Friendship turn into Romance

Friendship Turn Into Romance

Matt: Does that mean you want a rematch? Elektra: (was behind him) I knew that I find you, but how do you know that I wasn't an mugger? Matt: (chuckles and look at her) Well, they don't wear high heels and smell like a rose. At least not from Chelsea. Elektra: (smiles and laughs a little) Matt: Come here. I wanna show you something.
~ Matt and Elektra become friends after they met and later their friendship turn into romance

Aww! That's so romantic that the heroes and heroines decide to be more than friends like they know each other for years, months, weeks or couples of days. Anywho, it always start with Being in Love, Love Unrequited and Childhood Friends Romance before they become friends which that depends on the story.

Sometimes, It can start with a bad rocky upstart at first. But later, they started to understand how they feel or what they're going thought like they have something in common which it make them realize that they want to be more than friends. They want their platonic relationship to turn into a romantic relationship.

So they decide to Confess their Feelings for Love during the battle, before dying, etc. So, their love continue if they want to get married in the future someday or just continue their relationship.