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Don't be fooled with people whom seemingly possesses mild temper, as certain insult turned out causing them releasing an apocalyptic and fiery temper no matter how good they able to maintain the composures!

Berserk Button is the term about the part of an individual's personality where they would lashed out (usually violently) should proper insult inflicted on them. It doesn't matter how good they maintain their temper, as there would be some limitations in the situation where they need to maintain their patience or composure over the situation that potentially provoke them to release their anger. The trigger for them to release their wrath could be anything, from weight issues, family, or even something that looked trivial in your point of view.

Once triggered, they would instantly goes ballistic, flying into a screaming, frothing, and sometimes apocalyptic wrath where-should their ballistic rage was on extreme level-it would be wise to stay out of their way until their mood swings surpass and it becomes safe to apologize to them. Sometimes, the berserk button can be hit to break down a door, fight a villain, or give a person courage.

However, when the antagonist hurts the protagonist by insulting or tormenting them, that can also lead to hitting it and perhaps bringing about the antagonist's undoing.


  • Don't call Alvin and Simon's little brother Theodore the "fatty ratty", or they'll go all beat you into pulp.
  • Marty McFly insists that nobody ever calls him a "chicken", a behavior he only starts to exhibit in the second Back to the Future film when standing up to Griff Tannen.
  • Lola Bunny goes into a basket-busting frenzy whenever anyone calls her "doll".
  • In the 2002 Spider-Man film, Green Goblin recklessly hits Spidey's Berserk Button as he lashed out on the hero when he says exactly what he's gonna do to Mary-Jane after he kills Peter in retaliation of failed to have him forced to watch either MJ or a trolley of children died in front of him, which turned out to be his undoing.
  • Never, ever, ever insult Harry Potter's deceased parents or it won't end well for you.
  • In Return of the Jedi, Luke learns from Obi-Wan that Leia is his sister, who thus is the only family he has left. When he is trying to keep his anger in check to avoid falling to The Dark Side in the final fight against his fallen father Vader, Vader threatens to convince her to join the Dark Side should he never embrace it. As result, Luke ended up retaliate by cutting the fallen Jedi's arm and left him on his mercy.
  • Although it is true that Teddy DuChamp's ear was nearly burned off with a stove by his father, do not ever insult the the latter in front of Teddy or he will charge forward and try to kill you.
  • Francis is a male ladybug who doesn't take kindly to people assuming all ladybugs are female. The fact that his name is gender-neutral doesn't help.
  • Iago really didn't like playing the part of the dumb animal for one particular reason: "Polly want a cracker?"
  • Disgust hits Anger's Berserk Button so he can burn a hole in the window so Joy and Sadness can climb inside and save Riley.
  • Don't ever call Edward Eric shorty or else.
  • Garnet does not like Gem Fusion being used for selfish reasons, such as when she was outraged with Pearl abused fusing with her to form Sardonyx in "Cry for Help".
  • In An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Tiger goes into a blind fury after Chula threatens to drop Miss Kitty from the balcony of the saloon.
  • Don't take advantage of SpongeBob's hospitality. Squidward had to learn this the hard way, and so did Mr. Krabs.
    • Whatever you do, don't insult or make fun of Texas within Sandy's hearing range, SpongeBob and Patrick ended up having to learn the hard way.
    • Never call Patrick "tubby" or "Rick". It will not end well for you.
    • For Mr. Krabs, DON'T touch is thermostat. Or to say the least, he doesn't take this too well at all when he hears "Day off" and "Overtime".
  • Indiana Jones does NOT like being call "Junior".
  • In the Transformers film series, Bumblebee does not like being called "antique" and "ugly", and hates KSI's Stinger because humans claim that the red 'bot improves Bee's "design flaws".
    • He also does not like it when other Autobots such as Drift or Crosshairs criticize his ability to lead them in Optimus' absence, or being called a "child" for that matter.
  • In the episode "The Spoiler", Gumball reacted in a demonic/monstrous way when his friends put spoilers to The Sreamening in Elmore Plus postings. This indicates that he perhaps "inherited" his mother Nicole's manner of reacting to Berserk Button pushes.
  • When R.O.B. threatened to replace all the bad games he reviewed in the past with Gyromite and Stack-Up, Angry Video Game Nerd flew into a determined fury and defeated the evil robot into a titanic battle.
  • Lori Loud threatens to turn her brother Lincoln Loud into a human pretzel when he accidentally enters her room while playing a VR game.
  • King Kong will not approve of anyone threatening Ann Darrow. The Vastatosaurus Rexes learned this the hard way.
  • In Final Fantasy 7, while in the Gold Saucer Barret Wallace who has painful memories in the past, yells in rage at Cloud Strife and his friends after Aerith Gainsborough attempted to cheer him up to stop messing around and they're still after Sephiroth.
  • If there's anything the Indominus Rex should have learned, it's to not intrude on Rexy's territory and threaten her rule over Isla Nublar.
  • Whatever you do, keep your hands OFF of Yang Xiao Long's hair.
  • Nostalgia Critic is driven to borderline psychopathic rage when he sees the Bat Credit Card in the 1997 Batman & Robin film.
  • Don't even think of mentioning or making fun Achilles' heel around Phil.
  • If you ever messed with Chi-Chi's son Gohan or taken him without asking her, she will pretty much punch you, scold you, or slap you. Krillin learned this when he was holding a naked Gohan while Chi Chi ran frangentally at her son angry jumping and slapping Krillin hard.
  • When Fluttershy (as Saddle Rager) saw Mane-iac swat a firefly away, she got angry and transformed into Hulk-like monster.
  • Don't say anything about humans around King Triton. Thankfully, this disappears when Eric proves that humans are not all bad.
  • Don't insult Oliver Twist's deceased mother to him.
  • Besides his battle with R.O.B., Angry Video Game Nerd has plenty of other factors, such as:
    • bats appearing in the game he reviews
    • games lacking either pause features or continues, especially if the game combines that with either one-hit kills or only having one life in the whole game
    • laying eyes on the LJN logo
    • game cartridges without any end labels
    • long passwords and loading times
    • AC adapters with built-in prongs
    • overly cryptic puzzles
    • any game that has an annoying design element
    • games with inconsistent/unfair rules
    • games with bad/awkward control schemes
    • any game lacking "in depth"
    • having the music continue when the game is paused, although this is a minor one.
  • Don't mess with recess in general around T.J. Deitweiler.
    • Never refer Ashley Spinelli by her first name.
    • Don't suggest that Gretchen Grundler is dumb. That is shown when the SAL-9000 did just that.
    • Don't harm a little kid with a dodge-ball around Gus Griswold.
  • Please, don't remind Mr. Howard Wolowitz that he doesn't have a PhD.
    • Don't mention Wil Wheaton around Sheldon, unless you want a "WHEEEEEAAAATOOOOOONNN!" that would make William Shatner proud. Thankfully, they make up at the end of "The Russian Rocket Reaction" and are now good friends.
    • Also, don't call him "Shelly", only his mother and sister are allowed to do so.
  • Don't go into the ONE place, the West Wing, that you were expressly told is forbidden. And good Lord, if you MUST enter that forbidden zone, do not touch the enchanted rose. This will send the Beast into one of his humongous temper tantrums.

