Cure Module Merchandise
The Cure Module is a brooch-like device that allows Hibiki and Kanade to transform into Pretty Cure. The emblems of both Hibiki and Kanade transformed into Cure Modules and Hummy tells them to transform when a Negatone appeared. Later in series, Ellen and Ako received their Cure Modules.To transform, a Fairy Tonemustbe inserted in the top slot of the Cure Module before either girls says "Let's Play! Pretty Cure Modulation! " and then press the button on the bottom side of the brooch.

Also, other Fairy Tones can be used by the Cure Module to increase a Cure's abilities. For example, Cure Muse uses is to her Finishing attacks.


  • The Cure Modules are the second Brooch-Like Items existing in the Pretty Cure Universe. The first being Shiny Luminous' Heartiel Brooch.

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