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  • ThoththeAtlantean

    I'll be here to help and update and correct information which also include correct sentences. I'll let you know what ones that needs it.

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  • Bradbruh679

    If someone had all of the other qualities of someone who is Pure of Heart, even being naive about most of the topics listed on the page, but they were knowledgeable in intercourse and even had sexual desires, would this make them non pure of heart?

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  • BrewMan 2000


    May 24, 2016 by BrewMan 2000

    When I was filling out my college application I was concerned about having the qualifications to be admitted. Now that I have been accepted and working towards my degree I am learning to face a lot of the fears I had in high school.

    One fear was failure. In high school, I was a straight A student. However, in college it seems I am a B/C student. No matter how hard I try I can never seem to get that A. I was scared at first because I always thought not getting an A in college would hurt my career after I graduate. Now, I've accepted the fact that I am a B/C student. I no longer fear not getting that A as long as I know I have mastered the material to the best of my abilities and know that I cannot answer the minor trivia in my field o…

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  • BrewMan 2000

    When I woke up today I never imagined I would feel like a real hero before I went to bed.  It seemed just like an ordinary day.  I was busy rushing towards my next class located at the other side of campus and was waiting for the signal to change from the "Don't Walk" to "Walk".  When the signal finally changed to "Walk" I saw the people on the other side starting to make their way towards me.  Unfortunately, a woman lost her balance and fell face down on asphalt in the middle of the street.  I saw what had happened and rushed over to help her.  I helped her get up and make her way to the other side of the street.  She had a few bruises but nothing serious.  She thanked me for being the only one who was willing to help her as everyone else…

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  • Eee8

    No anonymous users just like Evil Wiki... make it for those who log in.

    It's important part of its opposite counterpart:  Evil Wikia.

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