Quotes Edit

(Aunt Petunia, to Harry: An then, if you please, she went and got herself blown up, and we got landed with you.) (Harry Potter: Blown up? You told me my parents died in a car crash.) A car crash?! A CAR CRASH killed Lily and James Potter?! (Aunt Petunia: We had to say something.) It's an outrage! It's a SCANDAL! (Uncle Vernon: He'll NOT be going.) Oh-ho-ho. And I suppose a great muggle like yourself's gonna stop him, are you? (Harry Potter: "Muggle?") Non-magic folk. This boy's had his name down ever since you were born! (Dudley munches on Harry's cake.) He's going to the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world AND he'll be under the FINEST headmaster that Hogwarts has ever seen, Albus Dumbledore. (Uncle Vernon: I will NOT pay to have some crackpot old fool teach him magic tricks!) (Hagrid glares at Vernon and pulls out his umbrella. He breathes fire.) (quietly, severely) Never insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me. (Hagrid notices Dudley eating the cake and levels his umbrella at his bottom, firing a bolt. Suddenly, a curly pig's tail pops out of the seat of Dudley's pants! Dudley jumps around, yowling with pain. His parents scream in fright. Harry laughs with delight, and the Dursleys drag their son away, running out the door terrified.)
~ Hagrid's berserk button when Uncle Vernon insults Hogwart's headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

(SpongeBob SquarePants: You're going down, tubby!) (Patrick starts to tear) Tubby? (Patrick's sadness is quickly replaced by fury and he growls with rage.) NOBODY CALLS ME TUBBY!
~ Patrick Star after SpongeBob SquarePants hits his berserk button as he practices his tough guy attitude to get into the Salty Spitoon.

(When Gaston and the mob sneak into the castle, LeFou notices Mrs. Potts and Chip.) (LeFou: Well, hello there. You must be the talking teacup.) (He turns to Mrs. Potts.) (LeFou: And YOU must be his grandmother.) (As soon as she hears this, Mrs. Potts wakes up with a gasp.) GRANDMOTHER?! ATTACK! (That is when the objects spring to life and attack the villagers.)
~ Mrs. Potts in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast leading the charge against the mob after LeFou hits her berserk button by insulting her.

(Lola Bunny is about to reach the hoop when the Monstars block her path.) (Monstar Pound: Try and get by me, doll.) "Doll?" (With that, Lola scurries up the brute's face and dunks her ball into the hoop, then walks off.) (curtly) Don't ever call me "doll."
~ Lola Bunny shooting a basket after the Monstars make fun of her.

If you'll excuse me, I need to get off this drunken tub. (Captain Haddock, fuming: Tu-TUB?!) (With that, Haddock lunges and punches a thug in the face, knocking him out cold.)
~ Tintin hitting Captain Haddock's berserk button to get him to help him escape Sakharine's boat.

