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A Fake Death

This page mentions heroes who seem to have been killed by an antagonist or force of nature, but in truth, are alive and well. This is the direct opposite of a Hero Getting Killed by an Enemy, but it's followed by a Heroic Revival. Sometimes, it's associated with The Power of Love, a Heroic Sacrifice, a Heroic Mourn or even a Tragic Mistake. Sometimes the hero isn't even physically hurt and is deliberately faking their own death.

Examples Edit

  • The Charmed Ones: Paige, Phoebe and Piper fake their own deaths, so they can live a normal life without magic.
  • Deckard Shaw: Dominic Toretto shoots Deckard twice in the chest and falls to the ground. God's Eye shows the aftermath of his "death", police officers recover the body and took him to the ambulance. The drivers reveal to be the retired crew members, Rico Santos and Tego Leo. When they begin to drive away, Deckard's mother is seen inside and revives Deckard who is confused on why his mother was here. Magdelene says that Dominic needs their help, his baby is captured by Cipher and he and his brother are the only ones who can save it.
  • Darkwing Duck: In the Darkwing Duck 2-part pilot episode, "Darkly Dawns the Duck", Gosalyn Waddlemeyer thought that her beloved hero, Darkwing Duck was killed in an explosion on top of Canard Tower during the confrontation with the evil Taurus Bulba.
  • Krusty the Clown: He fakes his own death by jumping out from his plane to commit suicide which upsetted all the Springfieldians including Bart Simpson.
  • Metro Man: Metro Man explains to Megamind and Roxanne Ritchi that he faked his death in order to retire from his job and focus on something else in his life.
  • Pluto: In the Disney cartoon The Moose Hunt, Mickey thinks he has shot and killed Pluto. Mickey, sobbing, cries out to Pluto, "Speak to me!" Pluto sits up and says, "Kiss me!"
  • John Smith: He appears in the first scene of Pocahontas II, then doesn't get any more real screen time until very late. Justified in that he was presumed dead for most of the movie as a plot point, is revealed to be a cloaked figure in the middle of the film, and resumed an important role towards the end.
  • Bugs Bunny: After Elmer Fudd fires at him, Bugs fakes an elaborate death scene and plays dead, leaving Elmer sobbing (despite the fact that killing Bugs was presumably his intention all along). Bugs then sneaks up behind the despairing Fudd, kicks him in his rear, shoves a cigar into his mouth, and tiptoes away, ballet-style. He later did the same thing in "Hare Ribbin".
  • Johnny 5: He fakes his death, by building a duplicate made of out of spare parts, so that Skroeder the head of Nova's security will think that he destroyed him.
  • Goku: He fakes his death by escaping from Planet Namek before it explodes in one of the Ginyu space pods and crash landing on a planet called Yardrat.
  • Gohan: He fakes his death after Majin Buu blasts him away and Supreme Kai manages to save Gohan by destroying the blast and having his body hide in a forest.
  • Steven Universe: He fakes his death by turning himself in to Aquamarine and Topaz in the episode, "I Am My Mom".
  • Gune saves Stith from a bomb Preed placed on her wrist, only for it to detonate and leave him wounded and he mutters "I'll just take a little nap", before collapsing. Later, just when the Drej are about to destroy the Titan, Gune arrives to the rescue.
  • Emmett "Doc" Brown: Emmett was shot by the Libyans while testing the Delorean Time Machine with Marty Mcfly after the Libyans crashed in a photo booth stand, Marty taught he is been killed and to his surprise, Doc is not dead, he was wearing a bulletproof vest meaning that he listened to him while Marty was in the past.
  • Twilight Sparkle: Twilight gets sucked into the tornado with the Storm King during the struggle for the Storm King's staff. Fortunately, after a brief mourning period from the ponies, Twilight comes back down no worse for wear.
  • Mike Corbett: He fakes his death by sacrificing the Red Quasar Saber to Leo before falling into a deep hole and being saved by the Magma Defender.
  • Michael Afton :Michael Afton faked his death by gettingscooped and survived the fire.


