Tell your boss he can HAVE our house. (Tom the Foreman: Really?) When I'm DEAD!
~ Carl Fredricksen standing up to Tom the Foreman to protect all that remains of his late wife.

In a lot of stories, the hero or heroine expresses his or her selflessness by standing up to someone or something to protect something that belongs to all that remains of a culture or civilization, generation or the last of his kind (usually a race or empire), or someone he loved who passed away. The creatures or things to be protected can range from a person or animal to a prized possession or something that belongs to a certain culture or family other than his own. In other words, the hero is Fighting to Preserve Remnants of Culture or Family.

Examples Edit

  • Star-Lord notices a huge thug who has stolen his walkman - all that remains of his late mother and the time she lived in - and stands up to him to protect it.
  • Carl Fredricksen fights for his house, which holds the memories of his late wife.
  • Bulletproof Jackson's great-grandson, Benny Jackson, stands up to the corrupt gambling mogul Gar Vunderson to save his saloon, which has been in his family for generations.
  • Sheeta stands up to Muska to protect the aetherium crystal, which is all that remains of her family.

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