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It'll be all right. There, there.
~ Baymax to Hiro.

In many stories, there comes a time when the hero or heroine (or someone he or she cares about) comforts a friend or family member when they're sad or depressed, usually in an overwhelming or sad circumstance. He or she can do it when the person:

  • Fails his or her mission
  • Loses someone he cares about
  • Misses something special from the past
  • Takes the time to learn from a mistake

The hero or heroine can also comfort someone by using the following methods:

  • Singing a comforting song or lullaby (Baby Mine, Noble Maiden Fair, Family)
  • Sitting by his or her side
  • Hugging them
  • Cheering them up with encouraging words
  • Giving them tissues when they cry
  • Stroking their hair


  • Mushu comforts Mulan after her cover is blown and she is cast out of the Imperial Army.
  • Garrett comforts Kayley when she apologizes for putting him in danger.
  • Queen Elinor comforts Merida as a child during a thunderstorm.
  • Mrs. Jumbo comforts Dumbo when he visits her in her jail cell.
  • Jiminy Cricket comforts Pinocchio when he discovers him held prisoner by Stromboli.
  • The Sultan comforts Jasmine after Jafar lies to her about Aladdin's execution.
  • Baymax comforts Hiro Hamada when he explains the loss of his brother to him.
  • Ellie comforting Peaches when her daughter blames herself for her father being separated from them.
  • Bagherra comforts Mowgli after Baloo is almost killed by Shere Khan.
  • Princess Leia comforts Luke Skywalker after Darth Vader kills Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi comforts Luke Skywalker after he finds his foster parents murdered by Darth Vader's Stormtroopers.
  • Merlin comforts Wart after Sir Ector fires him from his duties as Kay's squire.
  • Aladar comforts Neera after her brother Kron dies in the battle with the Carnotaur, despite everything her brother has done.
  • Helen Parr cheers Violet Parr up after her failure of putting her force field around the plane.
  • The Circus Bugs and Princess Dot comfort a depressed Flik after he is been banished from Ant Island for lying to Princess Atta and the colony and putting them at risk.
  • Joy and Sadness comfort Bing Bong after workers throw his rocket into the memory dump.
  • Nakoma comforts Pocahontas after John Smith is unjustly arrested by Chief Powhatan and accused of Kocoum's murder.
  • Mallory Grace comforts Jared in Lucinda's Secret after Thimbletack pulls off his worst prank on him.
  • The Vultures comfort a depressed Mowgli after he runs away thinking that Baloo and Bagheera have betrayed him by having to take him back to the Man Village.
  • Nick Wilde comforts Judy Hopps after she apologies and admitting she's just a dumb bunny.
  • Santa Claus cheers Karen up after Frosty the Snowman melted away.
  • Queen Miranda cheers Sofia up and says it's every duke and duchess' problem if it's not good enough for them in Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess.
  • Jason Johnston comforts Evelyn Ross after the dastardly Maroone banishes them on a small island.
  • Mrs. Georgina Leary comforts Andrew Waltrip and adopts him after his parents were murdered by Tabitha Harperstein.
  • Kira Watanabe-Finster comforts Chuckie about the things she did for him, and tells him that she loves Chuckie very much in the Rugrats episode "Changes for Chuckie".
  • The giant bugs comforting James about the tragic death of his parents and for being harshly treated by his wicked aunts.
  • Rufus the cat comforts Penny and assures her that someday she'll be adopted.
  • Rooter comforts Littlefoot after his mother's death by reminding him that even if someone dies, they'll always be with us as long as we remember the things they taught us.
  • LeShawna comforts Gwen after she sees Heather kiss Trent in front of her.
  • Third Doctor comforts Sarah Jane Smith when he regenerates.
  • Marge Simpson comforts Lisa Simpson after Bart Simpson destroyed her science fair project.
  • Buzz Lightyear and Woody Pride comfort Jessie and assures her that she's safe and that They'll all be back on the road soon after she gets trapped in a box.
  • Rosita comforts Ash after she cries on stage due to her boyfriend cheating on her.
  • Tommy, Phil and Lil comforting Chuckie after Megan cheating on him with another baby in Rugrats episode "Cradle Attraction".


