Do It For Her

"Do it for Her" is a duet featured in the Steven Universe episode; "Sworn to the Sword". It is sung by both Connie and Pearl while practicing sword fighting in the Ancient Sky Arena.

The lyrics revolve around Pearl describing her devotion for Rose Quartz and instilling the same devotion for Steven in Connie as she trains her in the art of sword-fighting.


Pearl: All right. Everything begins with your stance. Remember:

You do it for him
And you would do it again
You do it for her, that is to say
You'll do it for him.
Keep your stance wide,
Keep your body lowered,
As you're moving forward
Bal-ance is the key
Right foot; left foot,
Now go even faster
And as you're moving backwards
Keep your eyes on me.


Keep my stance wide, (Good)
Keep my body lowered (Right)
As I'm moving forward (Concentrate!)


Don't you want him to live!?


Right foot; left foot;


Yes, but put your whole body into it!
Everything you have, everything you are
You've got to give-
On the battlefield
When everything is chaos,
And you have nothing but the way you feel, your strategy and a sword;
You just think about the life you'll have together after the war!
And then you do it for her.
That's how you know you can win
You do it for her, that is to say
You'll do it for him.
Deep down you know,
You weren't built for fighting
But that doesn't mean
You're not prepared to try
What they don't know
Is your real advantage,
When you live for someone,
You're prepared to die.


Deep down, I know
That I'm just a human (True)
But I know that I can draw my sword and fight
(But you know that you can draw your sword and fight)
With my short existence, (Good)
I can make a difference (Yes, excellent!)
I can be there for him
I can be his knight
I can do it for him


You'd do it for her


Okay, now do that again (Yes, ma'am.)
You do it for her, and now you say...


I'll do it for him.


Do It For Her—Rebecca Sugar Demo from Steven Universe02:22

Do It For Her—Rebecca Sugar Demo from Steven Universe


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