Dagger of Time

The Dagger of Time

The Dagger of Time is an ancient artifact linked to the Sands of Time from the Prince of Persia series.



The exact details of the Dagger of Time are unknown, though since the Sands were created on the Island of Time, it can be presumed that the Dagger was created there as well, though why is unknown. It was later found, along with the Sands of Time, by the Maharajah and Vizier after they went to the Island of Time and they brought both back to India.

Sands of TimeEdit

The Vizier later betrayed the Maharajah and helped the Persians take over so that he could get the Dagger so he could open the hourglass containing the sands. However the Prince, son of King Sharaman, got to it first during the siege and Sharaman let him keep it. But the Vizier managed to trick the Prince into opening the hourglass, releasing the sands and corrupting almost everyone present. However the Dagger's power spared the Prince from this fate and he used it to fight off the sand monsters that had been created. After returning the Sands of Time to the hourglass, the Prince used the Dagger of Time to reverse time to before the Persians attacked India. He then gave it back to the Maharajah's daughter, Princess Farah, and told her to lock it away.

Two ThronesEdit

Due to the Prince preventing the creation of the Sands of Time, he never killed the Vizier. He began to receive dreams from the Dagger about how the Empress of Time was coming, that motivated him to kill and overthrow the Maharajah, then stole the dagger. The Vizier then conquered Babylon and killed Kaileena, unleashing the Sands of Time, absorbing some of them into the dagger, before driving it into himself to become the god-like being, Zurvan. However the Prince took the Dagger from him and used it in his journey to defeat the Vizier again. Afterwards, the spirit of Kaileena took it away from the world so as to prevent anyone from using its powers again.


The Dagger of Time can protect the holder from the corruption of the Sands of Time as well as alterations to the timeline. It can be used to reverse, stop, and slow down time and a variety of other sand powers.


  • Despite it being stated that the Dagger, along with other time artifacts are the only thing that can protect form the corruption of the Sands of Time, several people in the throne room survive transformation from the initial release.
  • In the Two Thrones, the Dagger of Time had a larger size, since it became the primary weapon.
  • It doesn't make sense that the Prince could reverse time after receiving a deathblow from an enemy.

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