Zeus: I'm afraid that being famous isn't the same thing by being a true hero
~ Zeus tell Hercules that he's not a true hero, because he haven't follow his heart yet

Ratchet: Look, Clank! [then they saw the sign that Ratchet is one of the Rangers now] What do you know? I'm famous! Clank: Yeah I know, but my cultural database shows that fame is overrated and not rewarding. Don't you agree? Ratchet: Oh Totally. Way overrated! Hey, do you think that they'll name a street after me or a cologne? [clear his throat] Ratchet, smell like a hero! [grins] Clank: [give him the look with disappoint]
~ Clank Tells Ratchet that being famous doesn't make him a hero after they got accept to join the Rangers

Just like those above, the heroes thinks that being famous or beating some monsters is making them heroes. But what they don't know that they don't follow their heart or think about others than themselves like they were nobody when they got friends or family who believe in them before they become heroes.

Later at the end, the heroes will realize that being famous is too much and decide that they should stop being selfish and follow their heart by saving their love ones or protecting their city.

Sometimes, they use their powers to help the main antagonist without knowing that they're betrayed and the villains thanks them for help them, so they can get what they want like revenge, ruling the worlds, etc.

It will lend the people of the city started to hate them and calling them names by telling them to go away which it will hurt them so badly and knowing that they weren't meant to be heroes.

After they learned their mistake or Heroic Encouragement, the heroes decide to make things right for the people and their love ones to show them that they're good and will protect them from the main antagonist.

Reason why Heroes forgot about HeroismEdit

  • Thinking that being famous is making them heroes after saving something, etc
  • Tired being a nobody and want everybody to like them if they beat a monster or something
  • Decide to quit the team after tired to look out for their friends when they get in trouble, etc.
  • Decide to work alone after their friends decide to choice over their friendship or just a bad arguments.
  • Realizing that they're being used by the main antagonist who will betrayed them later which it make them realize that they're not meant to be heroes.