(Backstage, Ash is crying after her boyfriend cheated on her. Rosita sits down next to her.) Well, it sounds to me that you are WAY better off without that...that... (Gunther, chiming in: That total super-jerk dinklesplat!) Exactly. Total super-jerk dinkle...splat.) (Buster Moon, on stage: Rosita! Gunter! You're on!) Okay, Okay. (Rosita gives Ash her handbag.) Here. There should be some gum or some candy in here somewhere. Just help yourself.
~ Rosita cheering up Ash after her boyfriend cheats on her.

(As Annie longs for a new family, Molly moans and writhes in her bed, dropping her teddy bear in the process. Annie turns around as soon as she hears this and begins climbing down from the window she was praying at.) (Molly: Annie... Annie! Annie! Annie! ANNIE!) (Hearing the girl's cries, Annie sits down next to her and wraps one arm around her shoulder.) Shh... (She strokes Molly's hair gently.) It's okay. Everything's gonna be all right. There, there. (Molly begins to cry and Annie kisses her on the cheek.) It's only a dream, Molly. It's all right. (Pepper: How am I supposed to get any sleep around here?) (Annie continues to stroke Molly's hair.) It was only a dream. Everything's all right.
~ Annie comforting Molly after she has a nightmare.

We started this thing together, and that's how we'll finish it. I promise.
~ Mushu comforting Mulan.

(Alvin and Brittany have just built shelter) (Brittany: Anywho, no reason we can't be comfortable and stylish while we wait for Dave to show up, right?) (Alvin: Um...Brit...I think I know why Dave hasn't come.) (Brittany: You do? Why?) (Alvin: 'Cause...he's not even looking.(Brittany: Alvin, why wouldn't he be looking for us?) (Alvin: 'Cause I drive him crazy. You know the way Simon's been driving me crazy? I mean, that's what I've been doing to Dave--for years! No wonder he hates me.) (Alvin hangs his head, Brittany puts her paw on his shoulder.) (Brittany: Oh, don't worry, Alvin. I'm sure Dave will come. I mean, he certainly loves Simon and Theodore. )
~ Brittany comforting Alvin when he begins to grow doubtful that Dave will save them from the island.

(After defeating Morgana, Melody awakens in her dad's arms) Dad? (Eric: Oh, Melody, I was so afraid we'd lost you.) (Melody embraces her mother) I'm sorry, mother. (Ariel: Oh, no, sweetie. We're sorry. We should've told you the truth.) I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I just hoped...I'd be a better mermaid than a girl. (Ariel: Oh, Melody, sweetie, it doesn't matter if you have fins or feet. We love you for who you are on the inside; our very brave little girl.)
~ Ariel explaining to Melody that she doesn't need to have fins or feet to gain acceptance but for who she is is what really matters.

My brave wee lassie, I'm here. I'll ALWAYS be right here.
~ Queen Elinor comforting Merida.

(Peaches helplessly watches her father bing separated from her by the landmass) (Peaches: Daddy!) (Manny: STAY ALIVE! No matter how long it takes, I WILL FIND YOU!) (Peaches (sobbing): Mom! This is all my fault! If I had just--) Peaches! This is NOT your fault, alright? (Peaches: What if I never see him again? And the last thing we did was fight!) Hey, your father is the toughest, most stubborn mammoth I've ever met! He'll come back for us. (wraps her trunk around Peaches) That's a promise.
~ Ellie comforting Peaches when her daughter blames herself from being separated by her father.

Don't cry... Please don't cry... I'm here for you... I'll always be here...
~ Sayo Yuuki comforting Kohtaro Kuga

(The Sultan enters Jasmine's chamber and sees her depressed) Jasmine? Dearest. What's wrong? (Jasmine is still in tears after Jafar lied to her about Aladdin's execution.) (Jasmine, sadly: Jafar...Has done something...Terrible!) (Sultan comforts his daughter) Now, There There, My Dear. Well Now, We'll set it right. Now, tell me everything.)
~ The Sultan comforts Princess Jasmine after Jafar lies to her about Aladdin's execution.

