A recurring theme in many a story, usually fantasy, science fiction, superhero, and horror films, there is a time when the hero or heroine has to stand up against a monstrous creature. He or she does this for these reasons:

  • To protect himself
  • To save someone (usually a damsel in distress, his family and friends, or someone he/she loves)
  • To save his homeland
  • For glory and/or honor
  • To prove his worth
  • To obtain a sacred treasure

The most common image of fighting a beast is a knight facing a fire-breathing dragon to rescue a princess.

Examples Edit

  • Hercules fights the multi-headed Hydra.
  • Luke Skywalker fights Jabba's Rancor.
  • Metroplex fights Trypticon.
  • Robert Smith (South Park) fights with the help of The Boys of South Park Mecha-Streisand from destroying South Park.
  • Rexy and the raptors fight the I-Rex.
  • Ron Weasley and Harry Potter battle the Mountain Troll to save Hermione Granger.
  • Bambi kills one of Man's dogs, kick him and making fall on The mountain.
  • Saitama fighting Carnage Kabuto
  • Harry Potter fights the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets.
  • Neville Longbottom kills Nagini the Snake
  • Hermione Granger and Harry Potter battle Nagini at Godric's Hollow
  • Giselle fights Queen Narissa to save Robert Phillips.
  • Prince Phillips fights and slays Maleficent in her dragon form.
  • Danny Phantom fights Prince Aragon in his dragon form.
  • Wolf Predator fights Predalien on top of the rooftop.
  • Godzilla fights M.U.T.O.
  • Spike stands up to Scar Snout to protect the Rugrats Gang.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy battle the Abelisk to save batteries.

Quotes Edit

(Hermione is upset about her disagreement with Ron and walks into the girl's restroom. Thunder crackles. Hermione looks up to see the enormous Mountain Troll towering over her, and her eyes widen in terror. Gasping, she backs up to a stall and runs into it. Suddenly, without warning, the monster swings its massive club, smashing it to pieces! Hermione screams and tumbles to the floor. Harry and Ron run inside to notice the commotion. Hermione pushes away some splintered wood.) (Harry: Hermione, move!) (Hermione begins to crawl away, but the troll swings its club once again, splintering the nearby stalls. She cries out in terror and with that, Harry and his friend begin to toss pieces of wood at the troll to distract it.) Hey! Pea-brain! (Ron tosses a piece at the troll's face, getting its attention. Hermione crawls under the sinks, but the brute notices her and brings its weapon down, smashing one of them.) (Hermione: HELP!) (Harry runs over to the troll and wraps his arms around its club, allowing him to hop onto the monster's head. The troll flails around, and Harry hastily drives his wand up one of its nostrils.) Eugh! (Hermione wrinkles her nose at the sight. The troll sneezes. Harry grabs it by the ears and it throws him off. The monster grabs him by the leg.) (Harry: DO something!) (The troll swings its club, missing Harry's head.) What?! (Harry: ANYTHING!) (The troll roars and swings its weapon.) (Harry: Hurry up!) (Hermione: Swish and flick!) (Ron brandishes his wand.) Wingardium leviosa! (At these words, the troll's club levitates in the air. The monster looks up and suddenly, the club comes down on its owner's head with a loud smack. A smile comes across Ron's face.) Cool. (With a gurgling groan, the troll spins around, releases Harry, and tumbles to the floor with a crash on its face.)
~ Harry Potter and Ron Weasley battling the Mountain Troll to rescue Hermione Granger.

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