~ Harry Potter's berserk button when Aunt Marge insults his dead parents

(Fly #1: Hey, cutie! Wanna pollinate with a real bug?) (Francis flutters up as the flies keep flirting. Then...) So, bein' a ladybug automatically makes me a GIRL! Is that it, flyboy, huh?! (Fly #1: YIKES!) (Fly #2: She's a GUY!) (Heimlich: Francis, leave them alone! They are poo-poo heads!) (P.T. Flea: Not again!) Judgin' by your breath, you must've been buzzin' around a dung heap all day! (Slim: C'mon, Francis, you're making the maggots cry.) (Cut to another fly trying to shush her wailing maggots) Anytime, pal! I'm gonna pick the hairs out of your head, one by one! (Fly #1: Take your best shot!) You name the play! (Fly #2: Oh, YEAH?!) Yeah, 'cause when you get there, YOU ARE DEAD!) (Francis raises his fist to punch the flies; Slim grabs him and holds him aside) (Slim: Francis, let me handle this. (aside to the flies) That's no way to speak to a lady.) I HEARD THAT, YOU TWIG!
~ Francis pissed off for constantly being mistaken for a lady and gets into a fierce argument with some flies.

(Tiger knocks all of Cat R. Waul's gang on the giant mouse trap and he confronts Chula who is holding Miss Kitty hostage) You harm one patch of fur on her, I'll tear you apart! (Chula ignores his threatening warning and spits a web at him, but he grabs it and twirls it like a lasso) One leg at a time! (He throws Chula right into Cat R. Waul's head and Miss Kitty falls off the balcony and Tiger catches her before she hits the ground)
~ Tiger's berserk button after Chula threatens to drop Miss Kitty from the balcony of the saloon.

(Indy is cornered by the Nazi officers and is arguing with Henry Jones Sr about his diary) Will you take it easy? (Henry Jones Sr. furiously: Take it easy? Why do you think I sent it home in the first place? So it wouldn't fall into their hands!) I came here to save you! (Henry Jones Sr.: Oh, yeah? Who's gonna come to save you, Junior?!) I TOLD YOU... (Indy shoots down all the Nazi officers with a gun, and turns back to his father, angrily) DON'T call me "Junior"!
~ Indiana Jones' berserk button when his father calls him "junior" during an argument.

(Lincoln Loud is playing a VR game where you fight zombies with breakdancing, but in the process enters a particular room, much to the anger of it's inhabitant: Lori Loud.) Lori: Lincoln! (Lincoln takes off the googles and screams upon seeing his sister's wrathful face. He's in for it now!) Lori: There's only one rule in this house: Stay out of my bedroom! If I catch you in here again, I will literally turn you into a human pretzel! (On her phone) No, not you Bobby. (Giggles) One sec, OK? (Harshly kicks Lincoln out of her room.)
~ Lori Loud's berserk button when her brother Lincoln Loud accidentally enters her room while playing a VR game.

...A Bat... credit card? They gave him a bat... credit card? They had the BALLS to give one of the greatest superheroes of all time, a BAT CREDIT CARD?! NO! NOOO! DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMEPUTE-! (A man in a white coat appears and restrains him, then we see a subtitle in front of a black screen that says "20 minutes later", then we cut back to the Critic.) I apologize for that outrage. It was childish and immature. I just get a little peeved when I see one of my childhood icons carrying... (Gets angry again) A BAT CREDIT CARD?! YOU BASTARDS! I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU! ALL OF YOU WILL DIE, YOU'LL GET THE GAS! (The man retrains him again, and another subtitle says "One Hour Later", and when we cut back to the Critic again, he looks disheveled.) Ahem... RAPE MY CHILDHOOD, WILL YOU, YOU'LL ALL DIE! YOU WILL ALL DIE-! (The man retrains him again, and another subtitle says "Seven Hours Later", and the Critic looks a lot better now.) Okay... phew. I'm fine, I'm cool, I'm fine, I'm fine.
~ Nostalgia Critic flies into a barbaric rage when he sees the Bat Credit Card while reviewing Batman & Robin.

