The Dragon Ring

The Dragon Ring

Merlin's Ring, also known as the Dragon Ring, is a magical ring that belonged to the legendary sorcerer Merlin.


Merlin's ring is about two inches long, in the form of a dragon. It's silver with a round, green, stone on it's back.


The Dragon Ring was given to Balthazar Blake by the sorcerer Merlin right before he died. Merlin even made it so that Balthazar who would not age before he found the Prime Merlinean, a sorcerer who would defeat the evil sorceress Morgana le fay. Every sorcerer has a ring. Without it they are powerless. Balthazar traveled the world for 1,000 years looking for the Prime Merlinean.

After 1,000 years, Balthazar finally found the Prime Merlinean, a young boy named Dave Stutler. Dave kept the ring until college when he would become a sorcerer.

Dave would later find his hidden powers without it as the Dragon Ring would be later stolen by Maxim Horvath, a former Merlinean who betrayed his 2 nearly-immortal, former dear friends Bathazar and Veronica.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While it is obvious that the Dragon Ring's powers were similar but more powerful than regular magic rings, the only power that this ring has was it could control the Grimhold and even telekinetically moving it even if the ring's user were had little to no experience with any magical talents. This was shown when the young Dave, whom wearing the ring, able to telekinetically control the Grimhold and also releasing Horvath by accident. On the other hand, when the user was already experienced in sorcery skills, they could use this ability by their will by using their mind to lock on the Grimhold.


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