TESV Elder Scroll Real

The Elder Scrolls are artifacts of unknown Origin and quality benign simultaneously archives of historic past and future events. The Prophecis of the Elder Scrolls and the heroes are interdependent one cannot exist without the other. They are the Titular items in their series namesake.


 The Elder Scrolls are known to contain the records of events occurring in both past and future, each one telling of one respective category (e.g. Dragon, Sun, etc.). It is believed that reading one is considered very dangerous, as several individuals who've read them end up contacting several side-effects, most notably insanity, blindness, and even death.

 They play major roles in several of the games, most notably The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here, they foretell the coming of Alduin in the Fourth Era, telling that he's bringing destruction with him. The Dovahkiin finds one in a Dwemer ruin and uses it to figure a method to defeat the World-Eater. His/her answer arrives through a flashback displaying three Nordic Heroes defeating Alduin by means of a shout called Dragonrend, which sabotages dragons in flight. From this, they use the shout to defeat Alduin not once but twice, with the latter resulting in his well-deserved death.

 In DawnguardSerana carries another scroll foreshadowing the fall of the sun and the rise of vampires. The Dragonborn can make the choice of either joining the vampires or destroying them, effectively nullifying the prophecy. Either choice will lead them to locating yet another scroll to help find the location of a scared bow.

List of Elder ScrollsEdit

  • Elder Scroll of Dragon
  • Elder Scroll of Sun
  • Elder Scroll of Oblivion
  • Elder Scroll of Alma Ruma
  • Elder Scroll of Altadoon
  • Elder Scroll of Chim
  • Elder Scroll of Ghartok
  • Elder Scroll of Mnem
  • Elder Scroll of Ni-Mohk

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