Cure Loveads
Cure Loveads are tiny pin-like decorations that are used to create many different effects, such as attacks and transformations. They appears in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure and without them Pretty Cures can not transform or use their basic attacks. Starting from Episode 1, it is confirmed that there are four different type of Cure Loveads, but only the effects of two of them are known. All types of Cure Loveads are different and they create different effects. The golden one with bow on it is for Transformation, the white one with red heart shaped jewel on it is for attacking the enemies. All Cure Loveads have to be attached to top of the Lovely Commune to create the effect. Mana's Cure Lovead was given to her by a mysterious shop owner.


The transformation Cure Lovead is golden and it has bow shaped engraving on it. In the top of it is a golden crown and the edge has many angels on it. The bow has also heart shaped jewel on it and the color of it depends on who is the owner of the Cure Lovead. Cure Heart has Pink jewel, Cure Diamond has blue jewel, Cure Rosetta has orange/yellow jewel and Cure Sword has purple jewel on it. Makoto (Cure Sword) also carries her transformation Cure Lovead as a ribbon in her human form.


The Attack Cure Lovead is white and it has red heart shaped jewel on it. The color of this jewel does not change, and it is red always. It has white crown on top of it and the edge has many streaks and carvings on it. It is used same way as the transformation Cure Lovead.


  • The Cure Loveads are very similar to Cure Decors, and Heart Seeds, all three are used to create different effects, such as attacks and transformation.
  • The name of Cure Loveads is combination of words Love and Rubies.
  • The outlines of the Cure Loveads are the same as of the Heart Seeds.
  • Makoto carries her transformation Cure Loveads as a ribboned hairclip and Rikka carries her transformation Cure Loveads as a brooch, Mana wears her transformation Cure Lovead on a small pink bow which holds up her ponytail.

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