Heroic Overview

Dressing as the Enemy

Princess Leia: Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
Luke: Huh? Oh, the uniform. (pulls off helmet) I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm here to rescue you.
Princess Leia: You're who?
~ Luke Skywalker taking off his Stormtrooper disguise while rescuing Leia Organa.

Sometimes the heroes will disguise themselves as the villains or their henchmen in order to infiltrate the villain's lair and rescue a damsel in distress or a male damsel. This can also discover secrets from the enemy.

Disguise is an important role in dealing enemies as mere strength is not enough, as sometimes, the heroes would need to defeat them from the inside.

During a mission, their cover or the disguise gets blown after the villains discover that the hero/heroine is an imposter.


  • Dr. Cockroach, Missing Link, and B.O.B. disguise themselves as Gallaxhar clones to save Susan/Ginormica from Gallaxhar.
  • Hermione Granger uses Polyjuice Potion to transform into Bellatrix Lestrange and break into her vault at Gringotts so they can find one of Lord Voldemort's horcruxes.
  • Moira MacTaggert disguises herself as a female stripper to sneak into a strip club and find out what Hellfire Club is up to.
  • Phoebe Halliwell disguises herself as a Demonatrix to infiltrate Vincent's lair and rescue their sister Paige Matthews.
  • Captain America impersonates Ultron's doppelgänger of a Captain America (Synthezoid) in order to save the Avengers who have been kidnapped.
  • Amethyst shapeshifts into a fully-developed Quartz soldier approximating Jasper in deign to confuse Homeworld Gems when traveling from Earth to far-out places like the Moon or the Human Zoo.
  • Jimmy Neutron impersonates himself as the Evil Jimmy Neutron to infiltrate the evil Earth and stop his evil counterpart.
  • The Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion disguise themselves as Winkie Guards to infiltrate The Wicked Witch's Castle and rescue Dorothy Gale.
  • Han Solo and Luke Skywalker disguise themselves as Storm Troopers to rescue Leia Organa from Darth Vader's clutches.
  • Baloo disguises himself as a female orangutan to fool King Louie and the Bandar-Log long enough so he and Bagheera can rescue Mowgli.
  • Mater shapeshifts into Ivan the tow truck to infiltrate the lemon meeting and find out who's been sabotaging the races of the World Grand Prix.
  • Samey uses a fake beauty mark to impersonate her evil sister Amy, while she's eliminated.
  • April O'Neil dresses up as a schoolgirl to obtain information from Dr. Baxter Stockman, suspecting him to be working for Shredder.
  • Justin Miller disguises himself as a criminal named Pupa to find out what's in the crates at Mossi Kasic's party.
  • Homer Simpson dresses up as General Marriott Suites to enter the dome and rescue all the citizens who were stuck in Springfield.
  • Karai disguises herself as Utrom Shredder to end the war in New York City between The Purple Dragons, The Mafia and The Foot Clan.
  • Cade Yeager dresses up as a KSI Scientist to investigate what's happened to the other Autobots who were hunted down and killed.
  • Emmet Brickowski and Wyldstyle disguise themselves as robots to infiltrate Octan Corporation, disarm the Kragle and stop Lord Business.
  • Shrek disguises himself as a worker to infiltrate the Fairy Godmother's potion factory and steal a powerful potion.
  • Captain Lone Starr and Barf steal two Spaceballs troopers' uniforms and disguise themselves as troopers in order to rescue Princess Vespa and Dot Matrix.
  • Natasha Romanoff masquerades herself as Councilwoman Hawley in order to gain access to the Triskelion and stop Hydra.
  • Jinx disguises herself as a Cobra red ninja to get close to Cobra Commander, Firefly and Zartan along with Storm Shadow, who was going after Zartan because he murdered the Hard Master.
  • Ethan Hunt poses himself as a criminal to find clues.
  • BB uses Lady Lux's body as a bike rider disguise to make a deal with CC and Dee Dee from her old band BCD in order to expose Lady Lux's plan.
  • Felonious Gru paints two of his own yellow Minions in purple paint, making them look like El Macho's mutated minions so they can infiltrate his lair and rescue Lucy Wilde.
  • Princess Jasmine disguises herself as one of the Palace guards to rescue Aladdin from Mozenrath.
  • Mystique shapeshifts into other humans or mutants in order to spy on them for various reasons or to rescue innocent lives.
  • Ashley Hammond disguises herself as Astronema in order to trick Elgar and warn Andros about the swap. In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, after Karone was free from being brainwashed, she disguises as her alter-ego Astronema so she can steal the Pink Quasar Saber at an auction and give it back to the Rangers.
  • Batman disguises himself as Killer Croc to infiltrate the villain's meeting at the bar.
  • Little John disguises himself as the Sheriff of Nottingham in order to free Friar Tuck and the other prisoners.
  • Robin Hood disguises himself as Nutsy in order to fool The Sheriff of Nottingham and Trigger so he and Little John can rescue Friar Tuck and the other prisoners.
  • Ace Ventura disguises himself as a Wachootoo dancer to infiltrate their village and search for Shikaka.
  • The Autobots disguise themselves as the Stunticons to penetrate the Decepticon camp.
  • Ulysses, Pete and Delmar disguise themselves as KKK members to rescue Tommy from being hanged.
  • Ratchet uses the Tyhrra-Guise to get into Dr. Nefarious' office on planet Aqauatos.
  • Jack disguising himself as a demonic minion to sneak into Aku's domain and rescue Prince Astor and Princess Verbina.
  • Shaggy and Scooby disguise themselves as Kriegstaffebots in order to rescue the townsfolk from Professor Pericles.

