Although many villains can do this too, there comes a time when the hero or heroine (or the protagonist's caregiver) can take hold of them in a disciplinary way that isn't violent. The most common way is grabbing someone by the ear or any other like schoolboys, whether it's in a comical or serious situation.

Examples Edit

  • Queen Elinor takes Fergus and the lords by the ear to break up a huge brawl.
  • Misty, Max and Croagunk all normally do this to Brock.
  • Jerry Mouse grabs Tuffy by the ear after a sword fight with Tom Cat for his cowardice
  • Aunt Cass grabs Tadashi and Hiro's ears when she tells them off for their reckless actions as soon as they're released from prison.
  • Officer Smith grabs Yogi to ban him from Jellystone Mall for letting the invisible bandit get away.
  • Moana grabs Maui by the ear when telling him she didn't come to his island so he could sign her oar.
  • Granny Smith grabbed Bright Mac ear and walked away from Pear Butter a.k.a Buttercup and also tells him the apples and pears should not get along.

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