Gan Gun Saber
The 4-Mode Change Gan Gun Saber (4モード変形ガンガンセイバー Yon Mōdo Henkei Gan Gan Seibā) is the sword which was wield by Takeru Tenkuji, a protagonist of Kamen Rider Ghost. It was a multiform sword that can also changed into other forms of different weapons.


  • Ore Damashii
    • Sword Mode
    • Naginata Mode
  • Musashi Damashii
    • Katana Mode
  • Edison Damashii
    • Gun Mode
  • Robin Damashii
    • Bow Mode: When combining with Condor Telephone
  • Billy the Kid Damashii
    • Rifle Mode: When combining with Bat Clock
  • Benkei Damashii
    • Hammer Mode: When combining with Spider Lantern

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