(Bagheera: Mowgli, try to understand.) (Mowgli: Bagheera, what's the matter with him?) (Bagheera: You've got to be brave, like Baloo was.) (Mowgli: You... you don't mean... Oh, no. Baloo.) (Bagheera: Now, now. I know how you feel. But you must remember, Mowgli. Greater love hath no one than he who lays down his life for his friend. Whenever great deeds are remembered in this jungle, one name will stand above all others: our friend, Baloo the bear.) (At this point, Baloo starts waking up, unbeknownst to Bagheera and Mowgli.) He's crackin' me up. (Bagheera: The memory of Baloo's sacrifice and bravery will forever be engraved on our saddened hearts.) Beautiful. (Bagheera: This spot where Baloo fell will always be a hallowed place in the jungle, for there lies one of nature's noblest creatures.) I wish my mother could've heard this. (Bagheera: It's best we leave now. Come along, Man Cub.) (Baloo gets up.) Hey, don't stop now, Baggy. You're doin' great! There's more. Lots more! (Bagheera: WHY, YOU BIG FRAUD! YOU-YOU FOUR-FLUSHER! I'M FED UP!) (Mowgli embraces Baloo) (Mowgli: Baloo, you're all right!) Who, me? Sure I am. Never felt better. (Mowgli and the vultures laugh) (Mowgli: You sure had us worried!) I was just takin' five. You know, playin' it cool. But he was too easy. (Mowgli: Good old Papa Bear!) (The vultures watch the three friends leave.) (Dizzie: It's gonna be a bit dull without the little bloke, isn't it?) (Buzzie: Yeah, so what we gonna do?) (Flaps: I don't know. Now, don't start that again!)
~ Mowgli and Bagheera beliving Baloo to be dead. He actually wakes up during the eulogy Bagheera is giving and enjoys it so much that when Bagheera is done, he gets up and happily asks him to keep going, much to Bagheera thought that Baloo is dead and Mowgli's joy.

(Narrator: Oh, no! Right before our very eyes - the magic of the Powerpuff Girls vanished forever! Now Townsville is at the mercy of that evil magician Abraca - huh?) (Blossom: Ta-da!) (Narrator: Blossom?)
~ The Narrator's line in the Powerpuff Girls episode, "Abracadaver"

(The Drej destroy the last of the Titan's guns.) (Stith: Well, guys, it's been fun.) (Outside, Cale is cornered by the Drej.) (Cale Tucker: Little help here, Akima!) (The Drej fire their lasers at Cale, who barely dodges them.) (Akima Kunimoto: CALE!) (Suddenly, another laser blows up one of the Drej ships. It's the Valkyrie and in the driver's seat is Gune!) I finished my nap! (Stith: GUNE!) (She and Akima cheer happily as Gune destroys more Drej ships.) Who's your daddy?! HAHA! GUNE'S YOUR DADDY!
~ Gune arriving to the rescue after seemingly dying from saving Stith from a bomb.

No…no…say it isn’t so…say it isn’t true…say anything, girls…but please don’t say goodbye…
~ The Narrator's line in the Powerpuff Girls episode "The Rowdyruff Boys"

(Gibbons: GOAL! Ha ha ha ha ha! And you say you are no hero! I gotta call b******t on that. You are exactly the kind of hero the world needs. At the end of the day, it comes down to the same question I have been asking my wife every Friday night for the last 20 years: do you want some of this, or are you just gonna-) (Before he can finish, a satellite crashes outside, supposedly killing him. Later on, Xander Cage, having faked his death years earlier, now lives in the Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo, while looking at a map, he is approached by a man in yellow.) (Man: World getting smaller? I know the feeling. Running from your problems, it never works out. You need a new plan.) I need a new map. (Man: (laughs) Don't say I didn't warn you.) (leaves. Cage notices a man wearing headphones, a woman running onto a bus, and another man buying a soda. Suspicious, he sees that the man left a bag behind. He peeks inside and sees bombs, realising the government has caught him and is now testing him.) Oh, boy. Here we go again. (Armed police arrive at the area, shouting.) (Cop: DON'T MOVE, A**HOLE! (corners Cage) ON YOUR KNEES NOW, YOU SON OF A B****!) Okay, I want to comply, I really want to comply, but you're confusing me. "Don't move, you a**hole"? "On your knees, you son of a b****"? Which is it? (Cop: You have three seconds to comply!) You're not good at this. (Cop: ONE!) (Cage sighs in frustration.) (Cop: TWO!) Cage snatched the cop's gun and shoots him and the others with ease.) OKAY! COME ON OUT, FRANKENSTEIN! Gibbons! Gibbons! (Marke: (reveals herself) Okay, you got me.) Wow, you do look different, Gibbons. Lost weight? (Marke: Augustus always had such... not exactly nice things to say about you. When did you realise it was all fake?) (Cage points to the headphones) You had a guy over there wearing $1000 Beats where you can buy Knockoffs for half the price. Or the lady that was running to catch a bus that doesn't leave for two hours. (points to the soda) Or the security guard buying a soda with foreign currency. Oh, you know what the kicker was? Clarence from "It's a Wonderful Life". You know the nice guy you had sitting next to me with the bag of bombs? Just happened to know that I spoke English. Go figure! (Marke: The bullets could have been real.) Then the body armour would have been real. (gives Marke the gun) I don't know you, but I don't like to be tested. (turns to go)(Marke: Gibbons never believed you were dead! Never stopped looking for you! Heck of a friend.) Yeah, well, the joke is on him, cuz we were never friends. (Marke: Oh, trust me, he's not laughing. Nor will he ever again, for that matter. (Cage looks at her in slight shock. Later, he has been betrayed and apparently killed at Xiang's feet by Marke. However, he slowly moves his head upwards to face Xiang.) What a rush. (Xiang chuckles quietly.) Dang, Becky, that's some body armour. (Later, Cage and his team attend Gibbons' funeral. As the singers start singing "What a Wonderful World", Cage is approached by a man who removes his hat, revealing himself to be Gibbons.) Wow, that is an impressive trick. (Gibbons: What? Think you're the only one who knows how to play dead? (turns around so Cage can see his face.) Gotcha. (turns back to the service.) This is some pretty surreal s**t, being at your own funeral. (takes a seat) I love that song. And it could be a wonderful world, if we just stopped doing bad s**t to it.) If you wanted me out of retirement, you could have just asked me. (Gibbons: You always responded to less subtle motivation.) So what happens next? (Gibbons: You keep being the rebel the world does not know it needs. Watch the watchers. Fight the enemy within.) Dang, that is so complicated. (Gibbons: Really? Let me simplify it for you. Kick some a**, get the girl... and try to look dope while you do it. You can do dope, can't you? Sure you can. (walks towards the exit) Hey, Junior, let's move.) (Neymar Jr: (revealed to have also survived the satellite crash) I'll see you later, X.) (Cage continues watching the service) I can definitely make that work.
~ Xander Cage and Augustus Gibbons faking their deaths and then revealing themselves.