(The workers have dumped Bing Bong's rocket into the memory dump, and Bing Bong becomes depressed.) (Bing Bong, sadly: Riley can't be done with me.) (Joy and Sadness catch up with him.) Hey it's gonna be okay! We can fix this. We just need to get back to headquarters. Which way to the train station? (Bing Bong, still sadly: I had the whole trip planned for us.) (Joy tries to think up ways to cheer Bing Bong up) Hey. Who's ticklish? Huh, here comes the Tickle Monster! (Bing Bong won't smile, so Joy tries something else.) Hey, Bing Bong! Look at this! (Joy makes a funny face, but he still won't smile.) Oh! Here's a fun game: You point to the train station and we all go there. Won't that be fun? C'mon let's go to the train station! (Joy walks away, and Sadness approaches Bing Bong.) (Sadness: I'm sorry they took your rocket. They took something that you loved. It's gone. Forever.) Sadness! Don't make him feel worse! Sadness: Sorry. (Bing Bong: It's all I had left of Riley.) (Sadness: I bet you and Riley and great adventures.) (Bing Bong: Oh they were wonderful. Once we flew back in time, We had breakfast twice that day.) Sadness! Sadness: That sounds amazing, I bet that Riley liked it. (Bing Bong, on the verge of tears: Oh she did. We were best friends.) (Bing Bong starts crying.) (Sadness: Yeah that's sad.) (Bing Bong hugs Sadness as he cries, and his eyes cry out pieces of candy.) Wha- (Joy then sighs.) (Bing Bong: I'm okay now. Come on, The train station is this way.) (Joy and Sadness follow Bing Bong to the train station.) How did you do that? (Sadness: Oh I don't know, He was sad so I listened to what-) (Bing Bong: Hey! There's the train!)
~ Joy and Sadness comfort Bing Bong after the workers throw his rocket into the Memory Dump.

Thanks for being so brave today. (Zach: I thought Hayley was hurt bad.) Yeah. You're a good big brother. (Zach: I'll be glad when she comes home.) Yeah, me too. (Zach: I'm sorry Dad got so mad at you.) Honey, I don't think he means to get mad, I think maybe he just has a lot on his mind, you know? (Zach: No, Mom, don't you remember? Dad used to get mad all the time. I'm glad you're my mom.) (they hug.) Yeah, me too.
~ Christine Eisley comforting her son, Zach.

(Brian is watching a report on his new surveillance hub, when Mia slowly walks into the room.) (Reporter: Authorities are still trying to determine the motive behind this daring attack, here at the office of the US Diplomatic Security Service in downtown Los Angeles, less than 36 hours ago. Facts are still coming in, but what is known is that the suspect entered the building's fourth floor...) Hey. (Mia: You okay?) Yeah. This guy's just relentless. (Mia: That's why Dom needs you. You two need to find this guy and you need to stop him before he does any more damage to our family.) You know, I just...I've screwed up so many things. I couldn't live with myself if I screwed this up, too. (Mia: You won't. I believe in you. I believe in us. That's all that matters. I love you, Brian.) (the two embrace.) I love you, Mia. (Mia: Just promise me: after this, we're done. No more jobs, no more enemies. Come back to us.) I won't let you down, Mia. (Mia: I know.)
~ Brian O'Connor and his wife, Mia, comforting one another

(John Smith has been unjustly arrested by Chief Powhatan and accused for the murder of Kocoum, Pocahontas becomes depressed, then Nakoma comes out to comfort her friend.) (Pocahontas, sadly: Kocoum was just coming to protect me.) (Nakoma's voice is shaken) Pocahontas...I sent Kocoum after you. I was worried about you. I thought I was doing the right thing! (Pocahontas, still sadly: All this happened because of me. And now I'll never see John Smith again.) Come with me.
~ Nakoma comforts Pocahontas after John Smith is unjustly arrested by Chief Powhatan and accused of Kocoum's murder.

