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The Cure Decor are special pieces that can be used either to revive the Queen of Märchenland or bring about the Worst Ending. Each Cure Decor piece symbolizes the source of power of happiness of the Queen. The Cure Decors are stored inside the Decor Décor.


Cure Decor pieces can be shaped like animals, food, fruit, flowers, cosmetics, and all kinds of other everyday objects, but they are all engraved with the Smile! logo. All Decor pieces have a small ribbon with a heart-shaped jewel attached.


When set into the Smile Pact (and Royal Clock starting in Episode 33), each Cure Decor piece will produce a specific item or grant the girls some power or ability. Most of these pieces were stolen by Pierrot before the beginning of the story, when he attacked Märchenland and sealed its Queen. The stolen pieces were stored in Red Noses which the Bad End Kingdom villains use to create the Akanbe monsters.

Six special pieces, shaped like ribbons, are used by the girls to transform into Pretty Cure.

Five special pieces, shaped like jewels, give the Cures the ability to power-up to their next form, Tiara Mode, and to perform group purification attack Rainbow Healing.

Five more pieces, which allows the Cures to go to their third form, Princess Form, and allows the group to do Rainbow Burst with the Princess Candles.

There is another power-up decor named Ultra, that appears in ep. 40 to grant Cure Sunny a powered-up version of Sunny Fire, doing the same for the other cures (with Happy as last) in later episodes.


  • The Cure Decor serve a similar function as the Heart Seeds of Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, with multiple uses such as allowing transformation into Pretty Cure and conferring various different powers and abilities to the Cures.
  • When set into the Smile Pact, a background voice, provided by Candy's voice actress Otani Ikue, calls out "Let's go, _____", with the name of the Cure Decor piece in Japanese inserted into the blank.
  • All Cure Decors, including Transformation Decors, have the Smile! emblem engraved on them. All the Cure Decors (except the transformation Decors, which only have a jewel circle) have a small jewel heart on them.

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