Have you ever get this feeling that you'll be in danger someday and your hero come to the rescue which it make you weird, but somehow falling in love with the superhero?

Well, it happened to all superheroes movies or tv shows like for example: Lois Lane was in love with Superman who didn't know that he was Clark Kent underneath the suit (sometimes she knows), Mary Jane fall in love with Spider-Man who save her from Green Goblin and didn't know that he was Peter Parker underneath the mask, etc.

Here's the reason why the heroines fall in love with the superhero:

  • because of their heroic powers and stuff
  • because he save her life many times
  • tell the main protagonist (who change back to his normal self) how to impress her hero if she can see him again
  • spending time with her hero after they got knowing each other



  • Mary Jane was in love with Spider-Man, because he save her life from Green Goblin and he later save her from the alley which it lend them a kiss.
  • Lois Lane eventually fell in love wit Superman


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