In many a story, there comes a time when the hero or heroine stands up to thuggish brutes (usually giants, the villain's bodyguards, trolls, etc.), especially when:

  • Protecting someone he/she loves
  • Protecting a home
  • Defending oneself
  • Participating in a test of strength.

Noteworthy Examples Edit

  • Hercules fights Nessus to rescue Meg, passing his first test.
  • Batman fights Bane to save Gotham City from his reign of terror.
  • Queen Elinor fights Mor'du to rescue Merida, putting an end to his tyranny.
  • When the Mountain Troll attacks Hermione Granger and Harry Potter, Ron Weasley knocks him out with his own club to save them.
  • Darkwing Duck fights various bad guys to protect St. Canard.
  • Charlie Barkin fights Carface to save Anne-Marie.
  • Tramp fights off vicious street dogs to save Lady.
  • Sherlock Holmes stands up to Dredger to defend himself and his comrades.
  • Kayley stands up to Ruber to save King Arthur and, with Garrett, brings the evil knight to justice.
  • Indiana Jones stands up to the German Mechanic to protect himself.
  • Tramp stands up to Reggie to save his son, Scamp.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants stands up to Dennis to defend himself and Patrick.
  • Mowgli fights Shere Khan in a burning tree and defeats him, putting an end to his reign of terror.
  • Finn McMissile fights the Tony Trihull and grubing Zündapp and Holley Shiftwell fights Grem and Acer to save Mater with Lightning McQueen.
  • Gizmo fights Stripe/Mohawk to protect Kate Beringer and Marla Bloodstone and stop the Gremlin horde.
  • Peter stood up for his daughter Meg against bullies while he was the substitute principal after they where harassing her in the cafeteria and spilled grape juice all over the floor.

Quotes Edit

(SpongeBob and Patrick shiver in front of Neptune's crown as Dennis stomps over to them. With an evil grin, the thug pulls off his broken sunglasses.) (Dennis: Now, WHERE were we?) Patrick, run! (Patrick, firmly: No. I'm tired of running. (He cracks his knuckles.) If we run now, we'll never sto - ) (Dennis swats Patrick like a fly and he tumbles to Hasslehoff's heel, holding on for dear life.) (Patrick: RUN, SPONGEBOB!) (Screaming, SpongeBob runs for his life. He hops onto the lifeguard's rear end, and Dennis lunges, driving his knife into it.) (Hasslehoff: Ooh! Take it easy back there, fellas.) (With a bloodcurdling snarl, Dennis closes in on SpongeBob, who runs across Hasslehoff's leg, whimpering in terror. The helpless sponge shrieks.) (Patrick: SpongeBob, be careful!) (Dennis: Come on, kid, give it up.) (SpongeBob looks down at the rushing water.) (Dennis: Dennis always gets his man.) (Dennis grabs for SpongeBob, who bravely jumps from one leg to another.) NEVER! (He finally lands on the spot.) Yeah! I did it! (Dennis looms over SpongeBob like a rhino.) (Dennis: You got guts, kid. (SpongeBob yelps.) Too bad I gotta rip them outta ya.) Uh, I don't know what Plankton's paying you, but if you let us go, I can make it worth your while.) (SpongeBob pulls out some cash, and Dennis snatches it from his hand.) (Dennis: It'll take a lot more than five - What is this?) Uh, that, sir, is five Goober Dollars, legal tender at any participating Goofy Goober's - (Dennis grabs SpongeBob by the throat!) I got bubbles. Fun at parties. (SpongeBob pulls out a bubble blower and blasts Dennis in the eyes with bubbles.) (Dennis: MY EYES!) (Dennis throws SpongeBob aside.) (Patrick: I got you, SpongeBob!) (Patrick grabs his friend's hand, saving him.) Thanks, buddy. (SHINK! Iron spikes pop out of Dennis's boot as he prepares to finish them off.) Uh, thanks a lot.) (Dennis, enraged: THAT'S IT! I'M THROUGH MESSING AROUND! SEE YOU LATER, FOOLS!) (A horn honks nearby. Hasselhoff dives under a catamaran, leading it to knock Dennis into the sea.) (Patrick: See ya.)
~ SpongeBob SquarePants standing up to Dennis to save himself and Patrick.