(After SpongeBob and Patrick failed to persuade an depressed Sandy to join them to head to the Krusty Krab, as the bus with Sandy in it drives away in the distance) (SpongeBob, sadly: I can't believe she's gone.) (Patrick: Yeah. What's so great about dumb ol' Texas?) (After he said that, the bus immediately reverses back to its stop; doors open revealing a very angry Sandy who steps out) What did you say?! (Patrick, nervously: Texas is dumb?) (Sandy angrily points at Patrick as the bus drives off) Don't you DARE take the name of Texas in vain! (SpongeBob: You mean we can't say anything bad about dumb ol' Texas?) No, you can't! (Patrick: Oh, then can we say people from Texas are dumb?) No! YOU CAN'T SAY NOTHING ABOUT TEXAS! (SpongeBob then gets the idea of luring Sandy over to the Krusty Krab) (SpongeBob: Oh, so you mean we can't say anything bad about... (SpongeBob turns around; grabs his behind and shakes it and rolls eyes) TEEX-AASSS! (Sandy looks stunned and blushes angrily) I'm warnin' you, SpongeBob! (SpongeBob: Look, Patrick, I'm Texas! Duh, howdy, y'all!) (Patrick: I'm Texas too! Get a dog, little longie! Get a dog!) (SpongeBob: Howdy y'all! Howdy y'all!) (Patrick: Get a dog, little longie! Get a dog!) (breathing fire) Y'all best cut it out! (SpongeBob is now singing mockingly as Patrick does armpit farts) (SpongeBob: The stars at night are dull and dim, whenever they have to be over dumb ol' stupid Texas! (Sandy gets steaming mad as her eyes turn bloodshot red. SpongeBob turns into the shape of Texas) Hey, Patrick, what am I now?) (Patrick: Uhh, stupid?) (SpongeBob: No, I'm Texas!) (Patrick: What's the difference?!) (SpongeBob and Patrick begin to laugh uproariously; That does it! Sandy drops her suitcases and marches over to them, furiously) Y'all best apologize, or I'M GONNA BE ON YOU LIKE UGLY ON AN APE!!! (SpongeBob: You'll have to catch us first! (SpongeBob and Patrick giggle as they run off) We did it! We got her!) (Patrick: Krusty Krab, here we come! (turns head around to Sandy) Can we say that plants from Texas are dumb? Can we say that shoes from Texas are dumb?) (SpongeBob, concerned: Okay, Patrick, that's enough.) (Patrick: Why? You think that old slowpoke Texas is gonna-) (Patrick was cut off when he sees Sandy catching up to them, and fast. Patrick's eyes bug out and he shrieks.) (SpongeBob, in panic: Run faster, Patrick!)
~ Sandy Cheeks' berserk button after SpongeBob and Patrick mockingly insult Texas in order for her to chase them to the Krusty Krab.

(To the Thebians, after they rebuff Hercules' offer to protect their town) Don't you pea-brains, get it?! This kid is a genuine article! (Charred Thebian: Hey, isn't that the goat-man who trained Achilles?) (Phil turns red) Watch it, pal! (Tall Thebian: Yeah, you're right. (to the Charred Thebian, jokingly) Hey, uh, nice job of those heels! Ya' missed a spot!) (They laugh as Phil begins to charge at him in fury) I got yer heel, RIGHT HERE! (he headbutts the tall Thebian down hard and starts beating him up) I'LL WIPE THAT STUPID GRIN OFF YOUR FACE! YOU--! (Hercules: Hey Phil! Phil! Phil! (He restrains Phil who is biting the Tall Thebian's butt) Take it easy, Phil.) (Tall Thebian, battered and bruised: What are you, crazy? Sheesh.) (Heavyset Woman: Young man, we need a professional hero, not an amateur!)
~ Phil flying into blind rage after a tall Thebian makes fun of Achilles' heel in front of him.

(At the Watterson house, he opens up his laptop.) Let's see what people are up to on Elmore Plus. (types on the laptop) Ah, here. (reads a post by Carrie.) "If I was a certain mom-to-be, I wouldn't follow my husband down the cellar steps. #ghostinthebasement #winkwink #spoileralert"!? Ah! (types in a reply.) What kind of lard-brained punk writes spoiler alerts AFTER giving out the spoiler?! #YOU! (posts his response, and instantly gets a reply from Masami.) "Wow chill out Gumball, you're going crazier than the wife when she sees what's down the– AH! (roars, becomes so angry, and acts demented.) That's it! Darn you all! (resumes typing) I curse your ancestors and your descendants!
~ Gumball acting as monstrous as his mother when he discovers people posting spoilers of The Screamening on Elmore Plus.

(Sam gets out of his chair and goes to the kitchen where his wife, Grace becomes nervous and follows him.) You know what I did? To get back to you? (Grace Cahill: No.) (Sam begins to snap.) YOU KNOW WHAT I DID!!!! TO FUCKING GET BACK TO YOU!! (Sam furiously breaks the glass cabinet.) YOU FUCKING BITCH!! (Sam continues to break something and Grace becomes concerned.) YOU KNOW HE FUCKING SUFFERED!!!! HE FUCKING SUFFERED BECAUSE OF YOU! AND WHAT IS HE DOING WITH MY FUCKING HOUSE AND MY FUCKING KIDS, GRACE? (Sam destroys the refrigerator in anger.) AND YOUR MY FUCKING BROTHER!! (Grace tries to calm Sam down.) (Grace Cahill: Sam, you know I didn't.) YOU'RE FUCKING MY BROTHER IN MY FUCKING HOUSE!! (Grace Cahill: Sam, please.) I LOVE YOU GRACE. (Grace Cahill: The girls, please.) YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?!! YOU KNOW WHAT I... GRACE DO YOU KNOW WHAT I FUCKING... YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN WITH... (Sam slaps his own hands on himself.) THESE FUCKING HANDS, GRACE!! YOU FUCK!!! (Sam breaks the cabinet in rage and throws something.) YOU FUCK!!! (Tommy shows up.) What are you doing here? (Tommy begins to hug Sam and Sam tries to calm down.)
~ Sam Cahill's berserk button, lashing at his wife, Grace in the kitchen and he starts to destroy it. Grace can't pass her husband, because of his rage is too loud, he becames manic depression because he thought his brother and his wife are having sex and punishing them both.

