Black Blade
The Black Blade is a katana like weapon wielded by Black★Rock Shooter.


Black★Rock Shooter OVAEdit

Black Blade is one of the weapons of choice used by Black★Rock Shooter. However, the only time we see it is in the fight between Black★Rock Shooter and Black★Gold Saw. Black Blade was probably lost in the fight, but whatever the reason, we don't see it again.

Black★Rock Shooter: The GameEdit

The Black Blade is one of the weapons used by BRS in-Game, along with her ★rock Cannon. The Blade was first seen when B★RS tore open a truck that contains her weapons. It was barely used during usual battles (unless one uses a certain skill). However, it is always seen whenever B★RS finishes off an Apostle wielding close-quarter weapons. WRS wields the same blade, however, its coloration is white, and is thus the White Blade. She uses it after B★RS finishes off WRS's second form.

Black Rock Shooter (2012)Edit

In the anime, Black Blade was seen again while Black★Rock Shooter was fighting Chariot. Like the characters returning from the OVA, it seems to have been redesigned as well. It was used to behead both Chariot and the hooded figure that seems to resemble Arata Kohata. It was also used to kill Dead Master later on, and transformed into the Insane Blade Claw when Black★Rock Shooter transformed into Insane Black★Rock Shooter.


It is used like a regular katana. Its attacks aren't much, but it still deals an amount of damage. In the anime, it was used for beheading and killing certain characters. In the game, when B★RS slashes an enemy, a blue flame casts into the enemy.

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