(Inside the dog pound, Scamp is at the mercy of the monstrous dog, Reggie. The giant beast strains at its chain, snarling and snapping his jaws, then swipes one paw at the terrified youth. Reggie breaks his chain and lunges for Scamp, pinning him down with one paw. With that, Tramp charges to the rescue.) Hold on, son! (Tramp opens the cage door and lunges at Reggie, knocking him to the floor.) Keep your paws off my boy! (He clamps down on the brute's leg. Reggie knocks him down with a powerful swipe and tosses him aside like a rag doll.) (Scamp: Hey! Paws off my pop!) (Scamp rushes over to Reggie and chomps down on his tail. The thuggish dog howls in pain, then chases Scamp and and throws him against the wall. With that, Tramp pounces on Reggie and runs to the door, slamming it on his face and knocking him silly.) Hmph! (Otis, cackling: Oh yeah, he's cashed in his bones! He's cashed.) (Tramp walks over to Scamp, who is lying on the floor, out cold. He sniffs him and licks his face. Scamp wakes up groggily.) (Scamp: Dad?) (Tramp stands over him, smiling proudly as the fireworks crackle.)
~ Tramp fighting Reggie to save Scamp.

(Hermione is upset about her disagreement with Ron and walks into the girl's restroom. Thunder crashes and she notices huge, knobby legs. Hermione looks up to see the dreaded Mountain Troll towering over her, and her eyes widen in terror. Gasping, she backs up to a stall, and runs into it. Suddenly, without warning, the monster swings its massive club, smashing it to pieces! Hermione screams and tumbles to the floor. Harry and Ron run inside to notice the scene. Hermione pushes away some splintered wood.) (Harry: Hermione, move!) (Hermione begins to crawl away, but the troll swings its weapon once again, splintering the nearby stalls. She cries out in terror and with that, Harry and his friend begin to toss pieces of wood at the troll.) Hey! Pea-brain! (Ron tosses a piece at the troll's face, getting its attention. Hermione crawls under the sinks, but the brute notices her and brings its club down, smashing one of them.) (Hermione: HELP!) (Harry runs over to the troll and wraps his arms around its club, allowing him to hop onto the monster's head. The troll flails around, and Harry hastily drives his wand up its nose.) Eugh! (Hermione wrinkles her nose at the sight. The troll sneezes. Harry grabs it by the ears and it throws him off. The huge thug snatches his leg.) (Harry: DO something!) (The troll swings its club, missing Harry's head.) What?! (Harry: ANYTHING!) (The troll roars and swings its weapon.) (Harry: Hurry up!) (Hermione: Swish and flick!) (Ron brandishes his wand.) Wingardium leviosa! (At these words, the troll's club levitates in the air. The monster looks up and suddenly, the club comes down on its owner's head with a loud smack. A smile comes across Ron's face.) Cool. (With a gurgling groan, the troll spins around, releases Harry, and tumbles to the floor with a crash on its face.)
~ Ron Weasley using the levitation spell to bring down the Mountain Troll to save Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

~ Finn McMissile fights the Tony Trihull and grubing Zündapp and Holley Shiftwell fights Grem and Acer to save Mater with Lightning McQueen.

(Meg being bullied: Knock it off! Give me back my lunch!) (Jock: What do we got here? Grape juice in a zip lock bag?) (Meg: I have to make my own Capri suns. Ah!)(The burst the bag and the grape juice is all over meg the Peter walks over) Hey, stupid? What the hell are you doing?! That's my daughter! (Jock: Yeah? What are you gonna do about it?) What am I gonna do about it? I'll knock your teeth down your throat and out you butt, you little bastard! (Jock's friend snickers) Oh, you think that's funny? Him spilling juice all over the floor?! This is gonna make people's sneakers sticky! And then we're gonna have to listen to "squish, squish, squish" all day! Well I won't have it! Get on your knees and lick it up! (Jock surprised: What? A-Are you serious?) Yeah I'm serious, I'm the Principal! (Peter throws the bully to the floor and turns to Peter has he gives him a stern stair as he bends his heads towards the grape juice and starts licking it) (Meg feeling embarrassed: Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed) (Ruth: What are you talking about? That jerk is finally getting what he deserves!) (Esther:Yeah Meg. Now that your dad's the Principal, you can finally have power over the bullies.) Now you little punks get to class! And if you see Ms. Millican tell I said: "Hey, what's up?"

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