Heroes get embarrassed or humiliated for many things:

  • Flatulence
  • Poor behavior
  • Ridiculous clothing in public
  • Publicly mocked
  • Being Bullied

Examples Edit

  • Manny appears at the falls and embarrasses Peaches in front of Ethan and other teen mammoths.
  • Yogi and Smith are embarrassed in front of the kids.
  • Buck embarrassing Rusty with his foolish karate moves.
  • Tom Cat is embarrassed when his fur falls off in front of the judges, leading him in disqualification.
  • Momotaros became MomoRider that leads to his embarrassment.
  • Quasimodo is humiliated at the Festival of Fools, when Frollo's soldiers throw food at him, the crowd humiliate him for their own amusement. To make matters worse for Quasimodo, Frollo refuses to stop the torture.
  • While attending a party, Oozma Kappa are embarassed, when the Roar Omega Roar fraternity play a prank on them. The RORs cover the OKs in paint, glittler, flowers and stuffed animals. They take a photo of the humiliated Oozmas (nicknamed "Cute-ma Kappa"), which causes the team to be humiliated in front of the entire MU campus.
  • Gokaiger Ep 29, Ahim became AbarePink, involving to her embarrassment.
  • Gru is completely naked (thanks to Balthazar Bratt) and hanging from a giant wad of bubblegum on the ship, and he is seen by the attendees of a birthday party, who laugh at him and take pictures as he awkwardly sings the birthday song along with them.
  • Lincoln Loud is been embarrassed, when his best friend Clyde McBride brings his classmates to watch "ARGGH" to his house, while he is still wearing as his little sister Lily Loud, which causes him to say Lily's catchphrase.
  • Lightning McQueen humiliated in front of the crowd at Thunder Hollow and on national television.
  • Vegeta had to embarrass himself by performing on stage, on Bulma's birthday.
  • Nicole is humiliated by her boss Mr. Yoshida underappreciating her while her husband Richard is humiliated at Elmore Mall when Larry Needlemeyer asks him to leave out of growing tired of his childishness.
  • Thanks to Arkayna Goodfey's stepbrother, Gawayne, his butler humiliate himself in front of everyone of Drake City, by wearing a pink leotard. Where he started to preform ballet on stage making the audience laugh and boo at the same time, and he barely has a tear in his eye while dancing. Because his self-centered king told him to preform the pre-show.
  • Bart Simpson is embarrassed when his mother Marge became his substitute teacher at Springfield Elementary.


Oh, so you think your day was hard? My day was harder than your father's crusty big toenail! (Gumball, Darwin and Anais, incredibly confused: Huh?!) (Richard admittedly nods and sighs.) (Anais: Mom, please hurry up and tell us about your day so we can get that image out of our heads.) (Nicole's flashback, set in the Rainbow Factory, begins.) (Nicole is sitting in her workplace and looks at the Employee of the Month gallery. Mr. Yoshida walks by, allowing Nicole to confront him.) Uh, Mr. Yoshida, how come we've never had a female employee of the month? (Mr. Yoshida: [Laughs] We can't have a picture of a woman. It would distract all the men. Then, who would be employee of the month?) Well, maybe it's time for a change? (Mr. Yoshida: That reminds me: seeing as you've been here five years, it's about time you had a promotion and your own office.) (Nicole is surprised to see that Mr. Yoshida is talking to the planet) Huh? (Mr. Yoshida shakes the plant's leaves with his hand: Congratulations. Let's see if we can't pick you out a company car.) [grumbles angrily] (James O'Brien appears behind Nicole's workplace: Uh, Nicole, do you have that report I asked for?) [Sighs] I put it on the boss' desk. (Mr. Yoshida reappears: Oh! That reminds me: Jim, I read your report. Great work. Let's see if we can't get you an office of your own.) (James jumps to follow Mr. Yoshida.) [grumbles angrily] (Mr. Yoshida: Oh! That reminds me: you should smile more, sweetheart. [walks away]) [pulls an infuriated expression] Later, Mr. Yoshida and some other employees at a table thumping their chests rhythmically. As Nicole walks behind the glass, she realizes this and screams in anger, throwing all the papers she carries; the flashback ends.) So not only am I getting paid 22% less for my work than the men, I also have to let them take all the credit! (Richard: You're right. That's a very good point, Gumball.) [views this as a repeating episode of her discrimination and screams in anger.]
~ Nicole Watterson being humiliated at work though being unappreciated by her boss Mr. Yoshida at the Rainbow Factory.