(Luke Skywalker is depressed that his mentor and parent-figure Obi-Wan Kenobi has been killed by Darth Vader, and Princess Leia comforts him.) (Luke, sadly: I can't believe he's gone.) There wasn't anything You could have done.
~ Princess Leia comforts Luke Skywalker after Darth Vader kills Obi-Wan Kenobi.

(Marlin: I HAVE TO GET OUT! I GOTTA FIND MY SON! I GOTTA TELL HIM HOW OLD SEA TURTLES ARE!!!!) (sobs) (Dory approaches the despaired Marlin) There, there. It's all right. It'll be OK. (Marlin: No, no it won't.) Sure, it will. You'll see. (Marlin: No. I promised him that I'd never let anything happen to him!) Huh. That's a funny thing to promise. (Marlin: What?) Well, you can't never let anything happen to him. Then, nothing would ever happen to him. (Marlin stares at her) Not much fun for little Harpo.
~ Dory comforting Marlin in the whale's belly

(At the tree alter; Tommy retrieves his special watch when a crack of thunder hits; Dil starts wailing, terrified and homesick. Tommy calms his brother down, sings him a lullaby, similar to what he sung earlier in the film.) Baby, please! Rest your head? Soon we'll be home in bed. Until then, I'll protect you like no other. You're okay for a little brother. (Dil: My Tommy) My Dil. (Dil hiccups. Dil offers to share his blanket with Tommy. Tommy and Dil fall asleep.)
~ Tommy Pickles calming Dil by singing him a lullaby, promising they'll be back home in bed. They then spend the night in the forest together, with Dil willingly sharing the blanket.

(Wart sadly sits in the kitchen, after Sir Ector fires him from his duties as Kay's squire, which Merlin magically comes to apologize to him as well as console him.) Oh. I'm sorry, Lad. Sorry I.. I spoiled everything. I know that trip to London meant a great deal to you. (Wart: Oh. It's- It's not your fault. I shouldn't have popped off. Now I'm really done for.) No. No. You will be in a great spot, Boy. You can't cut out, Now. You know, You'll be up from here. (Wart: I'd like to know how.) Use your head, An Education, Lad. (Merlin taps Wart's head with his magic wand.) (Wart: What good will that do?) Get it first, Then who knows... Are you willing to try? (Wart, starting to feel a little better: What have I got to loose?) That's the spirit! We'll start tomorrow! We'll show 'em! Won't we, Boy? (Wart, glumly: We sure will.)
~ Merlin comforts Wart after Sir Ector fires him from his duties as Kay's Squire.

What's the matter, sweetheart? (Sofia: I don't want a royal ball.) Oh, Sofia, I never know you turn down a party, especially the one thrown just for you. (Sofia, taking her tiara off: But I don't know anything about being a princess. And I don't know how to dance. I'm going to trip, and-and everyone's going to laugh at me.) You'll do fine. And besides, no one ever laughs at a princess. (Sofia: Says who?) Come here, Sofia. (While Miranda speaks, she places her daughter's tiara on her head.) Just try the best you can, and if it's good enough for all those stuffy dukes and duchesses, then that's their problem. Hmm?
~ Queen Miranda cheering Sofia up about being a princess.

(Violet: Mom!) (She rushes to her mother.) (Violet: Mom, what happened on the plane, I-I'm sorry. I wanted to help. I mean, when you asked me to--I'm sorry.) Shh. It isn't your fault. It wasn't fair for me to suddenly ask so much for you. But things are different now. And doubt is a luxury we can't afford anymore, sweetie. You have more power than you realize. Don't think. And don't worry. If the time comes, you'll know what to do. It's in your blood.
~ Helen Parr cheering Violet up after her failure of putting her force field around the plane.

