Although many villains can do this too, there comes a time when the hero or heroine (or the protagonist's caregiver) can take hold of them in a disciplinary way that isn't violent. The most common way is grabbing someone by the ear or any other like schoolboys, whether it's in a comical or serious situation.

Examples Edit

  • Queen Elinor takes Fergus and the lords by the ear to break up a huge brawl.
  • Misty, Max and Croagunk all normally do this to Brock.
  • Jerry Mouse grabs Tuffy by the ear after a sword fight with Tom Cat for his cowardice
  • Aunt Cass grabs Tadashi and Hiro's ears when she tells them off for their reckless actions as soon as they're released from prison.
  • Mrs. Cameron takes her son Christopher inside the building and scolds him for chasing Jason, Gunther, Evelyn, Seth and Thomas. Jason and his friends watch through the open window. Christopher lies to his mother about being their friend, Mrs. Cameron shouts "Yeah, right!", and slaps her son. Later, she scolds his older friend Quincy Maroone and her son Christopher for their evil intentions, but has Officer Daniel arrest the two villains.
  • Officer Smith grabs Yogi to ban him from Jellystone Mall for letting the invisible bandit get away.
  • Moana grabs Maui by the ear when telling him she didn't come to his island so he could sign her oar.
  • Granny Smith grabbed Bright Mac ear and walked away from Pear Butter a.k.a Buttercup and also tells him the apples and pears should not get along.

Gallery Edit

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