Heroic Overview

The stakes are reaching their highest, and it's time to kick some weasels' heinies. In any story, there comes a time when the hero or heroine (or someone he or she loves) stands up to goons or scoundrels (thieves, con artists, robbers, corrupt officers, power-hungry viziers, or the villain's flunkies). The good guy can do this when:

  • Protecting someone he or she loves
  • Saving his true love
  • Exposing Evil Plans and Evidence
  • Saving a treasure
  • Realizing a shocking truth

Noteworthy ExamplesEdit

  • Pepita brings down Ernesto de la Cruz, bringing the crook who murdered Héctor to justice after his crimes are exposed to his audience. She roars in his face, knocks him off the stage, carries him up in the air and throws him into a bell tower.
  • Gru stands up to Vector Perkins to save his daughters and Balthazar Bratt to defend his family.
  • Anna stands up to Prince Hans, berating him for his lies, then punches him over the side of the boat.
  • Fifi La Fume stands up to Johnny Pew, after find out that he is a selfish jerk, kicks him out of the theater.
  • Red Puckett stands up to Boingo after learning he is the Goody Bandit.
  • Sulley brings Randall Boggs to justice to save the factory and Boo.
  • Big Bob Pataki confronts Nick Vermicelli after realizing he was using him to get money.
  • Passepartout stands up to Inspector Fix to protect the Jade Buddha.
  • Davis Okoye stands up to Claire Wyden and, aided by George and Dr. Caldwell, brings her to justice.
  • Darkwing Duck fights Negaduck to rescue Morganna Macawbre
  • Jim Hawkins brings down Scroop to rescue himself avenge Mr. Arrow.
  • Darkwing Duck fights Taurus Bulba's henchmen Hammerhead Hannigan, Hoof and Mouth and brings Taurus down to rescue Gosalyn Waddlemeyer.
  • Cornelius stands up to Grundel to win Thumbelina's love.
  • Gohan stands up to his Uncle Raditz for hurting his father Goku.
  • Boo fights Randall Boggs to save Sulley before her hero brings the wicked monster to justice.
  • Tiana stands up to Dr. Facilier, motivated by her father's love.
  • Gosalyn Mallard fights Negaduck to save Darkwing Duck and Launchpad.
  • Prince Phillip and the three good fairies fight off Maleficent's goons and Diablo the raven as they escape her lair.
  • Pongo and Perdita fight Cruella's goons Jasper and Horace to protect their puppies.
    • In the sequel, Thunderbolt uses his "death scene" act to distract Cruella into knocking Jasper and Horace out and incapacitating herself.
  • Robin Hood fights with Sheriff of Nottingham inside Prince John's burning castle.
  • Perry the Platypus fights Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz in various episodes.
  • Karen Sympathy knocks Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale together, Bullwinkle rams Fearless Leader to his comrades, then Rocky ties the three villains together with cable wire.
  • Peter Rabbit and his friends fight Tommy Brock, Mr. Tod, and Mr. McGregor's cat, and sends the three villains rolling downhill.
  • Radiator Springs residents fights Professor Zündapp's minions to save Mater and Lightning McQueen with Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell.
  • Darkwing Duck fights various villains to save St. Canard.


(Big Bob notices Nick Vermicelli trying to sneak away. With a ferocious growl, he charges like a bull and slams him against a car.) Where are you going, pipsqueak? (Nick: Hey, Bob, I'll make it up to you. I'll buy you breakfast, we can talk, they have a special - AAAAAH!) (Bob won't have any of it and gives the scoundrel who cheated him a mighty punch.)
~ Big Bob Pataki getting his revenge on Nick Vermicelli for attempting to double-cross him.

GEORGE! (Kate lunges at Claire, grabbing her arm and knocking the gun out of her hands.) (Claire: GET AWAY FROM ME! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!) (George puts in the air a mighty roar.) (Claire: What the hell are you doing?!) (Kate places the serum in Claire's purse; the wicked businesswoman's eyes grow wide with surprise.) (Kate, bravely: Feeding the monster to the gorilla!) (With a mighty blow, Kate fells Claire with a solid punch in the nose, knocking her backward. Slowly, George's beefy hand closes around the evil woman, who yowls in terror as George lifts her into the air and opens his mouth. Then, he releases his grip and drops the Claire into his gaping maw, swallowing her and the serum in a single bite.) (Claire, as she tumbles into George's mouth: Oh, SHIT!!!!) Roaring with rage and triumph, he smashes the antenna used to attract the monsters.)
~ Davis Okoye and Kate Caldwell tricking Claire Wyden into being devoured by George and as a result, the evil businesswoman who kept Kate away from her dying brother and endangered Chicago is finally brought to justice.

Listen close, you little punk. When I get in there, you are in for a world of pain!
~ Gru standing up to Vector to save his adopted daughters.