(Judy: Wait, uh, wait--listen! I-I know you'll never forgive me, and I don't blame you. I wouldn't forgive me either. I was ignorant, and irresponsible, and small-minded. But predators shouldn't suffer because of my mistakes. I have to fix this.) (Her voice shakes) (Judy: But I can't do it without you.) (Nick didn't turn around, and Judy begins to cry.) (Judy: And...and after we're done, you can hate me, and that'll be fine, because I was a horrible friend, and I hurt you. And you...and you can walk away knowing you were right all along. I really am just a dumb bunny.) (Nick suddenly replays Judy's words "I really am just a dumb bunny." with her carrot pen two times. Nick finally turns around) Don't worry, Carrots. I'll let you erase 48 hours. (Judy smiles at Nick, while she is wiping her tears away.) All right, get in here. (Judy trods toward Nick. She leans her head to Nick's chest, and they hug.) Okay, oh you bunnies, you're so emotional. There we go. Deep breaths. Are you--are you just trying to steal the pen? Is that what this is? (Judy laughed while weeping, playfully tries to take the pen from Nick. He suddenly becomes serious.) You are standing on my tail, though. Off, off-off-off. (Judy: Oh, I'm sorry.)
~ Nick Wilde comforting Judy Hopps after her apology and admitting she is just a dumb bunny.

(Evelyn, crying: Today was going to be my dream come true. And I was looking forward to marry you. I'm really sorry, Jason.) (Jason puts his arm around Evelyn) Evelyn, I like you too, more than friends. And I'm sorry.
~ Jason Johnston comforting his future wife, Evelyn after Maroone banishes them on a small island.

Andrew? Why are you out here? (Andrew, crying: Mrs. Leary. My parents went for a free lunch, but got killed. Tabitha Harperstein said a gang of burglars killed them, and I'm an orphan now. I have no one. They didn't listen to me.) (He continues crying.) Oh, is that right? (Andrew, sobbing: Yes.) There, there Andrew. I'm sorry. I guess I can adopt you now. (Andrew stops crying.) (Andrew: Are you?) I sure can. Come on. (Mrs. Leary took Andrew to the orphanage for adoption.)
~ Mrs. Georgina Leary comforting Andrew Waltrip after his parents were killed by Tabitha Harperstein before adopting him.

(Chuckie is crying because of Wawa's new makeover. Kira comes into his room.) Hi, Chuckie. Well, I guess washing Wawa wasn't the best idea. You know, there's still a lot about you I don't know yet. (As Kira speaks, she picks Chuckie up from his bed and puts him down on the floor.) Like your favorite sandwiches, or your favorite games, or the songs, or stories you like. You know, those things may take a while. What I do know is I love you very much. (She puts her hand on Chuckie's messy hair.) I hope that'll do until I get the things sorted out. (Chuckie babbles, and he and Kira hug. Kira laughed, but gives Chuckie a kiss.)
~ Kira Watanabe-Finster comforting Chuckie Finster in the Rugrats episode "Changes for Chuckie".

(Riley is on the verge of tears after attempting to run away back to Minnesota after feeling very homesick) (Riley, sadly: I know you don't want me too, but... I miss home. I miss Minnesota. You need me to be happy, but I want my old friends, and my hockey team. I wanna go home. Please don't be mad.) (Jill and Bill, Riley's mother and father, stare sadly at their daughter) Oh, sweetie... (Bill: We're not mad. You know what? I miss Minnesota too. I miss the woods where we took hikes.) And the backyard where you used to play. (Bill: Spring Lake, where you used to skate. (Riley breaks down into tears) Come here. (Riley, her mother, and her father all embrace in a group hug, consoling Riley)
~ Jill and Bill Andersen finally understanding Riley's homesickness and comforts her.

(Mowgli finds Baloo lying deathly still after the fight with Shere Khan, and tries to wake him up: Baloo? Baloo, get up. Oh please get up.) (Mowgli is now sad as Bagheera comes in) Mowgli, Try to understand. (Mowgli, sadly: Bagheera, What's the matter with him?) You've got to be brave, like Baloo was. (Mowgli, on the verge of tears: You- You don't mean-? Oh No! Baloo!) (The Vultures look on sadly) Now, now. I know how you feel. But you must remember, Mowgli: Greater love hath no one. Than he lays down his life for his friend.
~ Bagheera comforts Mowgli after Baloo is almost killed by Shere Khan.


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