Fairy tones2
The Fairy Tones are jewel-like mascots that provide aid to the Suite♪ Cures. They grant power and abilities when they are inserted into the Cure Modules or Belltiers.

Abilities and PowersEdit

All the Tones have a multi-faceted jewel on their heads, and look identical except for their color and powers. They are inserted into the Cure Modules when the Pretty Cure transform, but are able to leave the Cure Module and move around after the transformation. When a Negatone is defeated and the Cures and Hummy purify the notes, they are stored in the Tones (the notes are stored in different Tones each time). They are also able to disable the musical staff created by the Minor Land team by attaching to the staff and playing their respective notes. Aside from sounding out their own notes, they can speak normally and also imitate the sound of other instruments (they have imitated windchimes, the school bell and a whistle throughout the series). All address themselves as "boku" (a gender-neutral term), and have slight differences in their speaking voices.


  • This is the sixth set of fairy-like creatures in the series. The first are the Heartiels in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, the second are the spirits in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, the third are the Pinkies in Yes! Pretty Cure 5, the fourth are the Palmins in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, the fifth are the Pickruns of Fresh Pretty Cure!
  • The Fairy Tone's names are based on the Solfège scale. The bolded letters are a symbol of what they represent.
    • Dory = Dream
    • Rery = Legend
    • Miry = Miracle
    • Fary = Fantasy
    • Sory = Soul
    • Lary = Love
    • Tiry = Shine
  • For some reason, Fary's arms are shorter than the rest of the Tones, making it unable to cross its arms, as seen in Episode 16.
  • Crescendo signals "a gradual increase, especially in the volume or intensity of sound" in music. This is indicative of the Crescendo Tone's power to allow the Cures to attain their stronger Crescendo forms.
  • Dodory's eyes have star-shaped pupils, instead of the regular circles that the other Tones have.
  • In Episode 47, the eight Fairy Tones were able to combine together to become the Crescendo Tone.

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