The Castle of Lions, also known as the Castleship, is an Altean battleship and the home of Princess Allura and the Paladins. Ten-thousand years ago, it set down on Planet Arus and became a permanent fixture there. After the assembly of the new Paladins, the castleship left the planet to take the fight to the Galra Empire.

The castle features multiple amenities for its crew, including a training equipped with sparring bots and an invisible maze for Paladin training, a fully stocked kitchen and galley, sleeping quarters for at least seven people, a medical wing, a ballroom, a holodeck interface for accessing with and learning from stored memories of deceased beings, and prison hold for enemies that couldn't be finished off.

The castle includes five hangars specifically for the lions, and has five high speed access ways to get to them at a moment's notice from the bridge. The Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Lions all reside in one of the four engine-towers at the periphery of the castle, accessible from chutes at the four corners, while the Black Lion resides in the central portion, accessible by an elevator located on the bridge.

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