In any story, there comes a time when a gentle giant, be it the hero/heroine or the protagonist's friend, hugs someone. This is a visual representation that shows that looks can be deceiving - in this case, showing a giant or monster being a compassionate character.

A Gentle Giant Hug can be shown when the behemoth...

  • Comforts someone
  • Acts playfully
  • Protects someone from danger
  • Calming someone down


  • Ernest hugs Celestine when he comforts her and tells her the police will never find them.
  • Sulley gives Boo a huge hug when he bids her farewell and tells her everything is going to be okay.
  • Luk squeezes Boris in a giant, playful hug.
  • Chien-Po hugs Mulan and her friends after she is praised by the emperor for saving China.


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