Quotes Edit

(Levene: Another day at the office.) Is that Colonel Hendry? (Levene: The NATO guy?) Yeah. (Levene: Yes, it is. Because that's three mob bosses, the Italian ambassador and the CEO of Lockheed.) They can't all be Communists. This Hellfire Club, it's got to be something else. (Levene Chuckles) (Levene: Do you see that? Hello, girls. Wow! Very nice.) (Moira Unzips Her Clothes Except The Lingerie) (Levene: What are you doing?) Using some equipment the CIA didn't give me. Stay put. (Moira Walking Inside The Strip Club) (Man 1: Hello, beautiful. How are you?) (Man 2: Hey, baby. You want to find a quiet place?) I am so sorry. I've been booked by Colonel Hendry. Excuse me. (Moira Walks To A Private Room And Looks Around Before Shutting The Curtains) (Moira Presses A Button And Turns To A Secret Passage With A Secret Base Underneath The Club While Discovering A Couple Of Files) (She Looks Through A Bookcase And Finds Out That Emma Frost Is A Mutant) (She Gets Surprised After Seeing Her Appearance Before Taking One Last Quick Look Before Leaving)
~ Moira MacTaggert disguises herself as a female stripper to sneak into a strip club

(Toto leads The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion to the front of the Wicked Witch's castle where they hide behind the rocks.) Cowardly Lion: What's that? What's that? Scarecrow: That's the Castle of the Wicked Witch. Dorothy's in that awful place? Tin Man: Oh, I'd hate to think of her in there. We've got to get her out! Scarecrow: Don't cry now. We haven't got the oil can with us and you've been squeaking enough as it is. Lion: Who's them? Who's them? (The Lion points to the Winkie Guards marching around the front gate chanting.) Scarecrow: I've got a plan how to get in there. Lion: Fine. He's got a plan. Scarecrow:And you're gonna lead us. Lion: Yeah. Me? Scarecrow: Yes, you! Lion: I-I've gotta get her out of there? Tin Man: That's right! Lion: Alright. I'll do it for Dorothy. Wicked Witch or no Wicked Witch. Guards or no Guards, I'll tear 'em apart! Ruff! I may not come out alive but I'm going in there. There's just one thing I want you fellas to do. Scarecrow and Tin Man: What's that? Lion: Talk me out of it! (The Lion tries to slink away but the Scarecrow and Tin Man stop him and force him to lead the way.) (Much later, The Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion are hiding behind the rocks outside the entrance to the Wicked Witch's Castle trying to think of a plan to get inside and rescue Dorothy. Unbeknownst to them, three of the Witch's Winkie Guards are sneaking up behind them. The Lion manages to spot them and tries to warn his friends but they ignore him. Suddenly, the Winkies pounce on them and there is a struggle. A few minutes later, The Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion arise, somehow managing to steal the Winkies' uniforms, just as the rest of the guards start to march into the castle.) Scarecrow: Come on! I've got another idea. Lion: Do you think it'll be polite dropping in like this? Scarecrow and Tin Man: Come on! (The Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion slip down the rocks right at the end of the marching line with Toto behind them. The Lion's tail keeps popping out and he desperately tries to shove it back in before anyone notices. Luckily they all manage to get in just before the drawbridge closes.)
~ The Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion disguising themselves as Winkie Guards to infiltrate the Wicked Witch's Castle and rescue Dorothy Gale

