Diamond City is a modern metropolis where is the Shiro & Kuro's hometown is located during the Bomberman, served as main world in Super Bomberman and 1st world in Super Bomberman 5.

Located in the Earth, this metropolis is notable for its labs, robot factories, technology and robot tournaments; but also have natural places as grass, forests, lakes villages and greenhouses.

In primary Bomberman, part this metropolis as Peace Town became main map in that Kuro was main villain. In Super Bomberman, this metropolis was explored by duo when Carat Diamond and Dr. Mook creates robots to Robot Tournament with the hope of steal Shiro's advanced combat capabilities and Kuro losing his castle during the tournament. In Super Bomberman 5, this metropolis formed part of Terrorin World where Bomber Woof is found.


  • Peace Town: Shiro and Kuro's hometown.
  • Robot Amusement Park: Fun fair contains and circus.
  • Dr. Mook's Robot Factory: Dr. Mook's factory where he created his robots for tournament.
  • Robot Tournament Qualifier Dome: Was where Shiro and Kuro pursued Dr Mook.
  • Robot Tournament Grounds: Here where occurred the Robot Tournament.
  • Diamond Tower: Main state of Carat Diamond.


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