Usually when charging towards an enemy or rallying friends, family, or an army to save the day, there comes a time when the hero or heroine lets out a Brigadier Call, or a Charge Call.

A Brigadier Call is usually made by a horn or humming.

The classic Brigadier Call is usually played in baseball games or in an army.

There is also an Cavalry or Army Charge Call that is played when charging into battle.

Examples Edit

  • The Wonderbot plays a Charge Call on a makeshift horn as he, Rodney, Cappy, Bigweld, and the Rusties rush back to Robot City to stop Ratchet.
  • Evinrude hums a Charge Call as he leads the swamp folk into Madame Medusa's lair to save Penny.
  • Vorb plays a Brigadier Call on his horn when he frees the dinosaurs from Professor Screweyes' circus.
  • In Shark Tale, the shrimp hum a Cavalry Charge Call when they launch themselves onto Don Lino.
  • Weebo plays a video of the cavalry playing a Brigadier Call when she charges at Smith and Wesson.
  • Tantor trumpets a Brigadier Call when he and Terk charge towards Clayton's boat to rescue Tarzan.
  • In Yellow Submarine, the Beatles unleash a squadron of cavalry soldiers who play this when they charge to rescue Ringo from the Sea of Monsters.
  • Luk hums a brigadier call when he and Muk jump into icy water to save Balto from drowning.

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