Dating a Bully
[after Balto left and saw Steele and his love interest Jenna were talking since the race was over] Steele: Hey Jenna. You enjoy the race? Jenna: Yeah Steele: Thanks. Jenna, we should celebrate since I know where I bury some bones. Jenna: Sorry Steele. Somehow, I lost my appetite. [then Jenna leaves]
~ Steele trying to impress Jenna so she can be his lover than Balto

Like it say above, the main antagonist have a thing for the heroines who's the main protagonist's love interest. Sometimes, he and the heroines date at the beginning or middle so we can find out who's gonna win the heart of the heroines.

Even though the heroines always know that the main antagonist bulling the main protagonist, she want to tell the bully to stop picking him or they'll break up for good!

Here's why the heroes are dating the main antagonist at first:

  • It's unknown why the heroines fall in love or date with the main antagonist, but it explain later sometimes
  • the main antagonist want the girl only for beauty instead getting know to them
  • they're dating, because the main antagonist want to prove anybody that the heroines is his forever!
  • the main antagonist can be jealous that the main protagonist is trying to win the love interest which it can lead to bulling, anger and revenge! Oh no!