Nature is a lot like high school. One minute you're walking on air with your lady friend, the next, some bully is trying to steal your mate.
~ Rebecca Brayton describing Bambi's rivalry with Ronno.

In a lot of stories, the hero or heroine must stand up against an enemy to save his or her love interest from the antagonist or a bully, usually a misandrist, misogynist, or love rival. In other words, the protagonist is Fighting for Love.

Examples Edit

  • Hubie fights Drake to save his true love, Marina, from his rival's evil hands.
  • The Beast fights with Gaston on the castle tower in a desperate attempt to win back Belle's hand.
  • Zane Forrester and Laura Forrester fight their family for each other's love even though they are brother and sister, they are both deeply in love.
  • Spider-Man fights Harry Osborn for Mary Jane Watson.
  • Graeme Willy fights with Clive and the Men in Black for Ruth.
  • Kim Boggs stands up to Jim to protect Edward Scissorhands.
  • Victor Van Dort fights Lord Barkis Bittern to save Victoria Everglot and win her hand in marriage.
  • When Ronno tries to steal Faline away, Bambi literally locks horns (or antlers) with him to save his lady love.
  • Garnet fights to Jasper for Ruby and Sapphire's love.
  • Sora confesses to Saix that Kairi is more important to him than anyone else
  • Superman fights Lex Luthor, General Zod or anyone else for Lois Lane.
  • Sam Witwicky fights Dylan Gould for Carly Spencer to destroy the Deceptions and save the world.

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(Corvus: You better get comfortable, my dear; it's a long way to Rome.) (Cassia: Why are you doing this?) (Corvus: Because the property of Quintas Attius Corvus will not be taken by some slave. Proculus, there's not enough room for you.) (Proculus: Then I shall see you in Rome, Senator.) CORVUS! (Corvus turns to Milo in confusion, Cassia in fear.) (Corvus: One thousand denarii to the man who brings me the head of that slave!) (rides off)
~ Milo preparing to face Senator Corvus and his men for Cassia's love.

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