Oh my god! Tails is in love! That's so adorable!
~ Amy knows that Tails was in love with Zooey

This trope happens when two characters are just perfect for each other, but neither realizes it (or only one realizes it).

However, everyone around them such as their friends, family, and enemies can see their obvious feelings for each other. This can also happen when people (outsiders) mistake them for a couple when they're not together, resulting in a She Is Not My Girlfriend situation, designed to show the audience (and the characters) just how strong/obvious their feelings for each other are.

One of the popular ways to do this is to bring in the Romantic False Lead for an episode or a few, expressly in order to contrast this short-arc relationship with the long-arc relationship that's been developing.

The Romantic False Lead will be the character to comment on how perfect they are for each other.

Examples CouplesEdit

  • Sonic and Amy
  • Tails and Zooey
  • Peter and Mary Jane


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