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In many a story, there comes a time when the hero or heroine is concerned about something. This usually happens when or after he or she:

  • Goes through an identity crisis
  • Tries to cope with his or her new reality
  • Is forbidden to achieve his or her goals
  • Has an argument with someone
  • Goes in the wrong direction
  • Has made a terrible mistake

Afterwards, the protagonist receives support from someone he or she loves (usually a tutor, friend, family member, teacher, or mentor) or vise versa. That person can help him or her cope with their problems and/or assure him or her that everything is going to be okay.

Noteworthy Examples Edit

  • After Moana is reprimanded by Chief Tui and forbidden to go beyond the island, her mother, Sina, supports her when they have a talk about why her father is strict with her.
  • After Jess Bhamra picks a fight with a girl who calls her a racist slur and is sent to the benches, she tells Joe, her coach, what happened. Joe understands and this leads him to support her.
  • When Rey discovers terrible memories from her past after touching Luke's lightsaber, she is concerned until Maz Kanata finds her and sympathizes with our heroine.
  • After Paikea Apirana gets in trouble with her grandfather Koro (and a mild argument at the dinner table), her grandmother, Nanny Flowers, helps her when they have a conversation about why he sees no use for her.
  • When Hercules is concerned that fame isn't getting him anywhere, Phil helps him overcome that stress by making it clear that he believes in him.
  • After he and his friends are thrown in the dungeon, Jimmy Neutron is concerned that his actions put the grown-ups of Retroville in danger until Cindy Vortex reminds him that beating himself up isn't going to do any good and she and the other kids need his help.

Quotes Edit

After Rey notices a harrowing vision after touching Luke's lightsaber, she stumbles. This is where Maz Kanata approaches.) I shouldn't have gone in there. (Maz: That lightsaber was Luke's, and his father's before him, and now, it calls to YOU.) I have to get back to Jakku. (Maz: Han told me.) (She takes off her goggles and comfortingly holds Rey's slender hand.) (Maz: Dear child, I see your eyes; you already know the truth. Whomever you're waiting for on Jakku, they're never coming back. But there's someone who could.) Luke. (Maz: The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead. I am no Jedi, but I know the Force. It moves through and surrounds every living thing. Close your eyes...feel it. The's always been there, it will guide you. (handing Rey the lightsaber) The saber, take it.)
~ Rey concerned after noticing terrible visions, until Maz Kanata notices this and helps her, all while preparing to pass on Luke Skywalker's lightsaber to her.

She called me a Paki, but I guess you wouldn't understand what that feels like, would you? (Joe: Jess, I'm Irish. Of course I understand what that feels like.)
~ Jess Bhamra getting support from Joe, her coach, after picking a fight with a girl who calls her a racist slur.

(Benny Jackson is reading Bulletproof Jackson's diary, and he's shocked to realize that he fooled his town. Ashley walks downstairs, notices this, and sits down next to her friend.) You're still down here? I know you may not think it's a good idea, but we should go to kickball practice.) He's a fraud. Read it! (Benny hands Ashley the book.) (Ashley: Who's a fraud? (calmly) Listen. Let's just go to practice. I don't think we're gonna need that deed after all.)
~ Benny Jackson concerned about his family legacy when learning that his great-grandfather was a fraud, but Ashley comes and helps him.

(After being scolded by Chief Tui and forbidden to go out into the ocean, Moana is sitting on a low-hanging branch, breaking sticks and throwing them in the sand in anger. This is when her mother, Sina, walks up to her and sits down.) (Sina: Well, it's not like what you said in front of your dad standing on a boat.) I didn't say, "go beyond the reef" because I want to be on the ocean. (Sina: But you still do. He's hard on you because...) Because he doesn't get me. (Sina: Because he WAS you. Drawn to the ocean.) (A flashback of young Tui and his friend going out to sea at night appears as Sina speaks.) (Sina: Down by the shore. He took a canoe, Moana. He crossed the reef and found an unforgiving sea. Waves like mountains. His best friend begged to be on that boat. Your dad couldn't save him.) (In the flashback, a storm wrecks Tui's boat. He swims toward his friend, trying to rescue him, but it's too late. Scene changes to the present.) (Sina: He's hoping he can save you. ) (Moana frowns sadly) (Sina: Sometimes, who we wish we were, what we wish we can do, is just not meant to be.) (As she speaks, Sina warmly tucks a piece of hair behind Moana's ear and walks off.)
~ Moana concerned after being forbidden to go beyond the reef; Sina comes to her side and sympathizes with her while telling her daughter that Tui is trying to protect her.

(At his villa, Hercules, dressed in a lion's pelt and holding a club, is having his picture painted on an urn by a rooster of a man as Phil explains his schedule.) (Phil: At one, you got a meeting with King Augeus. He's got a problem with his stables. I'd advise you not to wear your new sandals.) (Hercules, concerned, turns to his trainer.) Phil... (Artist, sternly: I told you, don't move!) (Hercules displays a "hero" position.) (Phil: DGR, the Daughters of the Greek Revolution. At three...) Phil... (Phil, continuing: gotta get a girdle from some Amazons.) (exasperated) Phil, what's the POINT?! (As soon as he says this, Hercules tosses his club and it slams against the urn. The artist gives out a yell of rage.) (Artist: YAIEEEEE! THAT'S IT!) (Phil, trying to stop him: Keep your toga on, pal.) (Too late; the irate artist slams his palette down on Phil's face and storms off.) (Phil, his face painted like a clown: Yuck! What do you mean, "what's the point?" You wanna go to Olympus, don't ya?) (Hercules pulls off his pelt and tosses it aside.) Yeah, but this stuff doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. (Phil wipes the paint off his face.) (Phil: You can't give up now. I'm counting on ya.) I gave this everything I had. (Phil sighs and walks up to his pupil.) (Phil: Listen to me, kid. I seen 'em all. And I'm tellin' you, and this is the honest to Zeus truth. You got somethin' I never seen before.) Really? (Phil: I can feel it right down in these stubby bowed legs of mine. There ain't NOTHIN' you can't do, kid.)
~ Hercules concerned about where being a hero is going to get him, until Phil reminds him not to give up.


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