Heroic Overview

Being an independent woman is rough especially if you want to practice non-lethal defense but feel uncomfortable which seems awfully like a catch phrases like "Because you carry your knight in shining armor in your purse!" to convince women that they need zebra-print purses filled with "Hot Lips" stun guns and "Holla At Me" personal alarms to stay safe.

It is like Damsel in Distress, but this time heroines can protect themselves before, and even when, they get into trouble.

To protect themselves, a Damsel in Defense can use:

  • weapons like guns, hammer etc
  • fist
  • Kicking
  • pepper spray
  • hit with something like a lamp or anything inside of the house

Basically, this is a visual representation of female empowerment.


  • Amy Rose: arms herself with her trusty Piko-piko Hammer
  • Jane Porter: Swings down on a vine and knocks Clayton's thugs aside.
  • Lucy Wilde: Uses her lipstick taser on Gru.
  • Merida: Arms herself with her trusty bow and arrows against Mor'du to protect herself and her mother.
  • Gosalyn Mallard: Arms herself with a cereal gun against Taurus Bulba's gang Hammerhead Hannigan, Hoof and Mouth to defend herself; arms herself with her bow and arrows against Negaduck as her superhero ego, the Quiverwing Quack
  • Colleen Barker: Crunches down on Bugsy Them's finger as she is held captive by him and his goons even with her mouth gagged.
  • Ashley Spinelli: Butts Ugly Bald Guy in the groin to protect her friends.
  • Winnie Mandela (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom): Urinates on a brutish prison guard who mistreats her.
  • Lois Lane: Always puts herself in danger and requiring Superman to rescue her.
  • Riley Flemming: Bites Albert's hand to let her go.
  • Evelyn Ross: Stomps on Maroone's foot after he grabs her.
  • Mrs. Georgina Leary: Releases herself from Tabitha's grasp, and stands up to her.
  • Jessica Rabbit: Hides a bear trap in her bosom and when Greasy frisks her, the trap shuts on his paw.
  • Jasmine: Tosses wine on Jafar when he tries to force her to marry him.
  • Esmeralda: Spits in Frollo's face when he prepares to burn her at the stake.
  • Mary Jane Watson: Grabs a piece of metal when she saw that her lover (Spider-Man) was hurt and decide to save him which it fails since one of Doc Ock's tentacles saw her and attack her.
  • Princess Leia: Throttles Jabba the Hutt with her own restraints to free herself.
  • Margalo: stands up to Falcon, telling him that if he kills Snowbell, he'll lose Mrs. Little's diamond ring that he forced her to steal, and that she's done being his slave.


Leave Tails alone, you big bully!
~ Amy Rose, swings with her a Piko-Piko hammer at Eggman

I piss on you.
~ Winnie Mandela urinating on a cruel prison guard.

~ Spinelli facing Ugly Bald Guy, before she head butted him in the groin.

Toys! For freedom!
~ La Petite Ballerina leading all the captured toys into rebellion against the cats, ready to face the King of Cats

I don't like the way you think, and I don't like the way you run this colony, and I don't like YOU. The wedding's off.
~ Princess Bala standing up to General Mandible and revealing her true distaste for him.

Now, who's the damsel in distress? (Zarkos, whimpering: M-me?) Straight up! (Swings down and kicks Zarkos down a deep pit)
~ Daphne Blake facing Zarkos and kicking him down a deep pit

Eat fiber, horn-head!
~ Gosalyn Mallard facing Hammerhead Hannigan and his co-horts

(Snowbell struggles to open the paint can Margalo's trapped in) (Snowbell: That miserable Falcon! From this day forward, I vow revenge! If that Falcon were here right now, I'd rip his throat out! I'd scratch his face off! I'd—) (Snowbell manages to pry the lid off the paint can, releasing Margalo. As Margalo flies out, she hears a screech) Snowbell, that's him! (Snowbell: (dives into the paint can) Please don't hurt me! Kill the bird, not me! I'm gonna be falcon poop!) (Falcon: Well, well, well. The canary is outta her cage. And how nice. She's brought a friend for dinner. Too bad I don't like canned food.) (Falcon swoops down and kicks the paint can with Snowbell in it, sending it rolling down the stairs.) Snowbell, get out! (Snowbell: Can't! Stuck! Too fat!) (The paint can rolls to the edge of the building, teetering many meters above the street. Falcon prepares to push the can off the building!) Don't do it, Falcon! Or else! (Snowbell: Do what?! What's he doing?!) (Falcon: Or else what?) Or else you'll lose... this! (Margalo holds up Mrs. Little's ring Falcon forced her to steal) (Falcon: Put that down, Margalo!) I'm through doing what you tell me to do! I'm leaving you, Falcon, forever! (Falcon: Oh, and what do you think you'll be without me?!) Free! (Margalo flies off) (Falcon: Big mistake! I'll be back for you, furball!) (Snowbell: Don't hurry!)
~ Margalo standing up to Falcon, telling him if he kills Snowbell, he'll lose Mrs. Little's ring he forced her to steal and that she's done being his slave.