(Ron: Are you sure that's hers?) Positive. Well? How do I look? (Ron: Hideous.) (Harry: You can give that to Hermione to hold, all right, Griphook?) (Harry: We're relying on you. Griphook. If you get us past the guards and into the vault, the sword's yours.) (Travers: Madame Lestrange.) Good morning. (Griphook: "Good morning"? "Good morning"? You're Bellatrix Lestrange, not some dewy-eyed school girl.) (Ron: Hey. Easy.) (Griphook: She gives us away, we might as well use that sword to slit our own throats. Understand?) No, he's right. I was being stupid. (Harry: Okay. Let's do it.) I wish to enter my vault. (Goblin: Identification?) I hardly think that would be necessary. (Goblin: Madame Lestrange.) I don't like to be kept waiting. (Goblin: I know... They know she's an imposter. They'd be warned.) (Ron: Harry... What do we do, Harry?) (Bogrod: Madame Lestrange, would you mind presenting your wand?) And why should I do that? (Bogrod: It's the bank's policy! I'm sure you understand, given current climate.) No! I most certainly do not understand! (Bogrod: I'm afraid, I must insist.) (Harry: Imperio!) (Bogrod: Very well, Madame Lestrange. If you would follow me?)
~ Hermione Granger using a strand of Bellatrix's hair to transform into her and break into the Lestrange Vault at Gringotts

(The Missing Link, Dr. Cockroach, and B.O.B. are watching the Gallaxhar clones being created and see that Susan/Ginormica has lost her powers.) Link: Wow. Ginormica ain't so "ginormic" anymore. Dr. Cockroach: How are we supposed to get to her? There's too many of them. It's impossible. B.O.B.: I may not have a brain, gentleman, but I have an idea. (Wiggles his eyebrow cleverly.) (Somehow B.O.B, Link and Dr. Cockroach have gotten into the cloning machine and are now wearing Gallaxhar clone uniforms.) Dr. Cockroach: This is not going to work. (Later on, they meet up with Susan, who is being taken away to the incinerator by a clone at gunpoint.) Link: Halt! (Susan smiles happily, but stops to avoid suspicion.) I, Gallaxhar, order you to release the prisoner at once! (Gallaxhar clone: Clearly, you are defective beyond repair. Guards, take this defective clone to the incinerator!) [pause](Gallaxhar clone: Well, what are you waiting for? You and you!)(Points at Dr. Cockroach and B.O.B) Dr. Cockroach: Seriously? (Gallaxhar clone: Yes. Take the prisoner and the defective clone to the incinerator.) Dr. Cockroach Ph.D.: Uh, yes, of course.(Gallaxhar clone: And here's a security pass in case you need it.) [Offers a laser gun to B.O.B) (Gallaxhar clone: Would you like a gun?) B.O.B.: Yes, I would. Hey, you guys, check this out. (Gun goes off and hits clone) Link: Okay...
~ The Missing Link, Dr. Cockroach and B.O.B. disguising themselves as Gallaxhar clones to infiltrate Gallaxhar's ship and rescue Ginormica

(Ryan: Hey, Chang. How do I make you... look like him?) (SIGHS) S*** (Josie: How much time we got?) -Uh... (Josie:-Shut up. OK. I need a water, three bowls and a lemon peel. Come on, people, let's go!) That's my girl. (Josie: All right. Are you ready?) (Ryan: We're ready.) (Pupa: Oh, ho-ho. -That's handsome.) (Ryan: -Well...) I look like someone hit me in the face with Lil Wayne. (Pupa AND Ryan LAUGHING) (Pupa: Lil Wayne! He made a joke about Lil Wayne! Oh, s***! That's funny.) (Ryan: Hey, Josie, I gotta say you're one heck of an artist.) (Josie:-Thank you.)
~ Ryan O'Malley has an idea to get Justin Miller into Mossi Kasic's party without getting caught

