Fresh Pretty Cure! - Cure Sticks
The Cure Sticks are devices in Fresh Pretty Cure! that are used to power-up the Pretty Cure's attacks to their Fresh versions. When a Pickrun is used with a Linkrun, the reaction summons the Cure Stick. The names of these Cure Sticks are as follows:
  • Peach Rod: Cure Peach's weapon, a white baton with a pink heart adornment at the top, rainbow buttons going upward, and an extension on the handle. Love Sunshine is upgraded to Love Sunshine Fresh.
  • Berry Sword: Cure Berry's weapon, a white baton with a blue spade adornment at the top, rainbow buttons going downward, and an extension on the handle. Espoir Shower is upgraded to Espoir Shower Fresh.
  • Pine Flute: Cure Pine's weapon, a white flute with yellow diamond adornments at the top, rainbow buttons going sideways and an extension on the handle. Healing Prayer is upgraded to Healing Prayer Fresh.
  • Passion Harp: Cure Passion's weapon, a small, red-and-white harp with a red, double heart adornment on and white angel wings decorating it. Allows her to use Happiness Hurricane.


  • Pine and Passion's Cure Sticks are both based off of instruments (flute and harp, respectively).
  • Peach and Berry's Cure Sticks are based off of sports items (baton and sword, respectively)

Passion's Cure Stick is the only one that does not look remotely like a stick. It also uses different way to be activated, making people wonder whenever it is a real Cure Stick or not. Berry's Cure Stick is officially a sword, making some fans wonder if it can be used in combat as well.

  • Cure Passion is the only one who does not form her symbol, the club, with her Cure Stick. Instead, she forms a heart, just like Cure Peach.

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