Crystal Carillon

The Crystal Carillon was an attack item given to Super Sailor Mini Moon by Pegasus, and was used to call Pegasus during fights, so she could use its power.




  • A carillon is a musical instrument. It is a set of bells that are commonly found at a bell tower and they can also be operated by a keyboard, a pedal, or a manual. Carillon is also the Italian word for "music box", as well as the French word for "chime".
  • The Crystal Carillon looks similar to Zoey Hanson/Mew Zoey's weapon, the Strawberry Bell, from another well-known magical girl manga, Mew Mew Power.
  • The Crystal Carillon can be seen in chapter 14 of Codename: Sailor V. In this chapter, it was Linda Evangeligeli's weapon in Aurora ♥ Wedding.

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