Clarence: Your brother, Harry Bailey, broke through the ice and was drowned at the age of nine. George: That's a lie! Harry Bailey went to war! He got the Congressional Medal of Honor! He saved the lives of every man on that transport. Clarence: Every man on that transport died! Harry wasn't there to save them, because you weren't there to save Harry. You see, George, you've really had a wonderful life. Don't you see what a mistake it would be to throw it away?
~ George Bailey seeing the grave of his brother Harry, in the world without him

(Quasimodo sobs over the seemingly dead Esmerelda as Frollo slowly enters the room and puts his hand on his shoulder) You killed her! (Frollo: It was my duty, horrible as it was. I hope you can forgive me.) (Quasi sighs) (Frollo: There, there, Quasimodo. I know it hurts. But now, the time has come to end your suffering... [raises a dagger above Quasi]...forever.)(Quasi gasps as he looks up at Frollo's shadow holding the dagger above him! He turns and struggles with Frollo who lowers the dagger inches from his face. Quasi grabs the dagger from Frollo's hand and flings the mad Judge to the wall. Quasi pants heavily with the dagger in his hand as he corners Frollo, who cowers in absolute terror.) (Frollo: N-Now, now. L-Listen to me, Quasimodo) No, YOU LISTEN! All my life you've told me that the world is a dark, cruel place! But now I see that the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like YOU! (tosses the dagger to the floor) (Esmeralda: Quasimodo...) Esmeralda! (Frollo: She lives! [brandishes his sword!]) NO!!! (Quasi grabs Esmeralda and runs out onto the balcony with Frollo close behind)
~ Quasimodo cries for Esmeralda, believing her to be dead as Frollo confronts him, until Esmeralda wakes up alive.

(Rabbit: We never got to tell Piglet how we felt about him.) (Eeyore: We should've told him when we had the chance.)
~ The 100 Acre Wood gang, thinking Pooh and Piglet had perished in the waterfall.

Not... Gohan (Chi-Chi faints.) (Ox-King: No, Chi-Chi!)
~ Chi-Chi fainting after believing that Gohan is killed by Majin Buu.

No! Stop! STEVEN!
~ Connie Maheswaran screaming as she believes that Steven will never return after surrendering himself to Aquamarine and also believing that Steven is dead.

(Clank: Ratchet, I have found a way to shut down the containment fields and release all the heroes.) (Ratchet: You're kidding! That's amazing!) (Big Al: He's had help.) (Ratchet: AL? You're alive! They said your body was beyond repair!) (Big Al: No biggie. I got a new one. [reveals himself as a cyborg.] Check this out!) (Ratchet: Whoa! Okay!)
~ Big Al reveals himself to have been reborn as a cyborg despite Ratchet and Clank believing he had been slain by Ace Hardlight.