Celestia (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Celestia is the place where the goddesses live. In the manga, they are shown to be here only in a flashback when Histoire explains that she kicked them out for being lazy and not willing to do any work.

According to Histoire, goddesses on Celestia never age. This explains why the goddesses "look young for their age". Goddesses in Celestia also never get sick.

Celestia is above the four landmasses of the human world. It can only be accessed by certain beings like the goddesses or a special means like the four ancient heroes' weapons.

Known DenizensEdit


From what is seen of Celestia, it seems to have a typical heaven theme in its architecture and stained glass windows. From its appearance in Hyperdimension Neptunia, Celestia seems to be surrounded by castle-like structures that are styled in neo-Gothic architecture.


  • Celestia is a common place in Nippon Ichi games.
  • The name Celestia comes from the word Celestial which can be referred to as Heaven.

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