(The Turner house is completely destroyed and Mr. Turner's boss arrives to give Mr. Turner a cleanest house award) (Mr. Turner's boss: Turner, I decided to give you a second chance and- (sees the trashed Turner house) Good Heavens! Dinkleberg, catch this nicest house plaque and the raise that goes with it.) (Mr. Turner's boss throws the award and money to Dinkleberg and Dinkleberg begins his celebration by continuing to play fetch with his dog) (Sheldon Dinkleberg, happily: Sweet. Fetch, Dinkledog.) (Mr. Turner's boss leaves and Mr. Turner finally snaps about losing all the awards and money to Dinkleberg that he can no longer take as he pulls his hair out very hard and his head is now bald) GRRRAAAH!
~ Mr. Turner's pissed off, after losing the cleanest house award to Mr. Dinkleberg.

(At night, Lightning is re-fixing the road and the oil from Bessie splatters on him and Lightning becomes mad.) GREAT! I HATE IT! HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE IT! (Doc Hudson goes to sleep and listens to music.) (Doc Hudson: Music, sweet music.) (Sally Carrera: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.) (Sally goes back to her office.) "Radiator Springs, a happy place." (Bessie splatters oil again and Lightning becomes mad.) Whoa, Ok, Bessie, you think that's funny? (Lightning loses his temper again.) GREAT! I'M TALKING TO BESSIE NOW! I'M TALKING TO BESSIE!!
~ Lightning McQueen's berserk button, ranting about being stranded in Radiator Springs and re-fixing the road.

(Drew and Charlotte drive up to at Stu and Didi's house where they see the commotion.) (Charlotte Pickles: Hold on, Jonathan. There's an alarming crowd at my in-law's indicating either a yard sale or a family tragedy. Let me get back to you.) (They get out of the car where Rex Pester hounds them) (Rex Pester: Hey, Mr. Pickles, how does it feel knowing your brother lost your only daughter?) HE WHAT?! (Rex Pester: Share your pain.) (Drew's face turns bright red. He explodes, leaps across the lawn, and tackles Stu.) YAAAAAAAAAA! (Stu Pickles: YOU'RE BREAKING MY ARM!) ONLY 'CAUSE I CAN'T REACH YOUR NECK!
~ Drew Pickles furiously fighting Stu when he hears his brother lost Angelica.

(Ron is wedged into a corner by the horde of kids at Bueno Nacho.)(Reporter: I'm here at Bueno Nacho, the home of Lil Diablo. This tiny toy, this mini-must have! This little devil is the latest craze for kids all over the world! Just one look around tells you that Lil' Diablo is--) (Ron snatches the reporter's mike and yells at the camera.) I can't even get to the counter to order! THIS USED TO BE MY PLACE!! MINE!! I'M LOSING EVERYTHING I EVER CARED ABOUT!!! (At the Possible house...) (Jim Possible: Ron's on TV!) (Tim Possible: And he's freaking out!) (Dr. Ann Possible: Honey, I think the boys are right.) (Dr. James Possible: [looking up from his newspaper] Ronald? Freaking? [looks at the TV, seeing Ron being dragged out of Bueno Nacho, wrestling with the reporter over her mike] Haha, so he is!)
~ Ron Stoppable's berserk button, yelling in his public freakout, as Kim's relationship with Eric Blossoms, piqued when Bueno Nacho becomes overcrowded with a horde of kids and snatches the reporter's microphone.

(Ned and Homer leave the rebuilt Flanders house after Ned has inspected their worksmanship, which turns out to be terrible.) (Homer Simpson: So, Flanders, what do you think of the house that love built?) (the rebuilt Flanders house collapses.) (Homer Simpson: Aw shoot!) (Ned removes his glasses and cleans them, but the lenses fall out and puts his glasses back on as he tries to calm himself down, knowing that everybody, including Homer have done their best.) Now, calm down, Neddly diddily diddily diddily, doodily. They did their best shodaiddily iddily iddily diddily diddily. Gotta be nice, hostidididilldilly... (Unfortunately, Ned is unable to control his emotions and instead, begins to snap at everybody.) AW, HELL DIDDILY-DING-DONG CRAP! CAN'T YOU MORONS DO ANYTHING RIGHT?!!!! (the townspeople of Springfield gasps.) (Marge Simpson, nervous: Ned! We meant well, and everyone here tried their best.) Well, my family and I can't live in good intentions, Marge! Oh, your family's out of control, but we can't blame you, because you have gooood intentions! (Bart stands up for Marge and tries to stop Ned.) (Bart Simpson, angry: Hey! Back off, man!) Ooh, okay, duuuuuuude! I wouldn't want you to have a cow, maaaaaaan! Here's a catch-phrase you better learn for your adult years: "Hey, buddy, GOT A QUARTER?!" (the townspeople of Springfield gasps again.) (Bart Simpson, shocked: I am shocked and appalled.) (Lisa Simpson: Mr. Flanders, with all due respect, Bart didn't do anything.) Do I hear the sound of butting in? It's gotta be little Lisa Simpson, Springfield's answer to a QUESTION NO ONE ASKED! (Chief Clancy Wiggum laughs at what Ned has said.) What do we have here? - The long flabby arm of the law? The last case you got the bottom of, WAS A CASE OF MALLOWMARS! (Krusty the Clown, writing in his notebook: Mallomars, oh haha. That's going in the act.) Oh yeah, the clown. The only one of you buffoons who doesn't make me laugh. (Krusty ignores Ned and Ned faces Lenny.) And as for you, I don't know you, but I'm sure you're a jerk! (Lenny Leonard, confused: Hey, I've only been here a few minutes! What's going on?) (Ned faces Moe.) You ugly, hate-filled man! (Moe Szyslak, acting bravely: Hey, hey, I may be ugly and hate-filled, but I... um, what was the third thing you said?) (Ned passes by Milhouse and faces him.) WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, FOUR-EYES?! (Milhouse Van Houten, upset: But you have glasses too.) (Ned ends his tirade by facing his neighbor, Homer and quietly as the townspeople of Springfield back away from him.) Homer, you are the worst human being I have ever met. (Ned walks away.) (Homer Simpson, happily: Hey, I got off pretty easy.) (Ned then angrily drives away as the townspeople of Springfield, including the rest of the Simpsons and Ned's family except for Homer and Krusty become shocked of what Ned has said to them.)
~ Ned Flanders' berserk button, when he finally snaps at his friends and neighbors, including Homer Simpson after they crudely rebuild his house.