(Ethan groans) (Ethan: What just happened) (Peaches: Oh, no! Ethan, I am so sorry! I - -Wow, you're even better-looking up close. Phenomenal. I mean) (Ethan: Uh do you have a twin sister.) (Manny appears) Am I interrupting something? (Peaches: Dad!) (Ethan: Oh, boy. Okay...) Peaches: Sorry, if I just... Wait, no, you go left.) (Ethan: Just move back a bit.) You! Keep away from my daughter! (Peaches: Dad, I..) And you, you're grounded! (Peaches: But I didn't do--) GROUNDED! (Teenagers: Loser alert. Ouch, that's her dad. Seriously, that's embarrassin'.) What a freak!) (Peaches turns to walk away) Peaches! (Manny walks up to her) Peaches, come on, let's talk about this. (Peaches: How could you embarrass me in front of my friends?) You deliberately went where you weren't supposed to! (Peaches: (scoffs angrily) You can't control my life!) I'm trying to protect you! That's what fathers do! (Peaches: Well... I wish you weren't my father!) (Manny is stunned and hurt by her words) (Ellie: She's just upset, honey. (to her daughter) Peaches, it's not the end of the world.)
~ Manny appears at the falls and embarrasses Peaches in front of Ethan.

(Lincoln Loud as Lily walks to the front door) (Lincoln, to the viewers: Well, I guess we all got what we deserved. But honestly, I got off easy. I'm just hanging out at home, watching ARGGH! with Clyde.) (He opens the door) (Clyde, noticing his friend's outfit: Uh...hey, buddy. I thought this episode was gonna be so awesome, why not invite our whole class?) (presents the rest of the class who laugh at and photograph Lincoln's humiliating outfit.) (Lincoln, turning his face to red in embarrassment: Oh, poo-poo.)
~ Lincoln Loud getting embarrassed by his best friend Clyde McBride to bring their whole classmate to watch ARGGH at his house while he is still wearing as his little sister Lily Loud.

[Grunts] I'm supposed to be angry. I was completely humiliated at the mall today. (Awkward silence occurs with the rest of the family.) Well, aren't you going to ask why? (Gumball: Oh, sorry, we assume that happens every day.) (Richard's flashback, set at the Elmore Mall, begins.) (Larry Neddlemeyer is selling fish as Richard walks in.) Good morning, Larry. The usual, please. (Larry: Are you serious?) I said, "the usual." (Larry sighs before lifting up a fish: [singing] Fishy, fishy, with no nostrils, can you smell your fishy gills? Fishy fishy, in the sea, do you notice when you pee? Fishy, fishy— [stops singing] Okay, sorry, but I'm not doing this anymore.) I'm not leaving before I've seen it drop the bass. (Larry sighs, then manipulates the fish's mouth to imitate a drop in electronic dubstep/electro house/dance music, "dropping a bass".) [laughs] It's funny because bass {Pronounced /beɪs/} is spelt the same as bass {Pronounced /bæs/}! (Larry: Mr. Watterson, do you intend to purchase the fish this time?) Mm… no. (Larry: Then I'm going to have to ask you to leave the store.) [gasps] Am I being banned? (Larry: No; if we banned you, our sales of adult bibs would drop by a hundred percent, but could you please just…) (The flashback ends before Larry's sentence is finished.) ..."grow up?!" What's the point?! Being an adult is the worst! You think it would open doors for you, but as soon as you actually try to open one, everyone in the plane starts wigging out!
~ Richard Watterson being humiliated at Elmore Mall when Larry Needlemeyer grows tired of using fish to sing songs and imitate boomboxing.