(Homer Hiding In The Bushes) Ten-hut! At ease. I'm General Marriott Suites... ...and I have an urgent note from the president. (Homer Giving The Soldier A Leaf With A Note On It) It says to release this town immediately. (Soldier: Why is it written on a leaf?) (Homer Knocks Out The Soldier By Punching Him) (Homer Laughs)
~ Homer Simpson tricks the Soldier by dressing himself up as a general

(Zhen Lei: He's going in.) (Owen Heads To The Mens Toilet, Puts The Briefcase Down, He Smokes A Cigarette, Removes His Jacket And Uses Cold Water To Wipe Off The Stain From His Shirt) (Davian Grunting) Quiet. Read this. Slowly. Read it. (Owen Davian: "The pleasure of Buzby's company "is what I most enjoy. "He put a tack on Miss Yancy's chair "when she called him a horrible boy. "At the end of the month he was flinging two kittens "across the width of the room. "I count on his schemes to reveal the..." -What the hell is this?) -Finish. (Zhen Lei: Alpha, you're about to have a visitor.) Finish! (Owen Davian: "...a way to escape my gloom." (Luther Stickell: Got it.) (Ethan Knocks Out Owen With A Dart) (A Security Guard Walking To The Mens Toilet) (Zhen Lei: Alpha, do you copy? The guard's on his way.) Delta, stall him. I need more time. (Zhen Lei: It's too late for that. He's in the hallway.) (Ethan Sprays His Own Shirt Of The Wine Stain) (Guard: Sir, is everything all right?) (Luther Stickell: Everything is not all right. Voice mask is still compiling. I need 30 seconds.) (Guard: Sir?) (Ethan Coughing) (Guard: Sir?) (Luther Stickell: Six seconds, I'm uploading. A way to escape my gloom. Okay. Go.) I'm fine. Wait outside. (Luther Stickell: See you in the sewer.)
~ Ethan Hunt posing himself as Owen Davian

(Baloo and Bagheera sneak into the Ancient Ruins and find out that King Louie wants Mowgli to teach him the secret of fire.) (Bagheera: Fire? So that's what that scoundrel's after!) I'll tear him limb from limb! I'll beat him! I'll... I'll... (Starts dancing to the beat of the music.) Mmm! Yeah! Well, man! What a beat! (Bagheera: Will you stop that silly beat business and listen?! This'll take brains, not brawn.) You better believe it and I'm loaded with both! (Bagheera: Will you listen?) Oh, yeah. Yeah! (Baloo starts to dance off while Bagheera is talking.) (Bagheera: Now, while you create a disturbance, I'll rescue Mowgli. Got that?) I'm gone, man! Solid gone! (Bagheera: NOT YET, BALOO!) (Bagheera notices King Louie, Flunky, and Mowgli coming this way so he starts to run until he sees a statue that bears a striking resemblance to him and decides to pretend to be another panther statue so he can grab Mowgli. As Louie, Flunky, and Mowgli pass by, Bagheera reaches out a paw to grab Mowgli, but before he can, Baloo slams the door on him dressed up as a female orangutan.) Hey! De-zop-ba-nonie! Hap-de-dee-ba-lat-da-dat-dat-non! Hey, a-baby-dot-doo! Zaba-doo-doo-day-doo-bop-doo-boo-boo-day, ze-bonz, za-bop-bop-bobby! (King Louie: Za-bah-doo-dee!) Well, a-ree-bah-naza! (King Louie:He-beh-dobeh-doy!) Well, a-lah-bahzini! (King Louie: Wadahlabat-boodalabat!) Seebahlalat-dodie! (King Louie: Oooh-ooh,ooh!) Well, a-hah-hah-hah! (Louie:Rrrowl!) Gettin' mad, baby!
~ Baloo disguising himself as a female orangutan to fool King Louie and the Bandar-Log so Bagheera can rescue Mowgli.

*in tyhrranese* Would you mind extending the bridge, sir? (Tyhrranoid: You have no clearance. How do I know I can trust you?) Because I'll give you my sister's phone number... and I'm definitely not a Lombax. (Tyhrranoid: Oh, why didn't you say so?)
~ Ratchet using his Tyhrra-Guise and tricking an absent-minded Tyhrranoid into letting him into Dr. Nefarious' office.