(Dylan Mee: It's your dream! You can't force a dream onto someone else, Dad! (Benjamin Mee: (still exploding) Yes I can! I can force a dream on you!!! (Dylan Mee: (crying out loud) Why are you yelling?!?! (Benjamin Mee: (That does it! He gets very angry, threatens Dylan, and gets into a lot of anger issues, he makes a fist with a hand shaking it and drops it as he starts losing his temper) BECAUSE IT'S A GOOD DREAM! AND IT'S GOT COOL ANIMALS IN IT AND SOME PRETTY GREAT PEOPLE TOO! (Dylan Mee looks up to his father, and now he's on the verge on crying, When Benjamin Mee is still losing his temper) (Benjamin Mee: (angrily makes a fist of his anger issues) AND BECUASE I'M YOUR FATHER AND I'M THE ONLY ONE YOU'VE GOT! AND I LINE OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WHO REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU ENDS HERE! (Benjamin Mee walks away from Dylan trying to let his Dad stop getting mad) SO STOP MOPING AROUND THIS PLACE, MAN! (angrily rages at Dylan Mee for not being happy) AND PICK UP A SHOVEL AND DIG A HOLE! DO SOMETHING! (still raging at Dylan Mee) YOU JUST SIT HERE AND FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF, MAN! HELP ME WITH YOUR SISTER!!!! (Benjamin Mee starts to yell and scream in rage as he's getting into a huge raging breakdown) HELP ME, DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Dylan Mee: (starts raging in a loud yell too) HELP ME, DAMN IT!! HELP ME!
~ Benjamin Mee's berserk button is hit, angrily telling Dylan Mee off for not being happy.

(Jenny's arms are still wobbling with anger. But Jenny has now gone to angry to an enraged ticking time bomb of fury that's about to ignite. Sparks start to fling out everywhere around Jenny's head as she takes the second step to her anger issues) (really mad) ANYTHING I WANT! (Last step is complete a "Teenage Girl Tantrum". Jenny springs up in the air legs and arms spread out. You next see Jenny laying belly first on the floor, with her feet up in the air. Her arms have now turned into the Mighty Mallets. She starts smashing the floor with them left and right.) (angrily) Work! Work! Work! (She pounds on the floor 3 times, Jenny then is off the floor and is standing right back up. Her hands now have transformed into the Fists of Fury. She starts punching a hole in the wall furiously. She punches at the same hole spot about 3 times.) (still angrily) I never get to have any fun!
~ Jenny Wakeman's berserk button, furiously ranting about wanting to have anything fun.

Not to me, they don't! GET OUT!!!!! And go where? GET OUT OF HERE! GO BACK WITH FUCKING KIM!!!! Are you gonna fucking stab me, Jenna?! GET OUT!!!!! Are you out of your fucking mind?!?! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?!?!?!? GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!
~ Michael's berserk button is hit, and lashes at his girlfriend, Jenna about wanting to go back with Kim.

(Arthur looks in horror at his broken model plane) (D.W.: If it could break the sound barrier, throwing it out of a window shouldn't be able to break it.) (Arthur gets mad.) I told you not to touch it! (D.W.: You built it all wrong! Didn't you even read the directions? It didn't fly for one second. It's not my fault you built a plane that can't fly.) (Arthur grits his teeth and clenches his fists. D.W. is too busy babbling and jabbering to be afraid of or even notice her brother's rage.) I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH IT!!! (Arthur furiously punches D.W. in the arm, knocking her to the ground. D.W. stares blankly before running inside crying.) (Mrs. Read: Arthur Timothy Read, come here!) (Arthur realizes that he is in big trouble now.) Uh-oh. Middle name...
~ Arthur Read's berserk button is hit, furiously punching D.W. in the arm for throwing his model plane out the window and breaking it after telling her countless times not to touch it.

