Breaking Free

Freeing Self

In any great story, there comes a time when the hero or heroine is imprisoned in villain's cell, usually to freeing self from a villain's cell. When the hero or heroine was captured by the villain, it will find a way to break free from the bonds of or prison, it depends on sharp tools or great physical strength.


  • Ben Tennyson freeing himself from Khyber's bonds.
  • Quasimodo freeing himself from Frollo's chains to save Esmeralda.
  • Batman freeing himself from Joker's bonds.
  • Steven Universe freeing himself from Homeworld Gem's jail to search Crystal Gems.
  • Arlo freeing himself from vines to go rescue Spot.
  • La Petite Ballerina frees herself from the King of the Cats' keep to round up the captured toys and take back the Holiday Kingdom
  • Darkwing Duck freeing himself from Villains' traps
  • Manny freeing himself from Captain Gutt's bonds.



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