(As soon as the R.L.S. Legacy's lights go back on, Jim Hawkins' backs through the inside of the ship, laser flintlock in hand and eyes wide. Behind him, Scroop looms above the boy like a phantom. Suddenly, Morph pops out of a pipe, notices this and squeaks in terror, then turns himself into a hand and jabs two fingers in the pirate's eyes! Scroop yowls and, with a growl of rage, knocks Jim down with one arm. Before Jim can reach for his gun, the fiend pins him to the steel grating.) (B.E.N., pulling out a plug: This has gotta be cannons.) (Little does he know, he's deactivated the ship's gravity!) (B.E.N.: Maybe not.) (As the two of them float through the air, Jim gives Scroop a sharp kick, sending him crashing through the deck. He tries reaching for his gun and Scroop swings a claw at him like a dagger. Thinking fast, Jim grabs the pirate flag, holding on for dear life. With a sinister chuckle, Scroop climbs up the mast. Jim notices his pistol floating next to him and tries to grab it.) Come on, come on, come on! (It's too late, as the gun is floating away from his grasp.) No! (Scroop, snickering: Oh, yes.) (He begins to saw the rope holding the flag.) (Scroop: Do say hello to Mr. Arrow.) (Jim grabs hold of the mast. With a bloodcurdling snarl, Scroop lunges at him one last time.) TELL HIM YOURSELF! (Jim kicks Scroop into the flag, causing the rope to break. As it does, the wicked alien gives out a long, horrible cry as he is sucked away into space.)
~ Jim Hawkins taking out Scroop to save himself and avenge Mr. Arrow's death.

(Sulley finally makes it to the door where Randall is holding Boo and opens it.) (Boo, excited to see her hero: Kitty!) Boo! (Suddenly, Randall lunges and knocks him to the edge of the door. Sulley hangs dangerously over the depths as Randall stands over him, leering with evil triumph.) (Randall: Look at everyone's favorite scarer now! You stupid, pathetic waste!) (He stomps on Sulley's paw, which falls off the ledge.) (Boo begins to cry.) (Randall: You've been Number One for too long, Sullivan! Now your time is up!) (As Randall begins to push Sulley to his doom, a look of rage comes across Boo's face.) (Randall, with an evil grin: And DON'T worry, I'll take GOOD care of the kid.) No! (Suddenly, Boo pounces on Randall, grabbing him by his head fronds. Randall yowls in pain. Boo continues yanking on his fronds as Sulley climbs into the room. She clobbers Randall with a baseball bat until Sulley grabs him around the throat.) (Boo: Rahr! Rahrrr!) She's not scared of you anymore.) (Boo: RAHRRRR!) Looks like you're out of a job. (Randall gulps.)
~ Sulley bringing Randall Boggs to justice.

We meet at last, Mr. Toad!
~ Cornelius standing up to Grundel to save Thumbelina.

That was my photograph! (Everyone in the theater watch in shock) I cannot believe you! (Johnny Pew: Yep. Well, I am pretty unbelievable.) (Fifi grabs Johnny in anger.) You are nothing but a selfish, worthless, waste of skunk! You, monsieur Pew, STINK! (Fifi kicks Johnny hard and smashes him out of the theater with everyone cheering.)
~ Fifi La Fume stands up to Johnny Pew, after finding out that he is a selfish jerk, kicks him out of the theater.

(On the boat, Hans groans and rubs his sore jaw. Kristoff prepares to lunge at him, but Anna holds him back.) Ah-ah-ah-ah. (She calmly walks over to the wicked prince.) (Hans, surprised: Anna? But she froze your heart.) The only frozen heart around here is yours.) (Anna begins to walk away, but then whirls around and punches Hans in the face, causing him to tumble over the side of the boat.)
~ Princess Anna standing up to Prince Hans for his treachery.

(On the train, Passepartout is heating up water in a teapot.) How to make English tea. Precisely 96 degrees. (The water touches his hand.) Ooh. (The door opens and Inspector Fix walks in.) (Inspector Fix: Pardon me, sir.) (Just then, he runs back in, realizing who he came across.) (Inspector Fix: Fogg's valet!) (He notices the Jade Buddha, looking at it with greedy eyes.) (Inspector Fix: The Jade Buddha!) This is not a jade buddha. (Inspector Fix: Oh, yes it is!) You're right. But I'm not a valet. (Inspector Fix: Oh, really?) (Fix pulls out a pair of handcuffs, but his hand slams against a lamp. Faster than you can say "Earl Grey," Passepartout grabs the teapot and tosses the boiling water on Fix's privates!) (Inspector Fix: OWWWWWW!) (Passepartout slams the door on his face. Fix stumbles into the hallway, clutching his broken, bleeding nose.) (Inspector Fix: Me bloody nose!) (He pounds on the door in rage.) (Inspector Fix: Let me in! You're gonna pay for scorching me willy!) (He flings open the door, scanning the room and the open window. His eyes turn to Passepartout, who is hiding on a shelf. Fix laughs maliciously.) (Inspector Fix: Now I gotcha.) (Suddenly, Passepartout knocks some pots and pans down in defense. One of them slams on Fix's toes, a tray on his hand, and the cunning cop slips on one of the skillets, tumbling out the window.) (Inspector Fix, as Passepartout grabs his socks: You're under arrest!) (Fix falls out the window.)
~ Passpartout standing up to Inspector Fix to protect the sacred Jade Buddha.

(Jon and Liz confront Happy Chapman. Chapman, dazed from his brawl with Garfield and Odie gets to his feet. (Happy Chapman, dizzily: Be happy.) This is for stealing my dog and my cat! (punches Chapman in the face, sending him to the floor)
~ Jon Arbuckle punching Happy Chapman in the face for stealing his pets.