Cloud Cuckoo Land
Cloud Cuckoo Land is a location and realm in The LEGO Movie.


Cloud Cuckoo Land was a realm that rested inside a massive cloud near Middle Zealand and was ruled by a Unicorn-Kitty hybrid named Unikitty. It was built out of thousands of colorful bricks and was inhabited by hundreds of minifigures. Unlike Bricksburg, Cloud Cuckoo Land has no rules. Emmet, Wyldstyle, Vitruvius, and Batman arrived at Cloud Cuckoo Land to attend the assembly of the Master Builders. The realm was later attacked by fleets of Super Secret Police Dropships and all of the Master Builders (aside from the Fellowship of Strangers) and destroyed by gunfire and exploded and its remains fell into the sea below.

Portrayal in the SetsEdit

Two sets were released that were based in Cloud Cuckoo Land, that being a set of the same name and a set based off of the Super Secret Police Dropship.

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