the flies; Slim grabs him and holds him aside) (Slim: Francis, let me handle this. (aside to the flies) That's no way to speak to a lady.) I HEARD THAT, YOU TWIG!
~ Francis pissed off for constantly being mistaken for a lady and gets into a fierce argument with some flies.

(Tiger knocks all of Cat R. Waul's gang on the giant mouse trap and he confronts Chula who is holding Miss Kitty hostage) You harm one patch of fur on her, I'll tear you apart! (Chula ignores his threatening warning and spits a web at him, but he grabs it and twirls it like a lasso) One leg at a time! (He throws Chula right into Cat R. Waul's head and Miss Kitty falls off the balcony and Tiger catches her before she hits the ground)
~ Tiger's berserk button after Chula threatens to drop Miss Kitty from the balcony of the saloon.

(Indy is cornered by the Nazi officers and is arguing with Henry Jones Sr about his diary) Will you take it easy? (Henry Jones Sr. furiously: Take it easy? Why do you think I sent it home in the first place? So it wouldn't fall into their hands!) I came here to save you! (Henry Jones Sr.: Oh, yeah? Who's gonna come to save you, Junior?!) I TOLD YOU... (Indy shoots down all the Nazi officers with a gun, and turns back to his father, angrily) DON'T call me "Junior"!
~ Indiana Jones' berserk button when his father calls him "junior" during an argument.

(Lincoln Loud is playing a VR game where you fight zombies with breakdancing, but in the process enters a particular room, much to the anger of it's inhabitant: Lori Loud.) Lori: Lincoln! (Lincoln takes off the googles and screams upon seeing his sister's wrathful face. He's in for it now!) Lori: There's only one rule in this house: Stay out of my bedroom! If I catch you in here again, I will literally turn you into a human pretzel! (On her phone) No, not you Bobby. (Giggles) One sec, OK? (Harshly kicks Lincoln out of her room.)
~ Lori Loud's berserk button when her brother Lincoln Loud accidentally enters her room while playing a VR game.

...A Bat... credit card? They gave him a bat... credit card? They had the BALLS to give one of the greatest superheroes of all time, a BAT CREDIT CARD?! NO! NOOO! DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMEPUTE-! (A man in a white coat appears and restrains him, then we see a subtitle in front of a black screen that says "20 minutes later", then we cut back to the Critic.) I apologize for that outrage. It was childish and immature. I just get a little peeved when I see one of my childhood icons carrying... (Gets angry again) A BAT CREDIT CARD?! YOU BASTARDS! I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU! ALL OF YOU WILL DIE, YOU'LL GET THE GAS! (The man retrains him again, and another subtitle says "One Hour Later", and when we cut back to the Critic again, he looks disheveled.) Ahem... RAPE MY CHILDHOOD, WILL YOU, YOU'LL ALL DIE! YOU WILL ALL DIE-! (The man retrains him again, and another subtitle says "Seven Hours Later", and the Critic looks a lot better now.) Okay... phew. I'm fine, I'm cool, I'm fine, I'm fine.
~ Nostalgia Critic flies into a barbaric rage when he sees the Bat Credit Card while reviewing Batman & Robin.

(After SpongeBob and Patrick failed to persuade an depressed Sandy to join them to head to the Krusty Krab, as the bus with Sandy in it drives away in the distance) (SpongeBob, sadly: I can't believe she's gone.) (Patrick: Yeah. What's so great about dumb ol' Texas?) (After he said that, the bus immediately reverses back to its stop; doors open revealing a very angry Sandy who steps out) What did you say?! (Patrick, nervously: Texas is dumb?) (Sandy angrily points at Patrick as the bus drives off) Don't you DARE take the name of Texas in vain! (SpongeBob: You mean we can't say anything bad about dumb ol' Texas?) No, you can't! (Patrick: Oh, then can we say people from Texas are dumb?) No! YOU CAN'T SAY NOTHING ABOUT TEXAS! (SpongeBob then gets the idea of luring Sandy over to the Krusty Krab) (SpongeBob: Oh, so you mean we can't say anything bad about... (SpongeBob turns around; grabs his behind and shakes it and rolls eyes) TEEX-AASSS! (Sandy looks stunned and blushes angrily) I'm warnin' you, SpongeBob! (SpongeBob: Look, Patrick, I'm Texas! Duh, howdy, y'all!) (Patrick: I'm Texas too! Get a dog, little longie! Get a dog!) (SpongeBob: Howdy y'all! Howdy y'all!) (Patrick: Get a dog, little longie! Get a dog!) (breathing fire) Y'all best cut it out! (SpongeBob is now singing mockingly as Patrick does armpit farts) (SpongeBob: The stars at night are dull and dim, whenever they have to be over dumb ol' stupid Texas! (Sandy gets steaming mad as her eyes turn bloodshot red. SpongeBob turns into the shape of Texas) Hey, Patrick, what am I now?) (Patrick: Uhh, stupid?) (SpongeBob: No, I'm Texas!) (Patrick: What's the difference?!) (SpongeBob and Patrick begin to laugh uproariously; That does it! Sandy drops her suitcases and marches over to them, furiously) Y'all best apologize, or I'M GONNA BE ON YOU LIKE UGLY ON AN APE!!! (SpongeBob: You'll have to catch us first! (SpongeBob and Patrick giggle as they run off) We did it! We got her!) (Patrick: Krusty Krab, here we come! (turns head around to Sandy) Can we say that plants from Texas are dumb? Can we say that shoes from Texas are dumb?) (SpongeBob, concerned: Okay, Patrick, that's enough.) (Patrick: Why? You think that old slowpoke Texas is gonna-) (Patrick was cut off when he sees Sandy catching up to them, and fast. Patrick's eyes bug out and he shrieks.) (SpongeBob, in panic: Run faster, Patrick!)
~ Sandy Cheeks' berserk button after SpongeBob and Patrick mockingly insult Texas in order for her to chase them to the Krusty Krab.

(To the Thebians, after they rebuff Hercules' offer to protect their town) Don't you pea-brains, get it?! This kid is a genuine article! (Charred Thebian: Hey, isn't that the goat-man who trained Achilles?) (Phil turns red) Watch it, pal! (Tall Thebian: Yeah, you're right. (to the Charred Thebian, jokingly) Hey, uh, nice job of those heels! Ya' missed a spot!) (They laugh as Phil begins to charge at him in fury) I got yer heel, RIGHT HERE! (he headbutts the tall Thebian down hard and starts beating him up) I'LL WIPE THAT STUPID GRIN OFF YOUR FACE! YOU--! (Hercules: Hey Phil! Phil! Phil! (He restrains Phil who is biting the Tall Thebian's butt) Take it easy, Phil.) (Tall Thebian, battered and bruised: What are you, crazy? Sheesh.) (Heavyset Woman: Young man, we need a professional hero, not an amateur!)
~ Phil flying into blind rage after a tall Thebian makes fun of Achilles' heel in front of him.

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