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This page mentions conflicts in the family, love or friendship of heroes in result their relationship is endangered by various bad things, which hero have done. It is a positive alternative to Obstacles and Arguments.


  • Garnet furiously disowns Pearl after learning the truth. 
  • Rarity insolently treats Twilight and her friends, because she thinks, that they are against her.
  • Max selfishly disowns Goofy as his father after loosing the qualifying rounds of the College X Games.
  • Lightning McQueen selfishly disowns Mater after he lost the race because of what Mater has done.
  • Anastasia furiously disowns Dimitri after she found out that Dimitri lied to her from the beginning, in result of their relationship is threatened.
  • Martin Fisherman selfishly disowns Alan Sanderson as his friend when Alan thinks Martin has betrayed him by making a new friend like Riley Flemming.
  • Stanley Pines gets disowned by his parents for destroying Stanford's experiment at the Science Fair.
  • Flik gets disowned by Princess Atta for lying about the circus bugs and himself being warriors, in result of their relationship is threatened, this also puts her herself and the entire colony in danger and the downfall of her mother The Queen.
  • Woody selfishly disowns his friends as he chooses to leave Sunnyside, in result of their friendship is threatened.
  • Alan Parrish disowns his father as he refuses to go to Cliffside after an argument with him, in result of their relationship is threatened.


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