(Helen Parr, gets really angry: It is a bad thing, Bob! Uprooting our family again, so you can relive the glory days is a very bad thing!) (Bob gets angry) Reliving the glory days is better than acting like they didn't happen! (Helen Parr: Yes! They happened! But this, our family, is what's happening now, Bob. And you are missing this! I can't believe you don't want to go to your own son's graduation.) It's not a graduation. He's moving from the fourth grade to the fifth grade. (Helen Parr, annoyed: It's a ceremony!) It's psychotic! They keep creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity but it someone is genuinely exceptional- (Helen Parr: This is not about you, Bob. This is about Dash.) You want to do something for Dash? Then let him actually compete. Let him go out for sports! (Helen Parr: I will not be made the enemy here! You know why we can't do that.) BECAUSE HE'D BE GREAT! (Helen Parr: THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU!)
~ Helen Parr's berserk button is hit, yelling at Bob Parr about Dash's future.

You know what?! This isn't Cheers after all! This is whatever the show is where one person is willing to open themselves up to new possibility, and the other person is a jerk who doesn't trust anybody! It's a show that doesn't exist! That's why it would get ZERO RATINGS!
~ Star-Lord berserk button, ranting about understanding what Cheers is.

Boys, I am so disappointed in you too. you deliberately disobeyed me. (Mr. Moseby: And broke my vent.) (Zack Martin: Oh, heads up mom. Your yelling at us on international broadcast.) Oh really? I didn't realize... (Carey becomes furious.) I DON'T CARE!!! I am so sick of this constant cycle of breaking the rules, getting grounded, sneaking out, getting grounded, breaking the rules... (Zack Martin: Well, maybe you can breaking the cycle by not grounding us?) (Cody Martin: Oh Dude!) (Carey thinks this is the last straw as she furiously yells at the boys.) Oh, that is it! You are beyond grounded! The next time you see sunlight, oh actually, Your never gonna see sunlight again. Because, by the time your punishment is over, the sun will burnt out, collapsed into the black hole, and the last remnants of mankind will be living on a rusty little spaceship as the cold silence will slowly drive them MAAAAAAD!!!! (Chris Brown: I think she's halfway there.) I HEARD THAT! (Adrienne Bailon: We're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you.) (Kiely Williams: Please don't ground us.) (Sabrina Bryan: We have a concert tonight. We're playing at the-) (London cuts them off.) (London Tipton: Well, it looks like we're out of time.) Oh, you said it, MARCH! (Zack and Cody leave.) (Mr. Moseby: I'm just gonna get Chris Brown's autograph and-) (Carey cuts Moseby off.) MARCH! (Mr. Moseby: Okay.) (Mr. Moseby leaves and Carey storms off.)
~ Carey Martin's berserk button, when she rages at her sons, Zack and Cody for sneaking out to London's internet show and grounds them again.

(Drew opens his office door to find Angelica making paper-dolls out of his worksheets and sees his home office completely trashed. He is furious!) ANGELICA!! (Angelica Pickles: Oh! Hello, Daddy.) Angelica! What did Daddy say about playing in his study? (Angelica Pickles: Mmm...) (Drew points his finger at her) Didn't Daddy tell you not to play in here?! Didn't Daddy specifically explain to you about a hundred times how important his papers are??!! (Angelica Pickles: Yes, daddy. I'm so sorry. I'll never do it again. I promise.) Angelica, it's not gonna work this time! (Angelica Pickles: Ok, I'm really, really sorry, daddy, dear. I promise, I'll never, ever-) (Drew becomes furious and denies her apology) You're not being sincere, young lady! (Angelica gasps) This time, you're in big trouble! (Angelica Pickles: Daddy, you're silly. I can't be in trouble. I'm Angelica, your only daughter, you're princess, your cupcake, you little tax shelter.) (Drew refuses to listen and instead puts Angelica to her room as punishment) And you're gonna stay in your room! (Angelica Pickles: But daddy...) (Drew cuts her off) You're gonna stay in your room and think about what you've done! (Drew slams the door)
~ Drew Pickles becomes pissed off at Angelica for wrecking his home office in the Rugrats episode, "Runaway Angelica".

Dad! How dare you call Velma "my girlfriend." She's my fiancé. (Jeff starts to shake.) What's happening to me. (Jeff begins to snap at his father, Billy for not being a good father to Jeff.) OHHHH! OHHH! I'VE BECOME ANGRY! AHHHH! Get away from me. I hate you, dad! I hate you! I only wanted to be a good son and you never came to any of my birthday parties and you never let me see mom and you took all my college money to buy jawbreakers and you keep getting my free cables and I'VE HAD IT! I DON'T NEED YOUR STUPID RULES!!! (Jeff leaves, upset.) (Billy: Good.)
~ Jeff the Spider's berserk button, when he rages at his father, Billy for being a really horrible father to him.

~ Teddy DuChamp is pushed to his breaking point after Milo Pressman deliberately insulted the former's father, although it is true that his father nearly burned off his ear with a stove.

