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Breakups are when heroic groups go their separate ways.

For the following reasons:


Anime Edit

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Animated Film Edit

  • Zoey breaks up with Arrow for cheating in The Sleigh Race and his behavior towards Rudolph.
  • Ash breaks up with Lance for cheating on her with another porcupine girl.

Live Action Film Edit

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Total DramaEdit

  • Gwen and Trent break up, after things start to go strange in Action.
  • Owen breaks up with Izzy in World Tour.
  • Gwen dumps Duncan in All-Stars.
  • Ryan is breaking up with Stephanie because of her competitive nature, but they get back together later on.
  • Emma dumps Noah, causing him to be in a coma, but they get back together later on.

Gravity FallsEdit

  • Wendy Corduroy dumps Robbie Valentino for lying to her.
  • Wendy Corduroy kindly turns down Dipper's offer to become his girlfriend, saying that she's too old for him.

Regular ShowEdit

  • Mordecai and Magaret break up in "Steak Me Amadeus".
  • Mordecai and CJ break up in "Dumped at the Altar".


(Wendy Corduroy listens at Robbie's music in the radio that Dipper Pines is holding) (Robbie looks shocked and Wendy furiously points at the radio) Wendy Corduroy (furiously): Robbie, what's that doing in our song? Robbie Valentino: Baby, I promise. I don't know anything about those messages. In fact, I didn't write that song. I ripped it off some other band! So, we're all good, right? Wendy Corduroy (angrily): No, we're not all good! I don't care about the messages. You said you wrote that song for me, and I actually thought it was sweet, you big liar. Robbie Valentino: I know, I know. I lie about a lot of stuff. Like using your makeup and fighting a bear, although-- Wendy Corduroy: No! You know what? (swing arms) It's over, Robbie. We're through! Robbie Valentino: What?! Wendy! Wendy Corduroy: Goodbye! (gets out and slams van door and walks away)
~ Wendy Corduroy dumps Robbie Valentino for lying to her after hearing the "You are now under my control. Your mind is mine." on Robbie's song.

Mordecai: Margaret! There's something I want to tell you! (A bullet smashes a plate on the table near them) Margaret: Come on! This way! (They both crawl behind a table) Mordecai: The last few weeks I have spent with you have been the best weeks of my life. (A bullet smashes a glass on the table they are behind. The scene shows Muscle Man on the floor shooting off his machine gun uncontrollably while squealing.) I feel like we are growing closer every day, and nobody makes me happier than you do. (A bullet smashes a vase of flowers, a plate, and a steak) Margaret, (he holds both of Margaret's hands with love. Margaret has a sad expression on her face) will you be my girlfriend? (Margaret's face is happy for a second, but then it turns sad. She sighs.) Margaret: Mordecai, there's something I need to tell you. For the first time ever, I feel like I can be in a relationship that can actually go somewhere... (Mordecai has a smile on his face) ...but there's this. (Margaret shows him a torn open envelope with a letter inside it, that shows it's from Milten University. Mordecai has a shocked expression on his face. Margaret then starts tearing up.) I got into my dream school. (Mordecai is more shocked than before) I really like you Mordecai, and what we have is special, but I may never get this opportunity again. (She starts crying) I'm sorry, but... I can't be your girlfriend. (Margaret loses it, and runs out of the restaurant crying her eyes out because of the emotional pain.)
~ Mordecai and Margaret's breakups in "Steak Me Amadeus".


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