The choice is yours, Scar. Either step down or fight.
~ Simba standing up against Scar to save the Pride Lands from his tyranny.

In a lot of stories, the hero or heroine fights an antagonist for leadership over a nation, country, kingdom, state, or empire. In other words, he or she is Fighting for Leadership, usually to save an entire civilization, race, or culture. In an animal's case, it would be fighting for Alpha male position.

Examples Edit

  • Caesar fights Koba to protect the apes and humans from his dictatorship.
  • Simba fights Scar to save the Pride Lands.
  • Jerry Mouse fights the King of the Cats and his army of cats lead by Tom Cat to reclaim the Holiday Kingdom.
  • Rexy fights the Indominus Rex for leadership over the dinosaurs.
  • Aladar fights Kron for the Alpha Male position.
  • Jack Skellington stands up against Oogie Boogie for leadership over Halloweentown.
  • King Kong fights Ramarak for rule over Skull Island.
  • Godzilla fights the M.U.T.O for leadership of being the king on earth and saving humanity.
  • Rick Grimes fights for leadership over Negan for going through a war.

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