(Sebastian is being pressured by King Triton so much about Ariel's lovesick behavior, that he finally cracks) (Sebastian, losing it: I TRIED TO STOP HER, SIR! BUT SHE WOULDN'T LISTEN! I TOLD HER TO STAY AWAY FROM THE HUMANS! THEY ARE BAD! THEY ARE TROUBLE! THEY-) Humans? (Triton rises from his throne, clenching hold of his trident that glows fiercely) WHAT ABOUT HUMANS?!! (Sebastian calms down when he sees Triton's furious glare) (Sebastian, nervously: Humans? Who said anything about humans?) (Triton angrily grabs Sebastian with his giant hand and drags the crab towards him)
~ King Triton's berserk button being triggered when Sebastian accidentally spills the beans about Ariel rescuing Eric from drowning.

(Cloud Strife and his friends enter the Gold Saucer) (Aerith Gainsborough: Wow, let's have fun. (notices Barret Wallace standing alone) I know this isn't the right time to do this. (walks over to Barret and touches his shoulder) Hey, Barret cheer up!) I ain't no cherry mood. So just leave me alone. (Aerith Gainsborough: Really? That's too bad. (runs back over to Cloud and grabs his arm) Let's go! (Tifa Lockhart, whispering: Wasn't that a little harsh Aerith?!) (Aerith Gainsborough, whispering: Just act normal when this happens.) (Tifa Lockhart, whispering: You think so...?) (Aerith Gainsborough: Of course! (runs over to Barret) We're gonna play.) (Barret turns around and swings his arms in anger) SO PLAY!!! MESS AROUND ALL YOU WANT!!! Don't forget we're after Sephiroth! (runs toward to the Wonder Square and jumps in) (Aerith Gainsborough: I think, he's mad.) (Tifa Lockhart: He'll be fine. He seems to be doing a little better now.)
~ Barret Wallace's berserk button being triggered yelling at Cloud Strife and his friends to stop messing around and they're after Sephiroth, when Aerith Gainsborough attempts to cheer him up, while staying in Gold Saucer.

(Sheldon's showboating has annoyed the gang during the quiz rehearsal session) (Sheldon: The objective of the competition is to give correct answers, if I know them, why shouldn’t I give them?) (quietly and sharply) Some of us might have the correct answers too. (Sheldon: Oh please, you don’t even have a PhD.) (Howard immediately rises from his seat; breathing fire) Alright, that’s it! (Leonard: Howard, sit down.) (doing so calmly) Okay.
~ Howard Wolowitz' berserk button pushed after Sheldon reminded him that he doesn't have a PhD. Thankfully, Leonard calms him down.

Ivy's right. I don't your help. I'm going solo.
~ Robin's berserk button, when he tells Batman that he doesn't need his help after a harsh argument with him about Poison Ivy's kiss being poison.

I am exactically three-inches high, and it is very good height, INDEED!
~ The Caterpillar's berserk button, when Alice unintentionally insults his height.

(Belle has found the enchanted rose in the West Wing and removed the jar. Before she can touch it, a shadow falls over her. Belle gasps in horror. The Beast revealed himself from the balcony. He snorts when he sees her. He jumps back into the room before slamming the jar back on the rose. He turns to Belle, menacingly) Why did you come here? (Belle, scared: I'm sorry) I warned you never to come here! (Belle: I didn't mean any harm.) Do you realize what you COULD HAVE DONE?! (He smashes some furniture in fury; Belle backs away) (Belle: Please, stop!) GET OUT!! (Belle: No!) (She flees the West Wing with the Beast still screaming in primal rage) GET OUT!!!! (Once he's calmed down, he then realized that he just scared Belle out of the castle and face-palms, stressed)
~ The Beast's berserk button pushed, after he found Belle near the enchanted rose in the West Wing, causing him to launch into one of his temper tantrums, terrifying Belle enough to flee the West Wing and the castle.

(Mr. Krabs is on his phone, talking) (Mr. Krabs: Donate to the children's fund? Why? What have children ever done for me?) (Spongebob grabs his phone and threw it away) You want your dime back?! (takes one out) Take it! Now Squidward can come back right? (Mr. Krabs checks the dime through a telescope) (Mr. Krabs: Wrong. (throws the dime at SpongeBob's face) That ain't me first dime.) Then have some more dimes! (throws out more dimes at Mr. Krabs) I've got plenty of 'em! (Mr. Krabs: You can't put a price me first dime! And I can't forgive that filthy bilge rat, Squidward for stealing it!) (finally, Spongebob snapped at Mr. Krabs in extreme fury, as he grabs him by the throat and holds him in the air) Listen, you crustaceous cheapskate! Squidward's been living in my house, driving me crazy! (shakes him vigorously) And you're going to hire him back, all because of A STUPID DIME?!
~ Spongebob Squarepants' berserk button, when Squidward's been living in Spongebob's house, driving him crazy, Mr. Krabs blamed Squidward for stealing his first dime.

(to Dwayne Sr., angrily) The Goddess of Karma will GET YOU FOR THIS!!
~ Laurie's berserk button as she threatens Dwayne Sr. and uses the karma in extreme fury and gets him for this, for his actions.