There are a lot of times in film and stories when a hero or heroine drives back an enemy or keeps him or her at bay for these reasons:

  • Protect someone.
  • Give someone enough time to make a getaway.
  • Deter the enemy's blows.
  • Make a getaway.

Usually the hero or heroine does this with pepper spray, food, or, in some cases, tossing sand or dirt into the enemy's eyes, or slamming something into the enemy's face.

They can do this using Combat Techniques.


  • Oh and Tip slam a car door on Officer Kyle's face and blast him with popcorn, melted cheese and nacho chips to make a getaway as they squabble.
  • TJ Detweiler and Principal Prickly pour hot chowder on the Ugly Bald Guy to protect the kids.
  • While battling the German Mechanic, Indiana Jones tosses sand in his eyes.
  • Morph turns himself into a pie and throws himself at Scroop's face, then jabs him in the eyes with two fingers to protect Jim Hawkins.
  • Tuffy Mouse jabs Tom Cat in the eye with a trident to protect Jerry Mouse and his friends.
  • When hunting dogs chase Bambi, Flower, encouraged by Thumper to put on his brave face, lets loose a fart, driving them back with skunk spray.
  • Mowgli tosses dirt into Shere Khan's eyes to help Shanti and Ranjan make a getaway.
  • Lady Tottington squirts flower spray into Victor Quartermaine's eyes to protect Were-Rabbit/Wallace.
  • Rei stops a hypnotized Makoto from taking the Silver Crystal.
  • Peaches swings on a vine and gives the evil Captain Gutt a crushing kick to save her mother.
  • Dean and Sam Winchester wedging iron candlesticks onto the back of the Phantom Shadow, given that iron functions as a ghost's weakness.


(The hunting dogs are now chasing Bambi through the forest. Thumper and Flower notice this.) (Thumper: Look! It's Bambi!) (As the dogs charge, the two of them dive behind a bush with a yell.) (Thumper: We gotta help him! Make your brave face!) This one? Grrr. (More dogs pass by.) (Thumper: Braver!) This one? Grrr! (Thumper: No, no. Make the bravest face you ever made in your whole life.) This one? Grrrrrrr! (As Flower growls, a dog approaches but the skunk puts in the air a small fart, blasting him with skunk spray and causing it to run off yelping.) (Thumper holds his nose.) (Thumper, in a nasal voice: That's the one.)
~ Flower driving back a hunting dog with skunk spray.

[Sam grabs a pair of candlesticks.] Dean! Iron! [Sam tosses a candlestick towards Dean. Removing the candles, the two brothers wedge the candlesticks onto the Phantom Shadow's back seconds before it could attack Scooby-Doo and Castiel. The Phantom lets out a painful wail before disappearing, leaving only the candlesticks where it once stood.]
~ Dean and Sam Winchester wedging iron candlesticks onto the back of the Phantom Shadow.

[Once the book itself, a light blasts towards the sky, activating a vortex that sucks all the Goosebumps into it, starting with the Abominable Snowman of Pasadena and the Werewolf of Fever Swamp. Other monsters, such as the lawn gnomes, the Graveyard Ghouls, the Mummy, the Scarecrows, and Murder the Clown, are sucked in as well. As the Blob that Ate Everyone gets dragged towards and is sucked into the book in a manner similar to a flushing toilet, R.L. Stine manages to free himself and retrieve his glasses. He looks up to see the Giant Praying Mantis getting dragged towards the book as well before hearing a wicked laugh. It's Slappy, and he jumps on him, catching him by the throat.] (Slappy the Dummy: Slappy's not happy!) Neither is Stine... stupid DUMMY! (Stine gives Slappy a sharp kick, sending him flying into the abyss.) (Slappy the Dummy: See you in your dreams! [maniacal laugh])
~ R.L. Stine kicking Slappy away and into the book to save himself and his daughter.

Hey, Baldy! Say your prayers. It's chowder time.
~ T.J. Detweiler about to dump a pot of chowder on the Ugly Bald Guy's head to protect his classmates.

I don't know what Plankton's paying you,..(pulls out pink money)...but if you let us go, I could make it worth your while! (Dennis: It's gonna take a lot more than five--what is this?) That, sir, is five goober dollars, legal tender at any participating Goofy Goobe--(Dennis grabs him by the throat) I got bubbles! Fun at parties! (blows soap bubbles right into Dennis' eyes) (Dennis: MY EYES!!! AAAH!!)
~ SpongeBob spraying soap bubbles in Dennis' eyes.

Usagi, look out! (knocks a hypnotized Makoto out)
~ Rei stops a hypnotized Makoto from taking the Silver Crystal

(Chained agent: Give me the Jade Budd-air!) Okay, okay...What's Budd-air? (slams a door on the agent's face.)
~ Passepartout driving back a chained Black Scorpion agent

(Asher: Mike, on your left!) (A terrorist jumps from his bike into the window of the car, and Mike and Lynne fight to push him out.) (Lynne: GET HIM!) Not really where you wanna be right now. (Terrorist: F*** you!) F*** me? (bashes the terrorist against a bridge pillar, which pushes him out of the car)
~ Mike Banning subduing a terrorist to save President Asher.

(Manny hears a cry of distress.) (Ellie: HELP!) (Ellie's still tied up on Gutt's ship!) Mom! (Peaches darts toward her mother. Manny stops her.) (Manny: No, Peaches! I'll get your mother! You stay there!) (Ellie: Hurry, Manny!) (Captain Gutt slashes the ropes tethering the two ships, cutting off Manny's path. The evil ape smirks.) (Captain Gutt: Payback time!) (Manny gasps in horror as Gutt drags his gleaming claws against the icy surface of the ship as he moves closer to Ellie.) (Ellie: Manny!) (Manny: Ellie!) (Peaches grabs a vine from the mast with her trunk.) I got this, Dad! (Manny: Peaches, no! It's too dangerous!) Not if you're half possum! (Holding the vine with her trunk, Peaches nimbly swings in a broad circle around the two ships. As Gutt advances on Ellie, Peaches swings in and gives the evil ape a powerful and crushing kick, sending him to the ice wall. She lands by her mother with a smug grin.) Hmph. (Manny: She did it! My daughter's all grown up.) (Manny topples the mast and uses it as a bridge to his family as Peaches unties Ellie.) (Ellie: That's my girl!)
~ Peaches swinging on a vine and giving Captain Gutt a powerful crushing kick to save her mother.

Kiss this, bitch!
~ Mikela Banes smashes Alice to the pole by the car.