An All Dogs Christmas Carol Pt

An All Dogs Christmas Carol Pt. VI

"Clean Up Your Act" is a song in An All Dogs Christmas Carol, sung by Charlie Barkin (as The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, also dressed in a spoof "The Mask", minus the shoes) to Carface Carruthers, warning him to change his ways or he'll be condemned to perdition.


Charlie:(spoken) It's... showtime!
(sung) Look what you've done.
You've been a very bad dog, my son,
Packin' seven years of evil into everyone!
Ooh, greed and vice.
A pack of cards and a pair o' dice
Ain't gonna get you into

(spoken) You get it? Pair of dice, paradise, huh? (chuckles)

Carface: Huh?

Charlie:(sung) You're in a sad, sad, so sad, really bad, makes-me-mad state, old friend.
Is this the end?

I think it's time (Demons: High time) to clean up your act.
If you don't, you're doomed, and that's a fact.
Take a look, and you'll see
The kind of dog you were born to be (Angels: Oo-eee, oo-eee) Clean up your act

You could be a leader, you could be a saint
You could be a million things that obviously you ain't
You're slippin' and you're slidin' and soon you're gonna fall
You'll be outta work and outta luck with nothing left at all

But you've got time (Angels: Got time) To clean up your act
Make amends for all those mutts you've whacked
Listen close to what I say, every dog has his judgment day
Angels: Hey, hey, hey, hey, clean up your act

When the music's over, when the show is through
You'll still have eternity to spend with Wonder Who
You're writin' your own ticket, the script is in your paws
It's your time to shine (Angels: Be divine) Wait for that applause

(* Mussorgsky's
"Night on the Bare Mountain")
Demon: Going down?

I think it's time (Angels: High time) To clean up your act
Search for that integrity you've lacked
Change your ways, get a clue
They're mean and rotten, the things you do
Angels: Pee-yew, pee-yew
Clean up your act

Now it's time, (Angels: High time) to clean up your act
If you don't, you're doomed and that's a fact
Have a heart, that's the key, you'll be saved, you'll be free
Take a look and you'll see the kind of dog you were born to be

Angels: Oo-eee, oo-eee
Clean up your...
Clean up your act